Mass Meditations 2.0 Testimonials 🌍

I enjoyed it was nice.

Firstly the mandala radiating oure heaven on earth vibes, changing you to match that frequency along the way.

And then the audio as well, causing rememberance of good things that can actually happen on thos earth when we start aligning back to thr harmonies of the environment between all there is on earth.




This is an absoultey beautiful field.
I took a nap of 30 minutes and had this playing on my phone in the background. I woke up really light and refreshed. I am still curious about its effects on the individual but I’m happy regardless that we have a complete field with the best concepts which we can just play to make this world a better place.
Just a couple questions,

  1. Can I just let it play in a spare room on a spare phone for it to work? My idea is to add to mother earth whether I’m meditating or listening to this or not,24x7.
  2. Any idea about what the file does to us as individuals and what could be the karmic implications?
    @anon32464289 any guidance appreciated.

Thanks for the testimonial man :pray:

My experience with it so far is that it is a super potent field.

I spammed it those last 48h, and I hit quite a detox yesterday evening and this morning due to lack of grounding.

I would personally use it during focused time.
Meditations with it every day + 1-2h on the back maximum.

This with grounding fields.

But feel free to experiment and keep us posted!

For this, we will be awaiting Dream’s description.

But we can expect everything from the “old” Mass Meditation:

The tracks here are streamed and infused with energies to raise the vibration of the environment around you and yourself, while promoting a deep state of meditation where you are infused with unconditional love.
A deep feeling of energy of inner joy and a profound feeling of peace.
You will also reflect this beauty and love to everyone you interact with as well.
Finally each time it is played it will work on infusing the earth with positivity and love.
Creating a gentle loving push for a better future for all. (by helping to raise your personal and the earth’s vibratory state)

It also forms a temporary connection with each person who is listening the field itself, to help spread these thoughts, feelings and mental states throughout the earth by the interconnected listeners. (you become like a temporary node in a giant nexus)
This can be a major catalyst for earth shifting/change.

(This is an actively growing field, lets make a change together on earth) You can actively use this or passive use it while chatting, or just play it to uplift your surroundings)

Plus some of the goodies we suggested to Dream:

We delivered one page of Suggestion to Dream, such as those, and we fully trusted him with the creation.

Edit: Content of the field here


it was as you all asked, with modifications to make it all work and be harmonious lol



yes its everything
but in way that works and builds and keeping growing with perpetual momentum


Holy, no ponder it is that powerful :sweat_smile:

Amazing man.

Will redo the script then, based on your feedbacks, and share it publicly.


@Dreamweaver should one expect same effect if say print mandala at workplace etc? i mean i should not activate it anymore once printed and it will still work when i leave here for home?

a feedback…it is a wonder. undescribable in its power and effectiveness.

if the mandala has same properties as playing the audio i would suggest everyone in this forum should print and share the mandala as far as believers are to be encountered.

i am amazed. gratful and relieved from alot of …trouble.

and it makes my effords up to now very very insignificant and tiny. :yum:

glad for it.

a question…may we or may we not use this instead or better with other enviromental fields? or it is a dumb question…




Here man


@Dreamweaver will the meditation mandala work for family members that aren’t on Patreon? Meaning I can print it out for them to put in their place.




Beautiful! Thank you :pray:


This field I immediately feel stronger than any field I have worked with so far. I am very happy I can participate in this. I hope to do meditation with it 2x a day, and I will be sharing the mandala with my friends and family.


I am so happy mass meditation has made it’s return I feel exhilarated while listening and feel connected with the depths of my being. I see a brighter future for the collective and sense many great treasures to come for all.


Welcome to the forum man :slight_smile:

And welcome to this amazing initiative


I got a chance to listen to it last night for the first time about 30-50 minutes in and it was amazing. I could feel a lot of things.

The energies gradually increase, the first thing I felt was a pulse or pressure between my eyebrows that gradually expanded, I felt how that energy accumulated and then spread throughout my body and from my body I imagine that it spread around me, I guess that’s how it feels to be an antenna of positive energies. another important thing is that I felt quite grounded despite feeling such powerful energies for so long, also my feet felt warm and light as if I were on the beach.

Another interesting thing while meditating is that I tried to keep my concentration only on the sounds, but after a few minutes my mind always preferred to imagine landscapes, I remember very clearly being on a plain lying on the ground looking at mountains similar to the Swiss Alps and when the rain sounds I felt like the air around me is cooler. I like to lie down on the ground regularly but this time I felt like I was able to do it from my bed and have the same connection to mother earth or maybe better, I’m not sure.

finally comment that after meditation my mind felt pretty clear and my pattern of thoughts was different, certain intrusive thoughts that I have sometimes did not come to me and today in the morning that effect was still maintained and my crown chakra was slightly active until noon.


Been using this on and off the last few days and noticed a bunch of memories from the past coming to my mind. Also been feeling like a kid again laughing at corny jokes and feeling more optimistic than usual. Something funny happened today aswell so I grew up kinda being my own friend cause my parents were always working and I really only talked to some of my cousins. So today my parents invited a friend from work and they brought their son who is like 14 and while we were having dinner I noticed how his parents didn’t really interact with him much in fact after dinner his dad said he had to leave early to work on a project for work and an hour later his mom suggested to my mom that they go have a few drinks at the bar so it was just him and me chillin in the living room. I ask a little about what he likes to do for fun to break the ice and he was saying how he likes playing video games and I asked what games he likes and told me he plays mainly single player adventure games cause he doesn’t have many friends and his parents also work alot but buy him whatever game he likes or even food and I was like uuuuh… this is so similar to my life lol I didn’t tell him that but thought it was funny how similar we were.


I think it makes me kinder. I am more relaxed and liberated. I’m really calm) And this field is really very strongly felt. )
Yes, I would really like to be a beacon spreading positive energy. Thank you Boris and the Captain)


Hopped on for 10 minutes, got into lotus… First time meditating to it kinda for real, and it felt amazing

It’s euphoric man, its hard to put into words just how good this is…

Had a great session with @This_Boy_Here @anon32464289 @Divine_Lotus and I’m sure some others… Gonna hop back on in a bit :)

Looking forward to continue sharing some beautiful experiences with you all on this noded amazing plane

And now @inf1nity too!