Mass Meditations 2.0 Testimonials 🌍

Beautiful! Thank you :pray:


This field I immediately feel stronger than any field I have worked with so far. I am very happy I can participate in this. I hope to do meditation with it 2x a day, and I will be sharing the mandala with my friends and family.


I am so happy mass meditation has made it’s return I feel exhilarated while listening and feel connected with the depths of my being. I see a brighter future for the collective and sense many great treasures to come for all.


Welcome to the forum man :slight_smile:

And welcome to this amazing initiative


I got a chance to listen to it last night for the first time about 30-50 minutes in and it was amazing. I could feel a lot of things.

The energies gradually increase, the first thing I felt was a pulse or pressure between my eyebrows that gradually expanded, I felt how that energy accumulated and then spread throughout my body and from my body I imagine that it spread around me, I guess that’s how it feels to be an antenna of positive energies. another important thing is that I felt quite grounded despite feeling such powerful energies for so long, also my feet felt warm and light as if I were on the beach.

Another interesting thing while meditating is that I tried to keep my concentration only on the sounds, but after a few minutes my mind always preferred to imagine landscapes, I remember very clearly being on a plain lying on the ground looking at mountains similar to the Swiss Alps and when the rain sounds I felt like the air around me is cooler. I like to lie down on the ground regularly but this time I felt like I was able to do it from my bed and have the same connection to mother earth or maybe better, I’m not sure.

finally comment that after meditation my mind felt pretty clear and my pattern of thoughts was different, certain intrusive thoughts that I have sometimes did not come to me and today in the morning that effect was still maintained and my crown chakra was slightly active until noon.


Been using this on and off the last few days and noticed a bunch of memories from the past coming to my mind. Also been feeling like a kid again laughing at corny jokes and feeling more optimistic than usual. Something funny happened today aswell so I grew up kinda being my own friend cause my parents were always working and I really only talked to some of my cousins. So today my parents invited a friend from work and they brought their son who is like 14 and while we were having dinner I noticed how his parents didn’t really interact with him much in fact after dinner his dad said he had to leave early to work on a project for work and an hour later his mom suggested to my mom that they go have a few drinks at the bar so it was just him and me chillin in the living room. I ask a little about what he likes to do for fun to break the ice and he was saying how he likes playing video games and I asked what games he likes and told me he plays mainly single player adventure games cause he doesn’t have many friends and his parents also work alot but buy him whatever game he likes or even food and I was like uuuuh… this is so similar to my life lol I didn’t tell him that but thought it was funny how similar we were.


I think it makes me kinder. I am more relaxed and liberated. I’m really calm) And this field is really very strongly felt. )
Yes, I would really like to be a beacon spreading positive energy. Thank you Boris and the Captain)


Hopped on for 10 minutes, got into lotus… First time meditating to it kinda for real, and it felt amazing

It’s euphoric man, its hard to put into words just how good this is…

Had a great session with @This_Boy_Here @anon32464289 @Divine_Lotus and I’m sure some others… Gonna hop back on in a bit :)

Looking forward to continue sharing some beautiful experiences with you all on this noded amazing plane

And now @inf1nity too!


Bros and broettes! Holy guacamole… I haven’t read everything that you guys have put in that audio, but I feel freaking euphoric. I swear on my life. Like my energy feels purified… And no mantra this time, so energy was really distinct to me. Imma eat and come back and get in one more. Thanks guys!


While it is just the beginning, thanks everyone for your cool feedbacks.
It matters :green_heart:

Here is the collection of the public testimonials so far: Mass Meditations 2.0 Testimonials 🌍 - #3 by Borisju

Hoping for many many more :sparkles:


I feel like people become kinder and more compassionate. Of course not all, but many according to my observations.
I live in not very good city, but I feel like the city is literally coming to life and being purified, it gets brighter.
My connection with nature has also strengthened and renewed I believe.
I compassionate plants more and want to hug them… I had such a connection only with animals. Also, in my opinion, all nature is shining, the color of life is changing.
I see the Divinity everywhere. The atmosphere at my school is also slowly changing for the better


I started yesterday and will continue to do this from now onwards. As soon as I get to work and log onto my laptop I start streaming the YouTube video and play it softly throughout the day. I wish I could play it much louder as the tracks are really beautiful but we do have to answer the switchboard and chat with parents and staff that pop in. Nevertheless it creates a lovely and uplifting office.

Every now and then I pause what I am doing and tune in for a couple of minutes while I stare out at the window and give thanks for being so blessed. I love how this is affecting me and am thrilled it is also affecting my environment. My admin block feels lighter. Everyone seems to be a lot more happy and chirpier.

Our little school has always been a warm and inviting happy place. It is awesome to know that the energy will ripple across our campus and affect every child, staff member and the school grounds itself. Today is technology day. Parents have brought in old cameras, computers, typewriters, etc. plus we have all the modern equipment on display. Just a way to show the young ones how far we have advanced in terms of technology. I had a walk around and can definitely feel a sense of excitement and a nice buzz in the air. Such a beautiful time to be alive!


After letting this play for an hour in the living room while doing everything and anything else than meditating, I ran some errands and when I came back home… the air itself felt somehow lifted. Pure. The apartment felt… more welcoming.

I’ve sampled most of the free ambient fields and one of the paid ones (The Plasma Flower) and this is just wow.


I have been very very busy this week, ending up a big cycle for me, that I feel has been triggered & accelerated by the field.

I should drop a nice testimonial by this weekend.

Besides the Discord group, thank you everyone for all the testimonials left already :green_heart:


10 days testimonial:

Besides its actual power (my crown and heart exploded over the first listen :grin:), rarely a field had such a profound impact on my reality in such a short amount of time.

I have had some unusual experiences, such as on the first day where I could feel the aliveness of nature and its gratitude towards us.

But more importantly, it abruptly ended a big cycle for me, I had an incredible amount of synchronicities all week and I had many people in my circles reporting “weird” events all along.

I have been at an intense job for the last 7 month. I knew since days one this was the right place for me to be at, with specific lessons I needed to integrate.

A job with a purpose on my path.
But also a job, where I knew I wouldn’t stay for too long.
Some things needed to unfold first, and I felt I had 3-6 more month to go.

The field was released on Thursday night.
This Monday I woke up with the knowingness that “today is the day I am quitting this job” (wtf)

Insecurities creeped in (“how about this, and this”) and strong synchronicities comforted this intuition.

I shared to my Boss in the evening that I wanted to leave and we should find a win-win, then flew the day after to our office in Barcelona for a get-together with the team that was planned for a few weeks.

We aligned on next steps & strategy, and when I announce it on Wednesday morning to my team, to my surprise, I received nothing but Love & Support.

Then curious stuff kept happening, such as colleagues describing how they had big changes in their reality those last days (new opportunities, inspirations, break up, etc.)

And all week I had an immense amount of synchronicities to comfort me in my choice, up until all fear disappeared, despite the uncertainty about what is next for me right now.

Thank you Dream for this amazing creation :pray::heart::sparkles:

Ps: I’ll repeat it over and over, but don’t forget to ground yourself if you use that field for too long :deciduous_tree:
(had a light detox on the 2nd or 3rd day because I had forgotten this)


Bonus: I had been so focused on some projects, I had forgotten how I had set up my Solidifier two month ago:

(a friend reminded it)

Hard not to think that this field may be one important step towards this goal.


My dreams have become more vivid since beginning to listen to this field with yall :)

I was starting to lose all memory of dreams sadly in the recent months … happy to see them back :)


I came across this speech by Mia Mottley and felt the need to share.
It is a brilliant speech, even though it was given at the COP27 World Leaders Summit it is very much directed at each and everyone of us.
I wanted to share it with all of you but didn’t know where to post it. I thought this thread would the best thread to reach the majority. If this is the wrong thread please let me know and I will delete my post.


I personally think this is a great place to share such things, we participate in those mass meditations to have a positive impact on such leaders, and ultimately on the decisions they will take for our planet.

Thanks for sharing Jenny :blush:


I have worked a lot those last days on my connection with the Arc Light, Black Panther and the Jaguar Totem.

This time, instead of offering Discord friends to join, I felt to go for a “solo meditation” with those new connections I am working on. I invited them to join, but also asked if they you could invite some of their friends to join the party.

This was among the most profound mass meditation I had with the field since its release.
(the first two days activations and unfoldings after the release were too “crazy”, this is impossible to compare).

I felt a lot of activations, but also I could literally feel those friends of friends being happy to join the party to help Earth ascend.

Divinely Incarnated helped me greatly with this field btw, as lately even 3min of it would kill my grounding.

This time I felt how the Earth is supporting me to stay stable with such high energies, with her subtle presence (as an entity), with the links created with Divinely Incarnated and more specifically some energy entering my feets (unusual where I’m at now).