Divinely Incarnated NFT (Official Thread)

Template provided to Dream:

A field co-created with our Higher Selves and any advanced civilizations or beings that would like to bring humanity to its highest potential. Very much as the Arc Light, but with the highest version of Gaia, constantly updated & upgraded as well.

Connected to the Blessed Path and the Mass Meditation 2.0 field, and any other field deemed relevant.

Field 1: One with Gaia

  • Sub Field 1: Negentropic cord of light grounding us with the fittest energies to the core of the earth (the Cosmic Egg, that is containing the original substance) at all time. Very much as automated grounding, but to its highest potential.
  • Sub field 2: All of our chakras, meridians, nadis and physical components linked to grounding are fixed. The flower of life geometry (or better geometry pattern) is applied to restore those to their highest template.
  • Sub field 3: All cords hindering grounding are smartly cut. All positive cords with Gaia, the etheric realm and nature are balanced and strengthened. If this is right, through those cords Gaia can clear, charge, nurture all of our energy centers & channels at all time.

Field 2: Unity Consciousness incarnated

  • Sub Field 1: Source connection
  • Sub Field 2: Embodied Love. Our consciousness is anchored into the Palace of the Heart, our Heart and Mind are highly coherent at all time.
  • Sub Field 3: Blessings and intercession with Gaia.

Field 3: Have fun Cap :slight_smile:

Additional ideas for inspiration:

  • Unconditional Love, Gratitude and Appreciation for the present moment, Gaia, and all the lives and species that ever existed.
  • Removal of resistance to being incarnated in this 3D, along with a deep inner love & understanding of this reality.
  • Highest physical & energy body coherence
  • Woven World towards reaching our highest potential on this planet, and for this planet.
  • Item maker to transform our home with the vibration of nature, very much as the pine forest portal, but backed up with the Old Negentropic Harmonizer.


[Audio + Mandala]
[180 copies]


A little detail about the audio:

  • This was created by an artist brought by a forum friend who did it with 432hz
  • Not a collab with Dream, but he accepted to use it.
  • 20min long but :point_down:

[Reserved for testimonials]


I must confess, I’m very looking forward to testimonials for this one.

So far, this is a very unusual field.

No wow effect like recent releases, but rather a soft work that has been continuously expanding for the last 30-60min. Hence my question to Dream about the strength of the audio based on its length (20min).

My feet and lower legs are full of cold “water-ish” energy, my belly & heart are activated, and some works is happening in a very focused way between the crown and third eye, and more recently the throat and below the occiput.


Nice job :+1: thanks for making this one public :)


These public releases have been crazy good, nice work


Thank you for adding this to the Blessed Path nodes!

Continuing to share nodes should have a major effect on helping our planet out.


Wait so this is included in Blessed Path now? or Vice versa?


The fields are connected, but I don’t think one field necessarily includes the other. Hopefully the field creators can give some more clarity on that, though.


Each and every one of these fields has “nodes.”

Once you begin listening to a field or are affected by it, you become part of a global (maybe even intergalactic?) node network.

Basically, every node spreads the field. As part of the vast network of nodes, it can come to be that an entire area/town/city and eventually planet has this field.

The field’s area of effect doesn’t just stop wherever its placed then, but continues to spread all around the world through the nodes.

This is without complete confirmation. I just think that @Dreamweaver doesn’t release the same product twice. Nor would make one that superseded a previous one so quickly. So I’m going to assume they just share node networks.

The beneficial aspects of our fields that are shared spread further and further because the node network shared between fields is getting stronger and more populous.

So Blessed Paths, and Divinely Incarnated can both contain nodes for Mass Meditation 2.0 as they share the features that are spreading.

Mass Meditation 2.0 can not spread the nodes of Blessed Paths and Divinely incarnated because that was not in its original blueprint.

People who are running Mass Meditation 2.0 will get benefits from this arrangement though. If we’re measuring power/effectiveness - which is abstract, but just for the sake of argument - MM 2.0 is getting stronger. MM 2.0’s field should continue growing, learning and spreading throughout everyone who share’s in its network.


Also this field is definitely on my wish list now.

Looks like it would work really well with Blessed Paths.


I see a lot of helpful stuff in this NFT.
But the one part that I personally do not agree with is the Gaia part.

What makes you guys think that Gaia is actually your friend?

I mean, most humans throughout history died because of Gaia’s bacteria, viruses and other parasites way before they even were able to reach adulthood. Or in other words, they died while still being children.
And that was long before humans destroyed the environment with the Industrial Revolution.

Or people just starved and froze to death – until humans started to save themselves through technological inventions.
It is not like that Gaia “was there” to feed everyone and take care about everyone. Rather the opposite.

I am genuinly trying to understand why you consider this planet your home?
As you can tell, because of this observation, I do not consider Gaia in any way something to be friends with.

And then this field description also seem to contradict itself:

If this field is intended to bring humanity to its highest potential, then I am pretty sure it will be a level where our civiliations will be completely different on a genetic and technological level than it is now.

And Gaia will be at the mercy of this civiliation.

Gaia will be allowed to co-exist with that civilization because of the compassion and love that this civiliation has developed – not vice versa.

Gaia will be like a Giraffe in the zoo to be looked at and nothing else.

If you wanna be friends and one with Gaia in her current stage of development, then good luck surviving without human made technology.

Humanity at is maximum development, just like any sufficiently advanced enough civiliation out there, does not need Gaia for survival nor to accept any of her conditions.


A civilization that, through evolution, can spread itself onto any planet and live everywhere in the universe, does not need to rely on the terms and conditions that a single planet has.

At this high level the civilization is free to move from planet to planet and even terraform planets at its will.

The universe is huge and for an extremely advanced civiliation, different planets are just temporary hotels with various different terms and conditions.

Gaia treats most of its higher developed living beings and animals like shit – or maybe the system was designed this way right from the start as a challenging physical level for souls to incarnate on…?

But there is a reason why humans have developed technological solutions for literally everything: Because it is the only way to survive on this planet and reduce the suffering as much as possible.

If anything, then Gaia needs to be forced by humanity to develop into a compassionate being itself – which would require a complete re-design of the whole physical life setup here.

I trust that we as humans can develop compassion and love towards Gaia.
But I do not trust Gaia developing this compassion towards humans and its own beings anytime soon (based on 1.1 Billion years of observed past biological evolution).

If you disagree, please provide proper arguments or other perspectives.

Even if I am projecting my own anger at Gaia here – and even with all the Root Chakra healing and grounding etc. this does not disqualify that fact that most humans throughout history where killed off by Gaia until humans started saving themselves through means of technology.


In my opinion that resistance is there for a reason and the driving force of why a soul, after being incarnated, continues to search for higher meaning and an escape from the status quo.

It is the driving force to search for something spiritual, i.e. that which is beyond the physical.

If you as a soul would love the expiriences here in the physical by yourself, then there would be less of a need to forget the astral realms from which you came from, right?
Or in other words, why forget the heavens from which you came from if you already totally love being down here in the physical dumpster?

That forgeting of where you came from during incarnation is already there to reduce that resistance. If souls would remember where they came from, most would instantly quit their incarnation.

But if you remove that resistance even further or even completely, then souls will become complacent, even more addicted to physicality and even more so forget where they originally came from.

The famous astral traveler Robert A. Monroe wrote a lot about souls becoming addicted to physical experiences and then returning and re-incarnating again and again. So choose your drugs wisely… and how much of a slave to the physical matrix you really wanna become.


I made it like that
so there is a connection, and you work with her drive and future.
In a way it takes you out of a regular human loop and makes you a representative of something else.
(the earth)
and aligns your larger path to one that also works with the planetary consciousness.

Of course, speculation on the larger scale can go either way, it can be beneficial to humanity at large as they work with a better path or greater a larger disconnect to those not on the path.
But your path will move forward regardless of how you choose to walk it.


A better evolution for all hopefully.


Thank you for your reply.

So this then means – that once again and like so often :roll_eyes: – we have to take charge and responsbility, even for something as big as a whole planet, and drive its development forward to a more love-filled expression and symbiosis of all beings that live on it…

This explains why I was angry at Gaia – because I projected onto her the expectations of an adult that know what she is doing. Which has been a false assumption of mine. Big does not equal developed.

But if she is still a child, then we as souls incarnated as humans have yet to teach her a lot…
And then it makes no sense to be angry at her anymore.
Looks like she needs our love and guidance much more than we need hers.

We came to this physical hotel named “Earth” and in the first Million years of us being here, only participated in all the suffering.
Now it is on us to raise the vibration of this hotel, clean up the mess and heal the collective trauma from all the Millions of years of suffering, terraform it into a five star hotel for all living beings.

Most likely, in the long-term, we will need to teach all biological beings to live off of zero point energy so that the cycle of eating each other for survival can be interrupted.

It all makes sense, once one views the planet as a little child that needs to be taken care of.


So Mass Meditations 2.0 raises the vibration of the collective consciousness

Blessed Path kind of infects the environment in a way that raises the vibration/ improves it

Divinely Incarnated raises the vibration of Earth/Gaia

@JAAJ thanks for bringing that topic to awareness.

I’ve just created that topic so we can discuss it further: Is Gaia benevolent to us? What is our Best Path as a specie? (Divinely Incarnated discussion)

What I appreciate greatly about you and I is that we have the same foundations, and we somewhat have a different path, yet a very similar mind. I guess some stuff we picked from our closely related cultures.

You may know Tom Campbell (physicist who co-launched the Monroe institute), he was my biggest source of influence when my path kicked off and I’ve been a very active part of his amazing community for a few years. I also did many physical & virtuals retreats with him where people would do OBEs, remote viewing (accessing the database), healing, etc.

You raised a super important point above that were major inner debates for me over those last years, until I understood that our Planet has its consciousness, is Love and is highly evolved. Only our human specie is not, and highly ignorant.

The best metaphor for our current civilization that always come to mind for me is right before the Roman empire fell. They believed they were at their peak, whereas they were at their lowest.

Likewise for Atlantis…

Yet, this is a new era where we can all learn from all of this


Original image:


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For those that have built a good connection with powerful tools such as the Arc Light, the Black Panther or the Jaguar ($22 tier on Patreon):

Please try this process:

  • Connect to your non-physical partner
  • Ask it to cut all of you karmic links with Gaia → allow the process
  • Ask it to dissolve any negative karma between you → allow the process
  • Ask to vibrate neutrality between the two of you
  • Ask for forgiveness to Gaia
  • Ask to vibrate unconditional love for Gaia
  • Give gratitude & respect to your partner, and Gaia if you feel like it.

Try and feel for yourself :blush::sparkles:

If the connection with your Partner is poor:

  • Get into a meditative state
  • Stare at the mandala, and ask it to reinforce the connection and clear any blocks you might have.
  • Give gratitude & respect

Do it again and again, spend time with him/her/it, and the connection will expand with practice.

No high level of faith needed, as it is built with practice and repetition.


Official thread for Divinely Incarnated NFT. Description coming soon.


This is a private project turned public the official thread with description is still to be made.