New Release -The Swords of Adipose Annihilation

These are three legendary items which when all together can be considered a Mythic item.

The Oven

  • Works on the uncoupling genes to help activate the burning up of fat for heat.
  • Activation of PPAR-α peroxisome (gene to produce protein) in muscles, heart, and liver areas and directed to receptors. Peroxisomes are compartments where cells turn fatty molecules into energy and useful materials, like the myelin sheaths that protect nerve cells. Peroxisome dysfunction has been linked to severe metabolic disorders, and peroxisomes may have wider significance for neurodegeneration, obesity, cancer, and age-related disorders.
  • A bit of speeded fat vibration to aid in heat production and the inclusion of the fields from enhanced fat metabolism the inhibition of PHD3 production. (Enhanced Fat Metabolism)
  • This audio also produces Keto effects and you may have to run to the bathroom as well.

Use in the proper convenient areas (a close bathroom).

The Furnace

  • Includes all above with below additions.
  • MOTS-c - what is called an exercise mimetic. The benefits are vast with this peptide. MOTS-c activates at the cellular and systemic level, and the benefits are exceptionally far-reaching, including implications in the regulation of longevity, obesity, diabetes, and physical performance. (Induced Mots-C Production)
  • Suppression of PDE and to insure that cAMP levels (and thus the rate of fat loss) stays as high as possible.
  • The energetic information of a fragment of the human growth hormone’s (hGH) C-terminus, which harbors the fat reducing activity of hGH without the negative effects of overuse.
  • Finally a simulant of Tesamorelin. With this, keto symptoms are more manageable, and generally, you start not really wanting food but have a high level of energy. Added as an alternative and addition to the above.

Fat Oxidization

  • Finally, Fat Oxidization uses elements of the hyperbaric compressor but directly targeted only to fat cells to enhance metabolism and oxidization.
  • Then the use of heat etc, to damage fat mitochondria and mitochondrial membranes causing the release of apoptotic effectors, along with an induced cytochrome c to help start an irreversible apoptotic process.

All designed for a rapid form of fat loss and a means to keep it off and maintain the loss for a longer time. Using a multi-approach, a wide range of causes of obesity are tackled, from hormonal to metabolic.

  • Keep in mind, this rapid mobilization of fat can also cause the release of stored toxins within the fatty areas.
  • If you have a lot of fat to lose, which may also mean a lot more stored toxins, I suggest you use only the fat oxidization audio first for a week or two before trying the others, to help minimize as many risks.
  • But in a stack of audio, you should always use the fat oxidization one last, with at least 30 mins after the last audio (whatever stack or combination of the Oven and the Furnace).
  • Use 3 times each a day for best results.

(Being audios of this tier, regular countermeasures may be in place).

Bonus track added,

Gila Monster’s Drool, this reagent when applied to your swords, make them highly effective.

It is a simulation of semaglutide a hormone, first noticed in Gila’s monsters venom, works on your endocrine system to reduce hunger, and elicit the break down of sugars.

User report feeling satisfied from a meal sooner and after eating less food, which basically changes your brain chemistry for your brain to believe you should be at a lower weight.

Lack of any real side effects but combined with the anticancer treatment to keep on the safe side.

2-3 times a day


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My Review…

I have tested these audios for a good amount of time. I don’t have much fat to lose, but within like 4-5 days of use, the first thing I noticed was that waist felt smaller and the belt now needed a new hole than the one I used previously. My waist size has dropped from 32 to ~30.

I did not have any bathroom runs, but do read carefully all the instructions from Captain as these are pretty strong, comprehensive and fast acting fields. I did feel a bit dried out for the first 2 days and drinking a lot of water from my new Plasma charger cup absolutely complemented (you can alternately use Plasma water charger audio).

This field took time because Captain incorporated pretty much all the latest innovations and technologies possible into these series of LEGENDARY audios to annihilate the adipose!

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So we moved from simple complex fields to complex complex fields ah @Captain_Nemo

I might have to read this up again as I find I didn’t get all the potential from the first reads lol


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Ah man with every field I’m about to get I always have a funny story

I got a bit heartbroken today after finding out a relationship with this girl I was talking to wasn’t going to pan out, heard this song in the car and suddenly got reminded of it about 10 minutes ago.

Hard times always happen before good fields for me LOL.

The guy in the video looked like a lean version of me so and thought would be great if I dropped weight because I don’t look too different aside from weight. For some reason I thought this field was going to take awhile to get released. As I had this thought of dropping weight, Maoshan tagged me and I nearly tripped getting my debit card ready.

Instant cop. This is going to be a dream come true.


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I didn’t expect there to be such epic music playing but even after 1 play I’m feeling like passing gas in my stomach area. It’s a bit trippy, I’m also feeling very warm.

I’m gonna set up my playlist correctly so I don’t accidentally play Oxidized Fat before my body detoxes


Omg yessss!!! Turning fat into myelin sheaths!

Thanks so much for tagging me, buying now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Love you @Captain_Nemo!


@Maoshan_Wanderer did you (and others who tested) use them 3x a day? :flushed:
It feels really strong
I need to go run/bike ride, there is no way I can sit still :sweat_smile:

(I know the feeling is always the strongest with the first time listen though…)



My god…

My minds like, light and vibrational guidance?? The swords of adipose annihilation??? Light and vibrational guidance??.. The swords of adipose annihilation!!!

I’m soooo getting this first!!! This plus the androgenic recepter field is a match made in the stars :star_struck: now that every one is going to get shredded with this field, these progress pictures are about to look sweeeet! I’m so excited! I’m about to see what I can do today to get it in less than 2 days lol

Thank you captain!


Yes I am so vain that I dont need to drop weight but still spend hundreds of dollars to try to cut to dry single digits bf just listening to audios :man_shrugging:


Life is indeed become more RPG with those legendaries audios bois, I guess this is just the beginning of this MMORPG call real life. And yes I’m just at level “freebie” :joy: gotta do some quests to get da Money and Exp to lv up fast to explore this wonderful world that Captain is creating now. So excited for the future ahead!


Hi @Maoshan_Wanderer!

Is this field just for dropping weight or is this also toning the body? I wasn’t sure from reading the description.


Both…With fat loss, you drop weight and also get more toned. I would combine it with St Biceps to get some lean gains.