Permanent brain enhancement and nerve growth factor

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I hope you all started into (or already have) a good day. I want to ask you if both fields “permanent brain enhancement” and “nerve growth factor” also strengthen my energy system. (less fatigue from other fields etc) :slightly_smiling_face:

The chakra field and auric repair help with it.

NGF can, overuse happens usually at 4 to 5 hours mark of looping. So it’s pretty safe if you play Anti-Autism daily. PBE, maybe, I haven’t tested.

This is also a good post with suggestions The Book of Cards by Dreamweaver - #145 by ConkerRyan

So they both could expand my capacity for energetic and morphic fields? I don’t have problems to feel energy. I just wanna expand my capacity to absorb more or better. :slightly_smiling_face: More efficient.

They both should, nerve growth factor should be better for energetic capacity in general. Just not to be overused. Energy Expansion card, Orgone Accumulator and Accupressure are helpful.

Quasi kinetic aura

Auric and energy body repair

Body primer (from energy awakening course)

Energy sensitivity (from energy awakening course)

Dream weavers card system: energy expansion + aura purification

Mana circuits (dream seeds)

Micro cosmic orbit (energetic alchemy)

Minor blueprint of power

Mstate gold and silver

Energy blockade removal (dream seeds)

Acu- automation

Anything with self worth, confidence and self love could help you absorb fields better because you are not sabotaging it by thinking that you don’t deserve changes

For your nervous system:
Multiple sclerosis
Nerve inflammation

I personally believe that one simply can’t provide all the energy needed through food alone, even through a nutritious diet might be helpful - I think it’s best to provide energy
Like mana, ojas, Jing, chi, Shen, prana, life force, energy from photosynthesis, minor blueprint of power, ampk, superhuman mutant, by dissolving blockages, partaking in a spiritual practice like yoga, qigong, meditation, star exercise, reiki, pranayama, Tibetan rites, chanting, reciting mantras


Point of no return
Stack or field, whichever you prefer - might help

Maybe some plasma light, torsion too

Take a look at jaajs daily self love stack, get some inspiration

Make sure to have enough energy Information instant energy

Thank you guys. I’ll look into all of your suggestions! :+1:

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@Patzerol as a last suggestion, this thread offers helpful advice not only on how to create stacks but also energy sensitivity and nervous system

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