The Journey To The Light (Part 1 of 3)

The Journey To The Light (Part 1 of 3)

A Consciousness Game


With permission from Sammy and the indirect guidance from Captain Nemo due to having the luxury and privilege of working with him on a project, I am allowed to do this.

It has been quite a journey hanging out with the Sapien Medicine community for this past year and once again I come back with a gift but this time, the gift doesn’t come from me nor my ideas but from who and what guides me.

It all started a year ago with the Arcturian Tag where I started receiving very vivid dreams with instructions on techniques to practice and advance my process. In practicing the techniques along with continuing my integration of Self, more dreams and messages began to stream in.

It wasn’t easy at all. There were many times I felt completely alone and like I didn’t belong in this life. Many dark periods led me to fully embrace the darkness in me so that I can begin to recognize the Light. A light that was given to me by Arcturians. I began to receive messages that for many weeks I doubted were real but to my delight everything that I was given and applied always worked.

Here I wish to share a project that has been about four months in the making, it is a Game for your consciousness. A set of tools that will be transferred to you through fields that I have made, an ability that I respect, cherish, and feel grateful to have the privilege of having. My fields are made in a way that is close to the unique expression of who I am. Being that I think in patterns and processes, the fields are pure consciousness/light streamed, edited, and programmed to accomplish specific functions.

Regardless of how reluctant I am to do the following, every time I have asked the answer is always to do it.

That said, I asked if who guides me has a message for you and this is what I received:

Here lies a method to help your progress towards the Light. The purpose and timing of this are to be able to facilitate the discovery of the unique expression of who you are and therefore further advance your kin. There’s light in all of you and you’re soon to discover this, enjoy this process, and you’ll soon find your way back towards the light. Those that are willing, will. Those that are resistant, won’t. Regardless, you’re loved and cherished by us.

The idea behind this is not to take away your learning process but to flatten the learning curve of learning with a set of methods that will allow you to rise in consciousness. You’re still expected to put in the dedication of time and effort. The only difference is the equivalent of instead of using pen and paper to solve a math problem, now you have a calculator.

This information is not mine but given to me. For this reason, every time I share any of the methods given to me and whether it results in someone recognizing their real Self in minutes or they receive a benefit to help a situation, it’s customary for me to take a moment and give thanks internally. I have found that holding high reverence towards my guides and the light only expands the benefits further.

Special Thanks

First and per usual, OM gets nothing but love and gratitude from me for helping catapult my process with his advice.

Second, to Sammy who through a pleasant surprise we have kindled a friendship that I appreciate, and the irony being that we literally grew up just some blocks apart without knowing. Your comment on how well the fields I make work gave me a huge boost of confidence to continue even further.

Third, to Captain Nemo, the pleasure of working with you has been something that I honor and I am grateful for. In just a handful of weeks (which felt like months at times) have led me to grow in ways that I am still catching up and trying to recognize.

Lastly, to my friends, some of which lurk here. They were willing and able to always give me cut and dry critiques on whether the things I was giving them worked or not. If it wasn’t for you guys this wouldn’t be possible. While you guys thank me every day for the dramatic improvements in life, the gratitude I have towards you is insurmountable because conversations with you guys allowed me to feel that I wasn’t alone after all.


  1. Have fun
  2. Do the work
  3. Read every chapter and allow the situations the character goes through to give you a lesson.
  4. Take everything for testing. The same way I had skepticism with everything, you’re allowed to have as well.
  5. Follow instructions no matter how simple they are.

Final Words

There are locks in this field that will not allow you to skip steps unless you have completed each step and the Light programmed in it is smart so it will know whether you are allowed to go to the next step along with supplying your needs to be able to accomplish each task.

Think of this Light as both a guide and a form of a servitor that will be there to help you with anything you wish. In the other parts of the series, you will learn new ways to use the light and what other requests you can make.

I have made sure to test the functions thoroughly and had some of my friends of different levels of energy sensitivity test it as well. So far all have been successful. To add further integrity as this is a gift for this community this field only works for members of this forum, through this post, and will not work if it’s shared.

The story explanations use borrowed concepts from many systems that I have had to use in my journey for the sake of simplifying the explanation but you can trust that between the abilities you will receive and the guidance of the Light, you will have enough support to receive a well-rounded benefit.

For those of you that finish all three parts, there will be a conversation with me, and depending on the permission I receive, I’ll make you a personal item on anything that you choose. Rings, bracelets, and necklaces are the most practical.

The Journey To The Light Field:

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(Illustration by Elena Medvedeva)

Welcome to The Journey To The Light Game Series.

Follow along with Estrella’s journey in the process of remembering who she is, where she comes from, and what she actually is. Hope you enjoy it.

The Journey To The Light: Day One

Chapter 1: The Awakening

Huddled over in her bed full of frustration Estrella shouted, “I don’t get it! I’ve done everything that my parents and society have told me leads to a good life but yet I still feel so empty! God! What’s the answer to all this?”

Estrella has spent her whole life excelling in all the things she was told she should do to lead a happy life. Top of her class, good health, maintaining her beauty, a high-status job, doing good deeds for others but yet there was always a lingering emptiness that no matter what new goal she imposed on herself, she could only calm it in the process of being entertained with the new activities she chose to do.

“If there is an answer, I am asking for it now please” she pleaded, feeling defeated and surrendering to the situation.

She was always a believer in a higher power but only interacted with the idea in the way she was told was correct but this time she decided to just express herself as if it was to a friend. Suddenly something new happened, a voice that was similar to hers but she knew it wasn’t exactly hers answered.

“Are you willing now to let go of what you think is correct so that you can have your peace?”

Estrella found this strange but she decided to play along even though she thought she was losing it. She answered, “Sure as long as it leads to an actual solution.”

Almost before finishing her answer, the Voice answered again.

“Then we must first help you realize what you’re not so that you can know who you are.”

Estrella at this point decided that this was too weird and she was just giving herself answers that appealed to her frustration and chose to just ignore it. She said, “I gotta get a grip, I just need to go back to my routine and ignore it.”

Weeks passed by and Estrella felt like she was back to her normal self. Her company was hosting a party for all the employees that was also an award ceremony and to her surprise, she won the award of the best employee in the whole company.

As she was asked to go to the stage, she was filled with happiness and gratitude as she saw everyone clapping for her. Everyone is aware that she is someone that goes above and beyond to help. As she got up to the stage, she was asked “Tell us, Estrella, how is it that you achieve everything you decide to do? It seems like you are basically perfect and we can all learn from you.”

Something about that question struck a chord in her and she was transported to a few weeks back when she was full of frustration and felt completely lost but she knew she wasn’t in the time or place to reflect on that so she decided to give an answer the best she could.

“I always try to remember that life is not just about me and that in one way or another when I help someone it will come back to me when I most need it. Part of this is also to make sure to challenge myself so that I can be more for the next person that needs my help.”

Another wave of clapping came about from her answer but at the same time, she felt her answer was a bit empty as she realized that she is constantly living for others, resulting in her feeling that emptiness she constantly ignores with outside activities.

“Stellar answer Estrella! Well, we have a surprise for you. Thanks to you, the growth of the company this year has been at a rate we never had before and we decided to give you a gift. Please allow us to give you a three-week vacation with all expenses paid to wherever you choose!”

She thought that maybe this vacation was all she needed to get the answers she wanted, so she gladly accepted. She was given her award and a company credit card for her expenses.

A few days passed by and she finally decided where she was going. She thought that she just needed a lot of alone time in a remote place and her preference was a beach town, “Lopes Mendez, Brazil it is!”. There she was, three days out from her flight, everything was packed, and it was Friday so it’s almost like she had an extra three days to her vacation.

She looked at her award from the company award ceremony and suddenly she remembered her speech which led to her feeling emptiness once again. She started to wonder if this vacation was going to give any solace after all. “This is no different than the other times I’ve taken vacations. I was in the same position and just told myself it was just stress. It only took a few weeks for the emptiness to come back after my vacation.”

As she focused on this statement, it was like being punched in the stomach, the frustration she had come back almost with a vengeance. She couldn’t help but cry in realizing that this vacation was just another thing that was going to lead to the same vicious cycle. “Why can’t I get over this if I achieve everything else in my life?”

Suddenly the voice appeared again, “Are you ready now to meet who you are?”

“Wait, is this real? Or is it just me?” she asked.

“It’s both” the voice answered.

At this point she knew she had nothing else to do for the next three days and decided to play along knowing that push comes to shove, she probably can forget all about it.

“Okay well, what do I call you then?” and just as fast as she asked, the answer came in

“Light would be most appropriate”.

“Okay… Well, Light you mentioned in the past about having my peace what do I have to do?”

“First realize what you’re not so that you begin the process of knowing who you are.”

“You’ve mentioned this but nothing of the how?”

“I also asked you if you are ready now to meet who you are, which you’re yet to answer.”

“Okay, yes I am ready.”. Suddenly Estrella felt what she would describe as a weighted hug descending on her that gave her a sense of comfort that she felt only when she was a kid and her grandmother would embrace her with such love that would make her feel completely safe.

In realizing this, tears just flowed from her eyes and she asked “What is this?”

Now the voice is even louder than before responded,

“It’s love, you’re now awake again. Let’s begin.”

Game Instructions:

Welcome to this fun adventure. I hope that you enjoy everything that you experience and the abilities you will gain in the process of playing.

You’re open to printing the mandala or just having it on your phone. Every time you wish to play you must activate it with the following command.

“Light On”

The sign that is turned on will be to get a wave of good feelings specifically it will be Love. So the first step will be to prove to yourself that this works.

Close your eyes, focus on the FEELING in the middle of your chest, and say “Light On”. To prove this, turn it off and on a few times with a few seconds in between so you notice the effects. Once again, FEELING, meaning silently without depending on your mind.

Just say, while focused in the middle of your chest, “Light on”.

Wait a few seconds and say “Light Off”. Do this as much as you like until you feel that there is indeed something to this.

Chapter 2: Letting Go

Estrella soon realized that this was not a lie, after all, she has led most of her life with her gut instincts and the things she has felt. The only thing she could think of doing next is asking

“Light but why me? Why do I have this opportunity and why now?”

“My love, have you not been asking for an answer for a long time? You’ve asked and the answer has been given to you but every time you convince yourself to ignore it in preferring your way of doing things. This time your call was so strong that the result was to have a conversation in a way you could understand.”

“So what’s next? How do I achieve the peace you’ve mentioned?”

“We begin the process of letting go of what is not peace. In the experience you call life there are two variables that affect you greatly and those are your thoughts and feelings. Feelings supersede thoughts in the way that your feelings can create countless thoughts but at the same time, you can use thoughts to recall and even create feelings. The feeling you received earlier came with some gifts which you’ll discover in this process.”

Estrella pondered about this and contemplated that every time she felt the emptiness, it’s like her mind went on overdrive thinking of everything else that made her confirm how empty she was, and in turn making her feel the emptiness even more.

“Your first experience will be to find out how much control you truly have over these things. Instead of believing that they are happening to you, you must realize that you’re the one creating them and therefore you’re truly happening towards it.”

“The first instruction you must heed is to realize one of your new abilities, your focus is now infused with the ability to stream love towards any feeling and therefore let them go. Bring up the feeling of emptiness you have been dealing with and just silently focus on it until you realize you do not feel it anymore.”

“Wait, you want me to willingly bring up the feeling I rather not feel? And how am I even going to bring up a feeling when I have no control over when it happens?”

“You lack faith in knowing how powerful you truly are. You call this feeling emptiness and therefore just say exactly that in your mind or out loud under your breath with focused intent and you’ll see how easily you can create it.”

“Okay here goes nothing…” and so Estrella said under her breath “Emptiness” and suddenly the same thing she felt that led her to this radical experience started growing inside her more and more to the point that it became nearly unbearable.

She kept thinking about how horrible it felt, tears started running down her eyes, and she felt completely powerless over it.

After some time feeling this way, she couldn’t take it and said “Light! This isn’t working, it’s not going away, why are you doing this to me? Have you tricked me? You must be one of the evil spirits my grandma used to warn me about!”

Light answered in a louder manner than usual, also giving Estrella a feeling of weight in her body so that she knew she was being listened to.

“My love, you cannot talk and listen at the same time. You must choose to either feel the feeling in silence or talk and create more of it. When you’re ready to rid yourself of this, silently, just feel the feeling you rather not have with no opinions and be okay that it feels that way.”

At this point Estrella only knew one thing, she wanted to feel better so she decided to listen. She gathered all her focus and courage to face this and just put all her attention on how horrible the feeling was. She sat with it as if she was sitting next to a child that was crying and wanted to let it know that she is there for the child.

To her surprise, the feeling started becoming more bearable, the intensity of the feeling began to shrink, and then what she felt was a miracle happened. The feeling was completely gone and she was overtaken by the same feeling of love when she decided she was ready. In shock, she started to laugh and just asked

“Light! How is this possible?”

“You’ve heard it many times in the passage of your life, love heals all. There has been little effort to show how to love soon after the statements are given and so they are left as concepts with no experience of it. Love will be your guide in this process, your healer, and your friend.”

“So what exactly is love? Isn’t love a feeling of appreciation you have towards something or someone?”

“And in that, you’ve also experienced it to be a fleeting experience that soon after leaves you questioning whether you truly loved that thing or person. No, love is more sublime than that. Love is pure unwavering unconditional acceptance of something and in that acceptance, you allow what you’re focusing on to flourish to its highest potential. For now, these are just words but soon you’ll know this as truth through experiencing exactly that. Shall we continue?”

“Yes, please! But sorry for calling you an evil spirit earlier. I was just in panic.”

“You’ll soon also find that I have nothing but that love you just experienced towards you. It is unconditional and therefore I cannot be affected by what you feel or think of me. I will be here when you need me.”

“Thank you Light.”

“It is my pleasure, now let’s continue. Your next task is to take care of the overall essence of the following feelings: Sadness, Worry, Grief, Fear, Anxiety, Wanting, Anger, Pride.”

“Wanting is a feeling? I thought it was just something that we experienced as part of life.”

“This is true but how do you experience it? Do you not feel something when you want something? Do you not suffer when you feel wanting for something and you decide you cannot have it?”

“Ah touche…”

“Now go and finish this task and call for me when you’re ready to continue”

Estrella began to take care of each feeling one by one. It wasn’t easy at all but she was beginning to have fun due to seeing the results every time she let go of one of the feelings she created. Some made her break down heavily as they were feelings she did not want to face because the moment she would say the name of the feeling she was working on, memories related to those feelings would pop up.

Every time an overbearing experience of the past came up, she remembered “I can’t speak and listen at the same time.” and so she had the strength to just let them go, ignoring the memories. She found it amazing that the moment the process was done and she was filled with more love, she would check the memories again and just didn’t care about them anymore.

After a few hours and many tears, she was finally done. She decided to take a break and go to her favorite cafe around the corner to rest and grab something to eat.

“God, I hope my face doesn’t look puffy and battered from all the crying.”

As she entered the cafe, she was greeted by her usual barista and made her order. Estrella noticed that the barista was looking at her face more than usual and started to feel a little bit of shame. She decided to try and see if she can just focus on the feeling while waiting for her order and take care of it.

To her surprise, she did it on the spot even if she was outside and interacting with life. She felt relieved and at that very moment, the barista said.

“Hey, I have to tell you something. There’s something different about you, there seems to be a happy calm expression to you today. Usually, even though you often smile you have a look that you’re elsewhere. I don’t know what you’re doing but keep up the good work.”

Estrella received her order and as soon as she turned away she couldn’t help but be taken over by gratitude and this time tears filled her eyes because she started to realize this truly is real and it is working. Full of glee, she ate her meal that tasted better than usual and she couldn’t help but say in her mind, “Light, Thank you”.

Game Instructions:

One of the main benefits of being able to have tools such as these with the people I have helped is to allow them to learn the concept and use them nearly instantly. The process of learning to let go can be an arduous one and what I have proven is that even though the learning process has been facilitated, the benefits still remain the same. In the beginning, you will use the commands given but you’ll soon find that the abilities will be integrated into you with enough practice. Enjoy and have fun.

Have your mandala on hand and say “Light On”

While focused in the middle of your chest, silently, this solely to learn to shift your focus from being in your head to feeling what you’re feeling. By focusing on the heart, it will make it easier to find anything else inside you.

Say “Light, I have read chapter 2 and I am accepting the gifts for this journey”

If you were fully engrossed in feeling, you should have felt another wave of good feelings. You now have abilities that will allow you to accomplish the next task.

You’re to spend some time letting go of the following feelings. The method to do so is to use the following command:

“Light, I wish to let go of (Feeling). Thank you.”

The effect should be that you will create the feeling and it may be coupled with memories that make you feel that way. Just like Estrella did, focus silently and calmly on the feeling as it dissipates bit by bit. The result should be that you feel lighter and happier.

The list:

Apathy, Emptiness, Worry, Grief, Shame, Guilt, Sadness, Fear, Anxiety, Wanting, Desire, Anger, Pride


Eyes closed, focus on the middle of your chest, and say “Light, I wish to let go of Grief. Thank you.”

Just silently wait for what manifests and when a heavy feeling begins, just put all your focus on it and watch it evaporate along with what happens afterward as your confirmation of letting it go.

With enough practice, you can merely put your focus on any feeling you have within you and in a matter of seconds or minutes, you’ll be able to let it go.

Chapter 3: The Two Sides

As Estrella settled back into her home, she was eager to continue the process so she hurried to her room and said, “Okay Light, I’m ready for more but I have a question, does this mean that I’ll never feel those things I worked on again?”

“By now you have experienced the power of focused thought, by simply saying the emotion or thinking of it while allowing yourself to have a quiet mind, you were able to create the experience. In that same manner, if you decide to entertain things that will cause you to feel such feelings again, it will be a natural effect of what you put into motion.”

“What you accessed was a portion of the recorded experience of any feeling you worked on. At the moment, your identity is heavily defined by what you have experienced in the past and all experiences have a storage place in your being, what many have called your subconscious.”

“Wait so you’re telling me that what I have done is to bring up things from my memory bank and you’re telling me that I can end up creating this situation again then what’s the point?”

“What’s important right now is to create space in both your heart and your mind so that you have the possibility of meeting who you are. To prove this, let me ask you a question, compared to the beginning of the day when we began to interact and now. Do you not feel much lighter?”

Estrella took a moment to think and feel this. She looked at her award again which triggered the episode today and she realized she indeed felt much better. In fact, she currently felt like it was one of her really good days as if everything was going just right. She still didn’t believe it so she decided to try the task again and she noticed that some heavy feelings did come up but nowhere near as strong as before. Not only that but she was able to let go much faster than before.

“You have a point. I feel much better and I’m processing the situations in a completely different manner. It seems that I can’t even think of the things I’ve worked on unless I force myself.”

“What you have experienced is something that you should keep in mind whenever you have any situations from now on. It is not the situation but how you feel about it that affects you and as you have learned you can indeed take care of it at the moment without a ritual. What we must deepen now is the conversation of your subconscious and how to begin to give space to your creation or as you might refer to it, your life.”

“Okay I’m ready! Thank you, Light!”

“As you’ve noticed, you can call upon a feeling but the best way for you to work any situation in your life is to bring up concepts that will also include all the feelings and the thoughts that go along with it. You are open to taking care of the situation by what you feel at the moment of holding the situation as a whole in your mind and everything that composes that situation will come along. The result will be that you will be working not just the situation itself but many other situations you cannot perceive consciously.”

“Before we begin, you must understand that no topic is one topic because for every topic you also have the opposite that comes along with it. You might solve all the feelings towards the concept you call “Being in love” but at the same thing there’s a concept that will pull you to the opposite which could be “Love doesn’t exist anymore”. These are the variables of what you’re trying to hold close to you and what you’re trying to push away. Your peace lies above being identified with either side.”

“Peace, in essence, is of the mind. When your mind becomes quiet, you allow for higher energies such as love to be abundant inside you, if you so desire.”

“Now that you mention it, the time where I have had the most joyous moments is when I am silently observing my environment. I do not feel the time pass and things are perfect as they are.”

Estrella got a flashback on the last time she was held in the arms of her grandmother. They locked eyes and the grandmother with total certainty would tell her, “Mamita, you’re a star, it’s in your name, and never forget it. Shine the brightest that you can. I know that you will”. She remembered that at that moment there was nothing but silence inside of her just cherishing the love and safety that she felt.

“So what are the most important concepts to work on and how do I do it?”

“All emotions will come down from the idea of wanting to control something, wanting to feel safe, and wanting approval or love. In fact, you’re open to checking right now and thinking of the emptiness you felt today. Was that a need for control, safety, or approval?”

Estrella took a moment to ponder on how she felt earlier today and she decided to ask herself whether it was control, safety, or approval. The only thing her mind shouted was that she felt she had no control over the situation and wanted it back, after all, most of her life is defined by how much she can control her outcome. She pondered about it a bit more and noticed that she also felt she wasn’t safe in feeling that way, the feeling gave her the idea that something horrible can happen if she continued on that path.

“Light, can it be multiple?”

“Yes, no topic is one topic. Notice that suddenly the emotion becomes secondary and the concept in which the emotion was created becomes the primary focus but still keeping the feeling that contains the emotion itself. This is why when you work on your concepts you are truly working on many layers at the same time. So the most important concepts to work on are all topics but with the understanding that in your need for those three you create the feelings and the chatter in your mind.”

“This is your next task, hold the concept of Wanting and notice what happens to the feelings and thoughts and then do its opposite, Having. You think about the concept, hold that thought in a singular manner, and feel the feelings at the same time. There’s an interesting effect that happens when both sides become neutral. When you have gathered your observations, I’ll be here to continue.”

Estrella dove straight into the task, paying close attention to the way Light said: “in a singular manner”. She thought on the concept of wanting and held her focus on it suddenly both her mind and feeling created the same effect of letting go and she was left in a deeper state of calmness than before and while it felt better than before, she continued onto the second part, she felt the concept of having. Then she noticed that the sounds of her environment got louder but inside was nothing but pure silence, she decided to stay in that silence for a while as she never experienced it in such a manual way.

She opened her eyes and noticed that it was nighttime and asked herself what happened. She looked at the clock and saw that a few hours passed by. “Was I so at peace that I just fell asleep?”

“Yes and so you begin to experience the beginnings of peace. When you allow the mind to be quiet and the heart is full, the essence of your being begins to call. Here lies the beginning of your self-discovery. I would recommend you spend the next hours taking care of concepts such as your relationships with your most dear, relationships you wish you never had, money, work, loving yourself, and most importantly their opposites. For example, Wanting to forget your ex and allowing yourself to love your ex.”

“Wait! What! I never want to think about them ever again, especially the most recent.”

“And yet in your reaction just now you’ll find the clue as to why you should.”

“…Point taken.”

With much reluctance, Estrella worked these concepts for hours until very late into the night. Every time she found herself deeper into peace, and lighter than when she just let go of the feeling. She made this a game of sorts, anything she could think of that she wanted to work on she went straight for it. Her relationship with her body, incidents that happened in the past, and even her goals. She noticed that there was no inner battle about these things once she was done. Things just are.

Suddenly after working on so many topics she was left in pure silence again but fully aware of it. She stood there, just observing. Her skin began to tingle and goosebumps rose. It spread to her head and shoulders, she couldn’t help but take an immense deep breath. At the end of the breath, the middle of her chest felt full and warm, just like when her grandmother held her. She couldn’t help but perceive that her chest was being filled with light and a soft smile took over her face.

“Light, is this you?” was the only thing that came to her mind.

“Indeed, it is I and you’re soon to find what “I” it is. For now, you have freed yourself enough to allow me in and share with you. This is the love you’ve been looking for in all things outside yourself. Just know that anytime you call me, I’ll be there. I always have been and always will be. The difference now is that you have allowed yourself to let go of the ignorance of it.”

Game Instructions:

It is a privilege to be a conduit to give you guys the ability to collapse concepts in many layers all at the same time. You will find that by using the tools given in this section you’ll be able to let go of the wanting control, safety, and approval along with the ability to search your subconscious for what would be the polarities. It is still recommended that you work the polarities (opposites) directly and be curious to find anything you wish to work on.

As before, have your mandala on hand, say “Light On”

And then say:

“Light, I have completed chapter 2 and read chapter 3, I am accepting the gifts for this journey”

Similar to before you will feel a surge of feelings coming into you. The only thing that won’t allow you to perceive it is to be focused on your thoughts instead of the middle of your chest silently.

You will now be ready to use the following command:

“Light, I wish to work on (concept). Thank you.”

Hold the concept in mind with full focus and you’ll see that it not only allows you to let go of the feeling but to collapse the concept in itself. Don’t be surprised if you see that concepts opposite to that also appear, just continue to hold your focus until the process is done. Your confirmation will be a feeling of love and a quiet mind.


“Light, I wish to work on my sister”

The general list that I give the people I have been involved with in the past is to start with the following:

Mom, Dad, Partner, Ex-partners, Money, Body, Career, Love, God, Traumas, and Purpose.

Take these topics as a general rule and morph them to your needs for example:

“My dad was never around” and then you’re welcome to do the opposite if it didn’t naturally come up “Forgiving my dad”.

This is where the bulk of your time should be and how you’ll begin to free yourself.

To further guide you here’s another command to help your journey:

“Light, please let me know what I should work on next. Thank you.”

Enjoy the surprises and soon after receiving an answer, use:

"Light, I wish to work on (that answer)"

You’re welcome to finish the last chapter as it will help this process immensely and they work in tandem.

Outro: All There Ever Was

“When you call for me there I’ll be and even when you don’t, there I’ll be. If you allow me in, I’ll accompany you wherever you choose. There’s never been a time that I wasn’t there and there will never be a time that I’ll separate myself from you. You’re loved and your path has just begun. For now, rest, call upon the love you have access to and rest in it with ease for today you have awakened and the journey has begun.”

With tears of gratitude and relief, Estrella only had the words of “Thank you Light” to say once more.

Game Instructions:

Well, here you are at the end of Day 1. You’re about to receive some gifts that have made my life infinitely easier. In the coming two parts of the three-part series, you’ll find out who and what exactly is that light. The game is called The Journey to The Light for a reason. This is not about becoming dependent on anything else but your efforts and the light that guides you in this process. The purpose of this tool is to flatten the learning curve but you’re still responsible for putting in the time and effort to discover what is next.

Not everyone will be able to activate the following parts of the series because the guide which is the Light in these tools will decide if you’re ready for it. The only thing that can guarantee it is putting time and dedication in the weeks apart that the following parts will be released.

That said, here’s your gift:

“Light, I accept your guidance and love. Thank you.”

The effects should be that with a little bit of practice your consciousness can now bring about the skills that you learned in this game. Along a new command, just close your eyes and say “Light, Love. Thank you.” It’s up to you to practice and test it but I will say this, there are definite benefits in carrying the mandala.

It is highly recommended that every day apart from working on letting go of feelings on the spot, collapsing your polarities, you also do a 15-minute or more meditation where you sit comfortably and say “Love” while you are using the mandala with Light on. Just hold that love and allow it to take you.

Be well

With love,

The Light



I wanted to let a few days pass by in order for you guys to experience it without much input from me. A couple of things was changed in the presentation of the story after some guidance I received. This is about you and you being guided by the light, always remember that.

That said, here are some direct tips I can give you in order for you to get the best effect possible:

As some of you are noticing, you’re feeling better and better every day. I’m happy to hear that but keep in mind that when you get “high” that’s exactly when you should do even more.

Make a list of 50 things you wish to work on and for each of those things do:

Light, I wish to let go of (topic/feeling/concept). Thank you.
Light, I wish to work on (topic/feeling/concept). Thank you

Every day

15-30 mins or more of sitting down and meditating silently by saying:

“Light, Love. Thank you.”

Just hold the love feeling and let it integrate.

This should keep you busy until the next part is released

Be well :heartpulse:


These past few days, the word Consciousness has been repeated in my mind, each time I hear it, it pulls me into something, I’d be trying to get closer with fields that I feel resembling, but the more steps I take the more I realize there was another… key.
I read and re-read, starring at the screen, astounded by where we, everyone who is coming across this, is at in this life…
All my appreciation and respect…


Ester reminds me of myself, will print mandala at the college library today thank you


Thank you so much for this gift, @anon22855873, and all who contributed, human or otherwise. My gratitude to you is infinite.


Thank you @anon22855873 for this beautiful gift :yellow_heart: I was attempting to finish the whole story but I guess it’d be better I work on each chapter for a while before continuing to the next.
I just tried the On and Off exercise and the feeling releasing and I felt so much love and so much lighter. This could not come at a more perfect time :pray: :pray: :pray:



There’s a lot of extra goodies in it that I didn’t mention. You caught one of them, constant and automatic releasing. It will amplify as you unlock the rest.



Thank you so much for this gift Lightbringer ( @anon22855873) !

I look forward to seeing what this practice brings! :two_hearts:


Thank you for this beautiful blessing, Angelgome! I look forward to delving into it as soon as time permits. :pray: :sparkling_heart:


Activated the mandala while reading it again, and this time I was feeling the story. I scrolled up to look at the mandala, like really lock eyes with it… feeling the mandala, this lady, her bliss in her smile… I remembered the part where it says you can ask what you need to work on. I didn’t think about it just remembered it… Suddenly I felt that heaviness approaching. I heard the thing in my head, then it started building up, on a first instinct I kept telling myself it’s okay… feel it… feel yourself “feeling this” … then I remembered I shouldn’t be thinking through… just feeling. I held it, I let it flow, I let it go through, and let it go. In less than 4 seconds… the feeling just popped away?

And by popped away, I mean something literally popped away from INSIDE my third eye, Like it was not in the normal third eye placement. Feels like a place that is like 2 steps behind third eye, that is coming from the inside… like astral viber kind of vibes… that place is also where the feelings and concepts are? Like home to third eye… (?)

This is great. Really great. I’m very looking forward to the next few weeks with this.


:upside_down_face: :pray:t4:





Has to be the full thing, can’t crop it.


I tried to download it as a wallet but I guess it took some of it I’ll try again after class


Does that go the same for wallpaper on a cell phone? Meaning, does the full image have to show for maximun field effectiveness? I can’t seem to make the full image fit (even when I shrink it down), although she’s still lovely in the way she does show up.

EDIT for clarification: The full non-cropped photo is there it’s just that not all of it is visible.


What i tend to do on my iPhone is use a wallpaper app to make the picture fit.

The general rule is that the structure of the field is in the whole image so you’ll need the full image.

Imagine listening to a field that’s ten minutes but you only have 30 secs of it. It will work to a degree but not to its full extent.


@anon22855873 this one good boss?


Lowkey feeling the energy when holding it


Makes sense, thanks. I wasn’t sure if there would be a difference if the picture was 'there" but not fully seen (not cropped but in the background) vs if it had to be fully seen. Now I know.

With that new understanding, my next step is to locate a suitable wallpaper app. I’ll get on it right away. Thanks for the suggestion,!!


Whole image only.

Could be small but same ratio and whole image.