The Upcoming Course

This question is mostly directed to @SammyG and @Dreamweaver but posting it here as it could help everyone.

When the course is ready, how much money will it cost? Being in Canada and all the prices are in USD, I want to make sure I have enough money in my account for it. I’ve been holding off buying Vibration of Creation and today adding Divine Love, but I am so tempted every time I read people’s experiences.


It will be about $135.


What will the course cover? Any idea when it will be out?


That’s a very fair price! We already know it will be of high quality as all your products are :slight_smile:


Can’t wait I’ll join the course. I’ve been practicing the New energy ways by Robert Bruce.


Has the course been launched?

No but it should launch within this week or the next.


Will it be a live format which we all learn together or are they pre made content that we access at anytime?

I think it will be a book in PDF format, and once you acquire it, you will be free to consult it as you wish.

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I heard in one of the live streams from dreamweaver that the new course will have a lot of animations in it. So my guess is, it’ll probably be content which we can have access to anytime.


Very interesting, do you have any other information on the course content, some examples From what we can learn, a kind of course summary.


I have no idea about that. Its just a few more days and we are all gettin excited for the release. Its from the sapien medicine team so whatever the content is, I’m sure it will be on another level :rocket: :rocket:


@SammyG, Do you have some additional information about the course on you can share with us, in preparation for its future publication, a kind of preview.


I’m on my phone so ill look for the proof later

The best way to prepare is using the Animal Telepathy and Empathy audio and learn conceptual thinking. You’ll benefit greatly by mastering conceptual thinking


The course will be hosted in Udemy and will be mostly videos and a few articles accessible at any time. The course also comes with 5 audio fields.

When released, there will be a couple of videos and perhaps one or two articles that will be free to view for a preview.

As for a brief summary of the course… It’s a course to help people increase their energy sensitivity and also ability to influence energy. It’s beginner level but there are advanced layers to it to allow for unlimited energy expansion.

Meditation and subconscious communication are a part of the course as well.

Once we make the final announcement, we will give more information such as what the audios are and what to fully expect of the course.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you wanted a headstart, ‘New Energy Ways’ by Robert Bruce would be awesome. We use a number of the exercises from the book to help increase your energy awareness/control. (Mostly the awareness actions as we aren’t going to individually work on the secondary chakras. One of the audio’s does that)


I apologize if I missed the answer to this question already but I am curious as to where this will be announced and how we will be able to sign up. Thank you!

This is wonderful, thank you. I have a hard time reading books off devices so I went to see if I could order his book and I stumbled onto his youtube page.

He has several videos explaining the process. I’m excited about this because I have experienced a version of this called Psych-K which I used a lot over the last 10 years after a holistic doctor in Hawaii taught me how to do on my own but it was to change my sub conscience outlook.


Thank you so much for sharing this link. I was lookng for the physicial book in the UK and couldn’t find it but came across the pdf and just thought I’d pass it along to others who might be having the same difficulty.
I’m also very excited by the up coming course because of my long experiences using energy healing. I truly believe that I’m going to get the growth that I’ve been seeking by taking SM’s course.


some time ago I converted it into an Audiobook so i could listen to it instead lol. Here it is if anyone wants it.

Robert Bruce - New Energy Ways.mp3