Any audio to reduce amygdala size?

Hello I am looking for your opinions and knowledge, if anyone knows any audio to reduce the size of the amygdala, fear is basically ruining my life because I am literally afraid of absolutely everything and I am desperate to find a way to eliminate fear forever in my life, I found out that the amydala is in charge of sending information related to fears and anxiety to the nerve centers and that The smaller the Amygdala is, the more you won’t experience any scary emotions. I found some subliminal audios regarding this but they are from channels that don’t give me confidence, I also tried with the audio of Sapien (Amygdala healing) but it didn’t help me, I don’t know if Sapien wants to release an audio that serves to decrease the size of the Amygdala hopefully and I do, so if you know of any channel that has an audio like this you can leave it in the comments they would help me a lot.

I will say the upper right corner has a very handy search feature, but you’re looking for:

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every fields i know that can deal with fear

Stress and Anxiety by Manhattan

Courage and Confidence (Free)

Self confidence Programming

Alchemy Of Confidence 2

The Samurai Warrior

Knight Warrior Mindset

Flight to Fight NFT

The Unbreakable

Mars Healing and Development

Negative and Entropic Triggers Dissolver

A Magic Laugh Against Problems


The Flow (Patreon Release) - Unconditional Love Infusion from here. Or Divine Love from the Attract Love Album, or Attract and Radiate Quantum Love.

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