Help for Anxiety stack

Hello everyone!
This is actually my first post here, and I really need help to make a stack of fields that help me heal, but i don’t know which ones should I listen to. It’s going to be a pretty long post so bear with me…

Ok so, my issue is: anxiety and panic disorder.
I’ve had anxiety since I was a toddler, always been very emotive, so I can say it’s not due to traumas or bad experiences.
Having some relatives from my dad’s side with mild anxiety, I think I can safely say that it’s probably 100% genetic :frowning:

My attacks aren’t characterized by bad/intrusive thoughts or anything, in fact when I started having them I didn’t realize it was anxiety right away since i didn’t think about anything, the biggest symptom was: digestive problems. I don’t know how to explain this but everytime I am anxious or panicking, I start feeling super nauseous and I feel the need to throw up, because I feel like I have something in my throat/stomach. But if I throw up or empty my stomach in any way, I’ll feel better for a bit, so I also developped anorexia just to feel peace for a few minutes.

It’s like emotions don’t just stay in my head, they radiate in my body in such a strong way that I am not afraid of the emotions themselves… But having this physical reaction.

The most rational explanation that I gave myself is that my brain and my ENS (enteric nervous system) are strictly connected, and that at the minimum sign of anxiety/stress, the neurotransmitters are sent to the stomach and my digestive system just blocks and refuses to eat, otherwise it’ll thrown up anything. Or it could be an overactive Limbic system but it’s probably just the brain-gut connection.

My dad had this exact same fear-respose when he was a kid, but after his teenage years, it went away on its own. So I waited and waited… But now I’m 21 and nothing has changed, it even got worse since I use benzodiazepines now, lmao

Which fields may I listen to? Brain regeneration didn’t do much… Same goes for the amygdala one. I don’t want to get hooked on Valium for my whole life, I’m just 21. Please take some time to answer this :two_hearts:



I think the following might work for you:

  • Subconscious Limit Removal

  • Plasma light and infrasound bioactive beach

  • The all purpose anxiety removal

  • Five elements balanced

  • Stomach healing and regeneration

  • Kidney and adrenal healing

  • Grounding

Hope you feel well soon!


Alongside Star’s recommendations I would also add blueprint of life if it’s possible. In reference to your emotiveness I would recommend the emotional mastering protocol which targets being too emotional as well as not being emotional enough. Although you might not have experienced major trauma in your life I would still recommend the trauma release and forgiveness audios because the smallest things make a difference. Good luck!


Also if you have situational anxiety, the Vibration of Creation audio can help big time. I used to have social anxiety in person but now a majority of that is gone with it. Just down to phone anxiety.


Great suggestions up there :point_up_2:t3:

If you want to cut to the chase and invest a little bit then get

Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence: New Release


The Outlook Retrainer: Testimonials


Deep Brain Magnetic Stimulation: Testimonials


New Perspectives: New Release


As @_OM suggested in a different thread:

The Shamanic Medicine Blend


New perspectives


My personal emotional and mental supporter

This may help too

Potential Nitric Oxide Benefits when it comes to anxiety

Just read all we suggest then you might find which ones work best for you!

Happy healing :heart:


Perhaps look into vagus nerve stimulation.


Blueprint of life
Personal mental health and emotional supporter
and New perspectives
happy healing


Hi! Firstly, thank you for helping.
I started with this stack lasy night, i listened to all of them before sleeping, expect for the anxiety removal one and the plasma light one, which i listened overnight while sleeping.
The fact is that, when i woke up this morning I’ve NEVER felt more drained and dizzy in my whole life, it’s like i fainted instead of fell asleep, I literally did nothing all day cause I felt too tired and weak the whole time.
I’m sure I did something wrong (probably shouldn’t have listened to the plasma light one overnight), so could you confirm that overnight is bad? Or it’s just the healing or something?

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Thank you for your replies! I’m a broke collehe student so i can’t really afford his fields if not on patreon, but i will surely listen to the trauma one. Maybe the emotional release one, since it releases blockages and stress trapped in the body (may help with the brain-gut connection).


Thank you so much Luna!!! Also, you linking all of the fields was very sweet, bless you :pray:


I will, thanks! May i ask you why did you suggest this field in particular? I didn’t know the vagus nerve had something to do with anxiety, I’m genuinely curious


Subconscious Limit Removal x 2
Anxiety x 3
Stress relief x 2
Outlook retainer x 2


You can repeat that morning and before bed

Also i recommend you giving a try to the Abundance Millionare mindset album :wink:



Well, yes you shouldn’t have listened to the plasma light overnight. You should go slow with it, and from now on you can test it like 10 minutes of it and then monitor how you react. Slowly increasing time of listening until the complete time of the audio.

I would say even at this point for you, as you are very drained and exhausted to not loop any audio overnight.

But keep in mind some tiredness is normal during healing process so go easy and rest well.

Good luck with everything!


Thank you Eli!!! Happy healing to you too!

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As far as I know vagus nerve is link between the brain and many processes in the body, including the gut I believe. I am not an expert though which is why I suggest you look into it. The comments on the youtube video (it’s free on Sapiens youtube) can be very helpful, and/or a web search will surely inform you better. I also have some familiarity with anxiety and panic attacks. Your post kinda reminded me of a few things. Welcome to the forum. (I’m gonna look into it too, I might get back to you)

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Also try breathe of the belly.


Breath of Belly is your best bet not gonna lie, don’t underestimate that field! In my eyes it’s better than the all purpose anxiety removal!

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Hi! Have you tried it or have any personal experience with this field?

Sorry for replying just now, I’ve been off the forum, but I wanted to thank you for your reply. It was very helpful!