Living with panicking family, harrowing energy

So a lot has happened in the past month such as having to move last minute, getting ripped off my movers and annoying health issues on top of a lack of money. I live with my parents but am hoping to continue to pursue a esl job abroad once I figure out what is causing my health problems which I won’t get into on the this post but they are something that would make getting a job difficult. In the meantime…

What I am just asking here is the best way to deal with my parents’, specifically my mother’s negativity that is just getting worse. The energy is so thick you could cut it with a knife. She is panicking about it the end of the world, politics and the election 24/7 and I’m not exaggerating . Yeah the world is in a chaotic state but she is dwelling on nothing but negativity and it is wearing me down. She is Christian but doesn’t go to church because she thinks they are all too woke now. My dad is always busy with the business that isn’t doing as well these days and his church in the music department of it so he gets to have some time away at least.

I can’t afford any paid fields right now but is there anything I should play that might be more silent so she doesn’t know I’m playing but could some how deal with the energy and this constant harrowing energy? I have been using repel negative energy almost every morning before I get up but it feels like not enough anymore or just a bandaid. Maybe should make a morphic field with the sweet intention repeater because that could be more silent. Any ideas for phrases to use? Thanks everyone here for being so helpful. Sorry for the sob story haha.

I use only Atmospheric Vibration Riser but rest should help as well.


Thank you, I’ll try them all out.

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I personally would ditch the Repel Negative Energy because, as the New Agers remind us, what you resist persist. These people you’re describing aren’t attacking you (although I understand how it can seem as if they are). They’re just struggling with their own lives and issues.

I personally would select fields which provide love, hope and healing to you all. Off the top of my head, I would reach for things like (and I hope these are all free):

These are just in the order that they came to my mind. Also, I forget whether it’s New Perspectives: New Release or The Outlook Retrainer: Testimonials that’s free. Look into those.

About the sound, you can play your fields on the lowest volume and in your back pocket. Almost no one can hear that. If you’re really worried about that, you can connect earbuds (wired or wireless) on the lowest volume and carry your earbuds in your back pocket.

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New agers are kind of scammy gurus that just want you money. I wouldnt listen to them too much.

I use repel negative energy every day when I go to my family. I SEE difference when I do and when I dont. HUGE ONE.

First, I would try to use Energy AURA on them. if possible. Then Exorcism 2.0 loud in house, then repel negative energy loud in house, then I would Vibe atmosfere 2.0 play for a long time also loud.

I would also pray to Archaangles or whatever works for you and my guardian angles and pray for them to help me eliminate negative energy from my family and house.

But most important, move out. Listen to wealth audios for money and start doing online work or something and move out its best and smartest move. One love <3

Ohh, repel negative energy every morning as soon as you wake up, and if you got to negative from them, clean aura audio, but remember, it deletes all other audios that you listened 3 hours ago, so keep that in mind. And love and gravitational field and attract love are good ones. :slight_smile:

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