Reproductive Rejuvenation

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Here is a smart combination of the energy of the tesla violet ray, Jing and the anticancer 2.0 field targeted to either testicles or ovaries, depending on the biological hardware of the person.

Jing - Jing is a powerful substance that forms the essence of who and what we are. It is the primal energy of our life. Jing energy is the deep foundational energy reserves of the body and it is this energy that determines one’s ultimate vitality and the quantity and quality of one’s lifespan

Violet Ray - Popular in the 1900s, the violet ray machine was an alternative form of medical treatment that transformed ordinary household electricity into a high voltage, high frequency but extremely low ampage electrical energy output. The device also emitted a small amount of ultraviolet light at the point of spark. When applied to different parts of the body, the resultant surge of blood to oxygen-starved tissues stimulated lymphatic and capillary circulation, clearing cellular toxins and strengthening body organs.

Anticancer 2.0

Anti Cancer ver 2 0 - YouTube

This is designed to effectively remove cancerous cells from your body, It works by strengthening your own immune system, removing telomerase enzymes and the telomere caps from the specific cancer cells and inducing Apoptosis. The additions to this are direct siRNA information to silence the cancer cells (functions, protein productions etc that sustain it). and a specific targeting of MR1 in the cancer cells by your Tcells (for destruction by your own immune cells)

This combination is meant to energise and provide a rejuvenation of those specific areas.


I wonder if this can help the other areas other than just the testicles for men (ex: penile structure, etc)

Basically would it target more than the testicles like the penis, or only specially directly targeted to the testes for men?

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You spoil us. Thank you!


Niiice! I have asked my alien friends for exactly this last night. Thank you so much!


Lovely, users probably will have higher success rates after using this.

By next year forum members have


Real nice
Recovers pre natal Jing too?


@Lucky Reminds me of this :joy:

Would pair well with Womanly Woman, Womb Healing well rejuvenated!

Thank you Cap! :bouquet:


:pray::pray::pray: Thank You So Much :100: , and it’s on the $4.50 tier — Great addition to the Boot Up Playlist
Imma stack this with Your Energetic Being & Detached Resilience for Sure :white_check_mark::infinity:🫡 Maybe a sprinkle of PONR and Tower of Light
Amazing !


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Just curious. Is there a difference between yt and patreon audio or the full patreon version is just longer? And why so?

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From YouTube
Full Version on patreon, but you can loop this as well.
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Same audio, just longer. To encourage to join the family on Patreon :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hmm I asked the question whether this affects a vasectomy….


Interesting question. Did you get it done?

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I believe pre-natal jing is kidney focused, not testicles.


Wow. I was already grateful for this creation since ive had all types of issues with the ovaries growing up on and off by periods.

The correlation from how the bond/connection/relationship with the parents affects the health and well functioning of the ovaries & testicles is undeniable, and as they heal and gets better majority of issues dissapear.

But i was NOT expecting what i felt from the very first listening.

Disclaimer: its not stated in the description, but i want to share what i felt and still feel when listening, so it could be just my interpretation/imagination or whatever but it could also be real, wouldnt surprise me since Dreams creation (specially the ones with less description) can blow our minds when we discover all the things that werent mentioned.

Why i said this is because in case you didnt know, we are directly more affected with what happened to our Grandparents in their gestation period and all the issues, traumas etc they might have gone through in their lives because when they were growing up we were already in them. The tiny spermatozoon in the testicles and the tiny ovum in the ovaries, yes of course there are always new ones but the “scheme” and information repeats, its encoded throughout our lives.

And when the Grandmother is Pregnant with our mother/father all the information, disorders etc are passed. something mostly everybody knows i know but we “blame” what we are/have on genetics through the DNA replication and well all cells do that.

But being the spermatozoon and ovums the ones that actually make creation happening, we are affected indirectly by what was going on in our Grandfathers Testicles on both sides, as well as what was going on in our Grandmothers Ovaries on both sides. And the information not just get into the DNA but gets stored in the Test and Ova. To like perpetuating the connection with the issues.

Any abnormality had, physical, emotional, etc in the life or our Grandparents would pass on to us, then add to that whatever happened to our Parents until the gestation moment.


Now i had an epiphany the other day re brothers and sisters that explain a lot to me, i understood that i just dont share genes with them but they are another version of me, they are Me in other bodies and whatever they experience i feel at different degrees or intensity, not like twins, not because we are all connected but because they really are another me. That personal realization pushed me even further to help them heal whatever so i could heal whatever repercution coming from their bodies, mind, etc but also even more conscious about fixing and healing all in me so it will stop affecting them in any way.

***Generational Healing + *** is what ive felt looping this audio

(But both sides)

At first i was like awww this makes me feel like “Primal Urge” audio like being in my Moms womb has and then i really felt in there yoo, like transported back there and while inside there as a fetus i could feel my tiny ovaries pulsating, like healing and then its when the crazy image came about, it started expanding like zooming out, once light or whatever filled up my ovaries it expanded to my Moms Ovaries and once filled up it zoomed out again and it spread through like cords to all of my sisters ovaries and my sisters ovaries where connected as well to mine!

I was already blown away, because the more loops the deeper and intense the healing to My Mom and sisters was through me through my ovaries.

Then of course it expanded to my Grandmother.

But then as it continued zooming out there was My Grandfather on My Mothers side and i saw the connection from my ovaries to his testicles and then it kept expanding and i saw My Dad Testicles connecting as well and Grandfather on his side.

And all of a sudden my ovaries were connected to the 3rd level generations full family tree.

But then it showed me that it would/could perpetually expand connecting to other peoples as well. Because well we are all connected.

So like the Testicles/Ovaries version of Quantum Love?

I hope what i saw and felt is real because it felt amazing and it could do soo much healing if this healing from this audio is noded that way.

If its not, then still a beautiful experience i just lived.

And im sure healing will come fast.

Thank you!


Well yes, i already got two kids running around. Instead of taking contraception by my wife, this was in the end less invasive as a man than for a woman.


Amazing, thank You!
Will add this before testosterone field to my after-workout playlist


This + manly man is :fire: