Venting Thread

Hi, Forum Fam! :slight_smile:

Each Sunday, we will be having a clean new thread for our venting activities!

  • Venting Posts will be up for one week only (removed each Sunday night)

  • After one week, the energies of the venting thread will be consigned to the purifying fires of the Mass Meditation field

  • This way there’s still a venue for a vent (lol) but the energies won’t linger

  • So, Read Em an Week! :joy:

Anything posted below will be removed before the new cycle begins

Added Note:

Think Indra’s Net. We are all connected in the energetic matrix of the forum. This is another opportunity for transmutation of the burden that many have felt while going through the exercises of life. Instead of just letting the venting energy hang out, it is vent + violet flame. You have an entire week to go through the thread and pull out your favorite parts. The idea of venting is to let go. This is the other half.

Mass Meditation 2.0


Every Sunday, the Mass Meditation 2.0 field will be invoked for the clearing of the energies of this thread. For those whose frustrations with life in a body have brought them to this place to vent, may the purifying fires and uplifting energies balance and heal. Let it also heal those who have have read. Be blessed! Remember to take debates to the Debate Thread, and just let people vent here without comment.

Anyone who wants to assist in the clearing of these energies, please feel free to give a few minutes each Sunday, or whenever you think of it, by joining the Meditation. It doesn’t have to be onerous in any way. If you only have a few seconds, just center and intend the blessings. Namaste.


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