Custom fields experience / please share :)

Hi guys! I’m new but curious about the process of how you get a field customised to an object you already own… if it’s Jewelry, should you leave it alone and not wearing it whilst it’s being imbued with a field or does it not matter?
Also what kind of pics did you send in? Is it super high res or does it not matter?

How does it all work? Those who have had custom fields please share your experiences with having it done and also with the field itself!

Mucho gracias!! :blush:

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Hi, there! I don’t recall welcoming you to the forum, so here goes!
Sapienmed Exp
Enjoy yourself - we’re glad you’re here! :slight_smile:


Custom fields is stopped from many years now. One can buy only items available in ES website.

We have better options now with nfts, suggest u to explore more

I know but can you guys just share your experience of having it done?

Also, I recently bought The Eternal and Attract Love Nft… I haven’t really felt much from both of them yet but I don’t know if I’m using them right…
I saved to my phantom wallet, I printed them out in Polaroid size at my local photo studio… and I’m carrying them around on my phone… I have it saved on my phone background as well….

Any suggestions as to how to use?
How often should I listen to the audios as well?
Im thinking of getting a small pendant made with those two NFTs… but I’m worried the small size means that a lot of detail will be lost and therefore it won’t be as effective!

Can you guys guide me on this please?

Thank you:)
And thanks Rosechalice for the warm welcome!! :heart: happy to be part of this forum!!!


You’re so very welcome for the welcome!
Here’s a start!
Stuff about NFTs in general
Stuff about these specifically, as the best place to ask questions and find out how people used an NFT is in the NFT thread:
Attract Love

What you are doing already is perfect. There are many tips all over the forum about how to interact more intimately with fields. Meditate on them while listening to the audio is one. Give them some attention every day or even at different times during the day. Ask them questions! Treat them as you would a dear friend. :slight_smile: There is always more to be revealed by interaction.

The pendant idea is a good one. There is also a thread about how members have created wearables.

Enjoy your treasures!

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Thank you for the tips and links Rose!:)
Which NFTs have you got?
I’m considering the solidifier next!! Well once I have more money that is…
Have you got that one?

loaded question, friend

let’s just say I support our Captain in a very gracious manner lol


Haha gotcha…

Do u have custom items then? :)

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To be honest I read everything in the above threads before I posted my question haha…

No, I don’t. There can still be private custom NFTs made though, regardless whether the group request is from one person or 10 or more. Obviously the more people requesting makes the cost friendlier. :slight_smile:

Maybe I’m dumb but I don’t feel my NFTs working on me :/ and I would really like to know about the process of custom items…
Just your experience, those who got it done would be amazing to read!

Like do u have to leave the items alone or can u be wearing it whilst it’s being done? Etc
Could you feel a difference in your item immediately?
:slight_smile: thank you

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Ooooh I see, u mean the community projects?
That blueprint of love looks awesome but is completely unaffordable to me atm…

You will find it said all over the forum - just because you don’t feel it working doesn’t mean it isn’t working. They are!

Rather than looking for a custom item to solve the situation, work with increasing your own sensitivity to the fields. This entire forum is packed with information about how we as a community are daily working and playing with that very concept. Read, read, read! And then ask more questions! :slight_smile:

Also, some of the private NFT projects have been made to assist with those issues also. Check some of them out under this category

There are private project NFTs for sale and trade here. Most recent sales at bottom of thread.

K I will do so then.
The YouTube and Patreon work amazing already so maybe audios work better for me than visual fields?
Coz isn’t it subject to the print quality of the image etc? And the detailing?

I only say this because I have The eternal and I currently super sick with some horrible flu bug and it’s been 4 days… was hoping for enhanced healing and Ofc I believe in the captain’s work, I just think I’ve done something wrong on my end :persevere:
Something wrong with my print detail when the guy reduced the size etc…
maybe I should be wearing it instead of keeping it in my phone case… I’ve just been listening to the audio now too. But I don’t do it regularly enough, do I need to? Because as I understand the audio came after the NFT?
No idea… :sob:
I cant Read between the lines… I wish I knew how to use it exactly, the printing of NFTs out by ourselves is too much for my puny little brain to handle… perhaps my ego is overthinking and I need to go listen to Ego dissolution or something :joy:

Ah, ok. Details are always good. There are specific fields you can use to help with the flu symptoms. Virus disruption ver2.0

I’m currently listening to that…
And sinus drainage ones , new and old
Lymphatic drainage
Infra red
Hybarbaric oxygen + antioxidants after

I’m taking vit D, C, zinc…


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And the eternal audio

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Do u think ego dissolution would be good for me? :joy::joy:

Currently I have a sinus migraine too …
not a happy bunny ( coz I’m sick) lol

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I got like 30 customs back in the day. A whole box of items.

It was pretty straight forward, you’d buy the custom field, receive a receipt with your number.
Then send an email with your order and a simple picture of your item.

Now I don’t think it makes much of a difference but back then I wouldn’t touch the items until I would get the “it’s done” email.

Then instead of wearing NFTs, you’d wear your items