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I am very interested in this topic despite not believing.

(According to an article I read) Starseeds are just another fanciful belief of the human mind; an idea of fantasy, a community of people who think they come from another dimension or planet with the mission of improving the world and taking it to a new era, the article mentions that the human being in his attempt to find meaning in life seeks any affirmation to feel that he has a mission in this world or dimensional plane, and that this could probably be the effect of a depression (or that the person who created the term could suffer from it), it could also be from cynicism and distrust of humanity and the social government, then other people by feeling identified (with not having a sense of life) support this statement, this is called the forer effect. For scientists, all this may be mild symptoms of schizotypal personality disorder (lmao) and as I mentioned before mild depression and/or may influence whether you have a tendency to believe in conspiracies. Lastly, since people who report on these terms often seem “very smart or scientific” they are more convincing when it comes to influencing people’s minds, this is called the Einstein effect.
What do you think about this? ↑

The article is: Starseeds: psychologists on why some people think they're aliens living on Earth


I will write my opinion later, first I want to see what other people think

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Thanks for sharing.

I wouldn’t take that article serious as it seems to be written by person with zero education about the topic, as the heavily biased article includes statements like these:

“Particularly given that no life beyond Earth has ever been found and there is no evidence that alien life has ever visited Earth.”


It was written by Natalie Sauer, a politics student.
These people usually have zero touch with anything spiritual or esoteric, nor do they have a scientific background. She doesn’t even have an education in psychology but tries to write like one.

From the writing style it seems to be one of those articles on the same poor quality level as the likes of “Psychology Today” where they try to explain the whole world with always the same few psychological principles (which they learned at school lol), while at the same time completely ignoring all the information out there, including science, that supports other and contrary perspectives.

I am much rather looking forward to your personal opinion (and experiences).

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Do you feel particularly pulled to or have already tried some of the various Alien contact fields?

I feel drawn to these themes despite never having experienced anything spiritual

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In this case I encourage you to explore them and find out.

Are you sure about this?
Maybe even if it does not feel like “spiritual experiences”, there are a lot of indicators here that you are very interested in these things:
You discovered Sapien Medicine fields.
You signed up on this forum to learn more (only 1% of the YouTube subscribers do).
You are participating in discussions.

If you have listened to a field and got results from it, then this is definitely a spiritual experience because it opened your mind to what is possible and to that there is more than what most people believe as true.


Finally :)

I came across the concept in the year 2020 (same year I found Sapien) through a mobile app
which is oriented Ascienson and got attracted and resonated well inside me.
Read some book and articles and the traits to be one and I suspect I could be one of them.
I’m not 100% sure of their existence but I think it’s likely they exist.

It’s not just Alien souls that sometimes decide to incarnate in this place.

Sometimes Angels, Dragons, Titans, Primordials and Demons, choose to also.


Interesting, why?
Could they have missed suffering?



This is one of those topics where it doesn’t really matter if you believe in it or not. If it’s true it is and unfolds as is, if it’s not true then no time wasted. You will be who you are supposed to be and do, vaguely, what you are supposed to do if you know thyself. It’s more important to develop your own intuition than follow what is given in the types of communities that concern themselves with starseeds. If you want to be a starseed and are concerned about whether you are one or not, you most likely are a starseed because if you weren’t you wouldn’t be concerned with the topic at all. That’s your clue. Then, if you are a starseed, you deep down already know what you are here to do, so follow that instead of following another belief system.

It comes down to be who you want to be, which is just another version of become what you already are, because we all just want to be Ourselves, if we are not deluded into being something we aren’t. Let things unfold organically. Beware systems without a long, long, long (I cannot emphasize this enough) track record, for you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into unless you can see the end result repeated numerous times across various contexts. New-age and newage adjacent has a history of bad actors and motives, preying on the ignorant, or those who are too new to the greater spiritual reality.

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I think it matters if you believe or not
Let suppose some person could be a starseed but if you don’t believe, don’t accept it or not discover it you could not fullfill your destiny or your supposed mission.
It’s not just things will unfold automatically, you could have blocks or not being aware at all or just deny it.
It’s likely you could be perceiving things or receving signals but it’s not enough.
I agree you need to develop your intuition.