Has anyone knows how to use psychic cards?

Hello everyone I m new on sapien medicine page , is anyone has knowledge about psychic cards how to use perfectly? Thnx…


Dreamweaver Card System:

How to use the cards :
After attunement , which takes about 30 mins to an hour.
(depending on your energy system)
The best recommendation is to at least wait one day after the attunement to use the cards.

Using the card would simply involve holding the card and speaking the name of the card
along with the word activate and the energy/work will begin.
for example “eviction activate” “attunement activate” etc.
To use the cards without actually having the physical card present with you,
you can use the sigils and speak the activation words.
You can also use the sigils with your radionics machines etc as well.
The attunement card directly links you and tells your subconscious and deeper mind exactly how to use the energy systems.
You will find yourself having ideas on how to use it that may be unconventional.
Even at some point using and accessing all the systems without using the cards or sigils.
Trust your intuition on this.

Use this card to get rid of entities or bad energies disturbing you
Activation creates a strong tunnel that sucks out energy from energy around
and automatically grounds it off
Activation lasts for 15 to 20 mins.
Be careful to not let it drain you.
You can activate it on the card and then move the card to the location you wish
or mentally choosing the location you want it placed by visualizing it while activating the card.

Use this card to perform healing for yourself or others.
Activation will pour energy programmed specifically to heal you and work with your subconscious to speed any from of healing needed.
You can use it for yourself or any person
Activation lasts for 15 to 20 mins.
You can activate it on the card and have it pour into your entire or body or a specific area or person (or area of a person ) of your choosing
Simply visualize the area where you want the energy to flow

Pain Control
Use this card to control pain for yourself or others.
Activation will pour energy programmed specifically to stop or reduce pain in any area causing you problems.
You can use it for yourself or any person
Activation lasts for 15 to 20 mins.
You can activate it on the card and have it pour into your entire or body or a specific area or person (or area of a person ) of your choosing
Simply visualize the area where you want the energy to flow

Chakra stimulator
This card compresses energy in and at the same time directly stimulates all of your chakras,
providing them with the nourishment they need to grow along with directly working on expanding and developing them.
Activation works for about 15 to 20 mins.
You can use it on a friend as well.

Aura purification
This card works on removing junk energy and negative based energy from within your entire energy system, chakras etc.
It will also work on removing minor blockages in your energy flow.
Activation cause the work to start on you and go for about 15 to 20 mins total.
You can also use this for others.

This card works with helping you to create your own garden forest, It helps plants grow and nourishes them energetically,
You can activate the card then place it next to the plant you wish to work on or drawing the sigil in the dirt next to the plant then activating the energy.
This energy works on strengthening the plant’s own energy system, recovery and regeneration as well as directly telling it to grow stronger and healthier.
The works on the plant for 15 to 20 mins.

Activating this card cause energy that is programmed to keep pushing you to complete a task at hand or give you the extra willpower you need to survive or go on.
It helps to reset the mental fatigue and give you renewed energy and will to complete whatever needs to be done.
The energy will work directly on you for a set period of time 15 - 20 mins but the effects will continue for quite a while after.

Activation of this card causes a strong dense oval shield to surround your entire body and energy system,
The shield will keep densifying and reinforcing itself for about 15 mins. This shield will stay with you and gradually erode depending on the natural wear it receives such as interaction with other energy systems (people), attacks or just getting by in general life.
You can use this for yourself or other persons as well.

Energy Expansion
Upon activation, this card work directly on strengthening and growing your energy sensing abilities and your nervous system. It will also grow and strengthen your aura/energy body.
It will continue to directly work on you for about 15 to 20 mins.
You can also use this for other people as well.

Lucid Dreaming
This card when activated, will work on you to activate and stimulate the portions of your brain that maintain awareness,
it will keep these areas stimulated while you are sleeping, to help you maintain awareness in and of your dreams.
Dreams should become more vivid and memorable as well.
Again this card can used for yourself or another person you choose.

This card is used to help with meditation, it progressively tries to get you into a deeper and deeper mental state
from you base level or brain functioning and deeper progressively beta - alpha - theta - delta etc.
The energies will start working when activated and throughout your meditation.

The attunement card works on upgrading your existing energy level and functioning along with directly telling your subconscious how to use all the cards and energies in this system.
You will find that you have ideas and concepts about how to use them and unique creative ways to manipulate and work with with the energies.
It allows you to access and work with the cards and system eventually as in extension of yourself.


Hold it in your hand and say attunement activate, I feel it helps to stare at it while meditating


How many times we could use Shielding card in one day? If we use it often, does it make some kind of permanent shielding effect, just like audios do, maybe? Or it simply works for 15 minutes and that’s it?


You can use it as many times as needed. When used often there is a possibility for your energy system to get adjusted to the shielding effect and you can invoke the effect of the card even without having the card on hand.


Thank you!

Does it apply for other cards also?


in my notes it is written: use 1, maximum 2 cards per day. the same card can be activated several times a day as needed. the exception is eviction, it must be activated a maximum of 2 times a day, as it exhausts the energy system :D


Thanks man!

That was my feeling too, but I needed someone to confirm it.


absolutely right. but the practice of visualizing the card in consciousness will come with time. first you need to work with card physically for a while, so that her consciousness would put her into the subconscious :) and, if necessary, easily pulled the card out :)
thanks for your experience :)


Dear sir

Can You please explain me do I have to look at the card for 15-20 minutes and how can I use cards on someone else who is in a different city?



Welcome to the forum @Milan . :slightly_smiling_face: No, you don’t need to look at the cards for 15-20 minutes. Before you use any of the cards, you need to attune yourself first. You look at the “Attunement” card, and say the card’s name, followed by “activate.” (“Attunement, activate”) Then you wait about an hour. Then you are free to use the other cards in the same fashion. By saying the card name, followed by “activate.” I think you can use the card on someone in another city, by looking at their pic, and setting your intention, and then saying the words to activate the energy towards them.


No, you have to wait at least 1 whole day before activating the other cards :blush:


What is the difference between cards and mandala. Do we need to keep the card with us like mandala after activation. And if I activate one card for example attunement will the effects stays forever if we keep the card with us?


Similar but different approach, lets see:

Cards grow a little bit at a time (little measuring time using it not little in strength because they are actually very very efficient)

You activate them then the infusion of the energy on or around you last 15 to 30 minutes at a time, but the effects grow with each use specially if you are more or less consistent with using them, over time you wouldnt even need to hold the card (if you have printed them) or touch the screen to activate them, you would have integrated them enough to only need to think about the card and send the energy to wherever you want it to go.

How long does it take for that? everybody is different but you gotta be consistent and see it for yourself.

The mandalas grow over time as well and get stronger, they gotta be around you, could be print it in your pocket, as a background on your phone, somewhere in your room etc (i personally had to put them somewhere else outside my room because they have grown that strong, they were keeping me up at night lol that in the length of like 6 months. But they work steadily increasing from like 2-3 weeks, some others say right away, but in my experience it took around that each one i used.

No, you activate it keep it close by during the 15-30 minutes, not like you have to keep holding it or looking at it no, i prefer to have them near but i know its not that necessary.

That attunement one is the only one that will for ever be activated after the first time, you dont need to re activate it nor keep it with you.


Thank you so much. It means we need to reactivate (repeat the process) other card everyday ?




Hey can I use the card through my phone ? Like just looking at my screen while saying the word ? do I need to touch the screen ? Or do I need to print them ?


Yes you can, through the phone and yes you must touch the screen and say “so and so activate” then just leave your phone close by.


The sigils of the card are the ones that are above the name? can we draw them and activate them whenever we want that way?


It seems so. I can’t find the post but I’m pretty sure that @Maoshan_Wanderer had written about that. And ConkerRyan as well: