JAAJ's Daily Self Love Stack 2024 🤍

It is a great idea and will definitely help with trauma healing and removal of stuck up emotional energy in the meridians.

I have used EFT and other Energy Psychology tools for 14 years before I discovered Sapien Medicine, and they have helped a lot.

When you are going to work with the Smart Tapper, always ask it to work on the point on your hand that is responsible for resolving so called “Psychological Reversals”, they are hidden energetic self-sabotage mechanisms.

Please see here what me and others have written about this:


May I ask/suggest some regarding the order of this stack? As of now, for those with a lot of trauma, it’s very heavy first 60-70% , that’s like half the day without much positivity in terms of feeling. I think it’s more sustainable long term splittin up some 4x stacks to 2x early, 2x later, and place some positivity early on, self love, confidence, positive power vibes or similar. Perhaps unbreakable/armor of light and glory on the paid stack, either as addition or in place of extreme self confidence

An oxytocin field could probably be useful also for some loving/bonding and trust feeling towards people in general - I think that might be synergistic.

Or what is your reasoning on this?


It’s quite incredible how I’m already noticing positive effects from this.

I’m having an easier time to smile/laugh naturally and I also noticed when I was getting groceries how I respond with full sentences to the cashier or if someone asks me something, for example instead of just “No.” “Yes.” “Thanks.” I just naturally responded “Yes, that would be great!” and “No thank you, it’s fine just like that”

I’ve never, ever talked like that before and I also never realized that it was due to blocked energy and trauma and/or lack of self love? It makes sense now in hindsight how blocked energy does that to someone, makes him/her unable to express themselves naturally and fluidly without it being forced.

I mean, I do talk a lot since it’s basically my job sometimes, holding presentations, but that drains me a ton because it’s forced, so whenever talking has not been forced I’ve always been very short with words.

I’m just going to modify the order of this stack a bit, but I’m definitely going to grind away this trauma bullshit that has been blocking my natural flow of energy since forever it feels. This was an eye opener for sure.


I made the order in the way that you address the blocks and trauma first.
Because you cannot really love yourself before you heal the deep unprocessed stuff.
If you try to love yourself without healing the trauma first then the trauma will always get in the way and cause self-sabotage.
So healing first.
Otherwise most of the stuff afterwards will be futile.

It is the same principle with why the Law of Attraction does not work for most people:
They try to manifest without first healing their trauma, self worth and removing their limiting beliefs. They are trying to push with their conscious mind (0.1 % of the power) against their Subconscious Mind (99.9% of the power). The Subconscious Mind always wins.

You are free to change the order of the stack as you feel works better for you. The stack is my personal recommendation only and the order is done with the reasoning above.

But here also some mathematical proof for those who love math, lol:

Let’s say your current level of self worth is 5 and you want to increase that value to 15 because that is the level required to manifest a 50% income increase.
But now you also have blockages and limiting beliefs that put a divisor of 5 to the equation.
So now the real expressed self worth is: 5 / 5 = 1
So in order to go from 1 to 15, you would need to 15x your current level of self worth.
But what if you remove half of your limiting beliefs and blocks first?
Then the equation becomes 5 / 2.5 = 2
Now to go from 2 to 15 you only need to 7.5x your current level of level self love.
What happens if you completely heal and remove all limiting beliefs and trauma?
Now you will have 5 / 1 = 5.
And to go from 5 to 15 you will only need to 3x your current level of self love.
3x is much easier achieved than 15x.
Do you see the difference?

Always work on the Divisor first (healing), and on the Multiplier (new programing) afterwards.

Today I acquired Psychic Universities’ Subconscious Limits Dissolver Through Your Higher Self field. I haven chosen this as my first field from this creator for these very mentioned reasons. Healing and blockage removal first. New reprograming and fun stuff afterwards.

Also the same reason why so many have Ego Dissolution, Subconscious Limits Removal and Point of No Return as their first fields in their stacks.


My head would explode listening to the point stack and this self love stack and then the point stack again in one day.

Could someone help me shorten it down a bit

Easy peasy. Listen to the PONR stack until you’ve healed those issues.

When those issues are resolved, put aside the PONR and move onto to the Self-Love stack.


You guys are the best ! Having an answer and solution it seems, to almost everything.


Don’t forget this :gem: @JAAJ :yellow_heart:
Unconditional Love (old)


Thank you :heart:
Added both fields to the free and paid stack.
The stacks now got even longer, so I think I will need to create short versions of them in the near future as well…


4x Your Self Love

Hello! Where can I find this specific audio track? Is it on Patreon or YouTube? Thank you!

It’s on YouTube:


Thank you! :star_struck:

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I’m surprised Depths of Your Soul wasn’t added here. Can help with depression?


Learning Self Love is the MAIN challenge that pretty much all human incarnations have in common and this challenge exists here on earth for everyone regardless of all the other incarnational plans.

Learning Self Love is the common dominator for almost incarnations that take place in human form.

Whatever your life topics and life plans are, I can pretty much guarantee that learning more Self Love is also on the list.

Here in the physical earth simulator, the 3 main features through which this learning of more Self Love happens are:

  1. Via getting traumatized (disconnected, fragmented, shattered) and then becoming whole again.
    99.9% of humans who have been born ever since, have at some or several points in their life experienced trauma, often heavy trauma.
    In some form or shape everyone gets traumatized and most humans running around on the planet today are doing so in a heavily traumatized waking trance.
    Overcoming trauma (consciousness fragmentation) and becoming WHOLE again, is a process throughout which we choose that we are good and loveable the way we are DESPITE what happened to us.
    Bringing the shattered pieces of consciousness back together and manifesting our light here in the physical.

  2. Via making decisions independent of what the system / the matrix / the simulator offers and throws at you and through this developing Real Free Will.
    Free will is a necessary prerequisite for the ability to love unconditional. And as we all know from the spiritual text books, real love is always unconditional.
    And only love that comes out of free will can be unconditional.
    Because if it is conditional that it is not free.
    So to love ourselves, we have to consciously and proactively make that choice and decision to do so!
    To proactively make a choice we need to train our free will muscle.
    We also need to become MORE CONSCIOUS via self-reflection on what beliefs we have and what beliefs we want to have instead.
    You can only make decisions about stuff that you are aware off, i.e. stuff that you made conscious.
    “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

  3. Via proactive conscious manifestation.
    We can only manifest into our personal reality bubble what we deep down believe we are worthy off.
    Our Subconscious Mind will only allow us to gift to ourselves what we believe that we are worthy of receiving.
    Because giving gifts only happens to people that we love.
    Or have you ever made gifts to someone you hate?
    You see, this is also true for ourselves.
    If you don’t love yourself big time, how do you expect to give yourself all the big amazing gifts?
    That’s why this Self Love Stack exists in the first place.
    Our external manifestations are ALWAYS a reflection of our internal level of self love and self worth.
    The more we develop the skill to proactively choose how we want our life to manifest, the most self-reflection we are doing, all the while the outer world reflects our achieved level of change and success.
    The areas in our lives that are not yet manifested in a way as we want them to be, tell us which areas we need to internally increase our self worth for.
    When you start feeling worthy of OTHER OPTIONS that you have, then you can also choose these as new manifestational scenarios.
    The more you love yourself, the options you have of possible scenarios that you can manifest.

All humans on this planet have the common denominator / challenge of learning more Self Love.

So now with this, let’s all be reminded that we are all in it together, despite all our differences and different agendas.

And if you can make someone love themselves today a little more than they have loved themselves yesterday, then you’ve probably already made a new friend for a very long time (even if both of you are not yet aware of this). :white_heart:



Is there any way to make the playlist shorter and still be effective? It takes a very long time, most fields should be repeated 3 or 4 times and I don’t know how to set the field to repeat a couple of times in the playlist, so I have to constantly pay attention to repeat the fields manually. I listen on YouTube because not all fields are available for download from Patreon.


I am working on that and will post soon.


Hi, dreamchaser!

way to make the playlist shorter?

adding Kinetic Quasi Crystal can help make fewer repeats needed


Great! Thank you for your effort!

Hi, thank you! :slight_smile:

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Baby you are welcome