Mandalas [Mobile Wallpapers]

Thanks Sapien Medicine team for creating such excellent mandalas. I wanted to use these as background images for my phone so I modified them by extending the edges and also removing the text on some. I uploaded them here in case anyone wanted to use. Cheers.


Thanks for doing that they look really nice! Have you tested to see if they work still even with the text modifications?


Just what I needed. Great work. @gpo Can you confirm if they work with the modifications?


They should still work fine. The text is not needed, just the image.


@Septimus thank you. “inner beauty” mandala looks very beautiful on the main screen :)


these are not Eric Thompson’s mandalas. maybe here is another scheme of energy exposure? :)


Doubt it, unless the mandala becomes part of your phone, similar to a physical item, which is highly unlikely.

When you look at and touch the mandala you absorb the energy from the picture, and your subconscious handles the rest.

But the thing with wallpapers is that the energy comes and goes depending on you listening to other fields or not, and your subconscious might resist the energy and keep you in homeostasis, so it could take a long time until you fully accept the field.

The best way to use a mandala in my experience is print it, wear it for a few days to get it growing a lil, since the printed picture becomes an actual physical field, then boost it a few times and play the epsilon audio while holding it in your hands, that way your subconscious won’t resist in epsilon and you’ll actually feel the physical picture vibrating in your hands and your subconscious accepts it.

Then , depending on your personality and the mandala, when the new subconscious information comes to the conscious, it might have to work trough some existing personality traits and mold you more into the mandala, in your case, Thor, when you fully accept a boosted mandala of Thor it is ridiculously powerful shit bro.


How does that work exactly …?

@anon6431808 Are these the same Mandalas you mentioned here? Interesting!


A little hard to believe but if it works that’s impressive.


Can anyone give a list of what each mandala does?


it’s true. Eric has a sufficient choice of mandalas. but from my own experience, it is advisable to choose a small amount- and use constantly (without changing the combination). cumulative effect. my most favorite mandala was the Catalist. I used it constantly at work (it helped a lot). Now I will try the productivity mandala from SM :)


On that note, @anon6431808 posted this link elsewhere, going to try this one out. I am not exactly sure what this technology is or how it works, but will try to read up more. And this track is free!

@uial @3Tulsi - in case you are interested.


@anon6431808 maybe tried San Pedro Experience? :grinning:

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The effect may occur in a couple of days. if there is an interesting experience, be sure to tell :slight_smile:
ps. I have not tried it myself

Any experience with the “Complete Health” audio and how it compares with say Sapien and QI?

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Do you loop this audio or listen to it once or twice? Thanks for sharing this audio btw.

advised to listen to this audio 2 times a day with headphones, with a clearly articulated intention :)


full cleaning -2 times a week. short (10 min) - every day. + audio integration whenever you want :)


since you were previously cleared by other programs :laughing:

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