Mass Meditations and Morphic Fields (for beginners) 🇬🇧

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This thread has been created for our friends that we cordially invited to join our Mass Meditations and do not exactly understand how those “Morphic fields” work.

For your ease of understanding, we have split the topic in five sections:
(1) What is Sapien Medicine and what are Morphic Fields?
(2) What is a Mass Meditation, for what purpose and how do I participate?
(3) What am I connecting to when I listen or meditate on this particular Mass Meditation field?
(4) Does Sapien Medicine has other fields for my personal goals and challenges?
(5) Additional tips regarding this forum.

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(1) What is Sapien Medicine and what are Morphic Fields?

This is better introduced by the owner of this forum @SammyG, whom we could describe as the right arm of @Dreamweaver, the creator behind those life-changing “morphic fields”

If you wish to learn more about it, we highly encourage you to check those videos:

Go further by reading our Official Sapienmed FAQ

Scan the forum for testimonials from members: Mass Meditations 2.0 Testimonials

And of course “taste the pudding yourself” :grinning:

Any remaining question or ponder, we are of course here for you.


(2) What is a Mass Meditation, for what purpose and how do I participate?

[Before reading this, we highly encourage you to read carefully the section above, so you have a good grasp of what is a morphic field and how this spiritual technology could be used for a mass meditation]

Some of you may have participated in your life to messes, ceremonies or retreats and experienced the power such events can hold.

Meditation communities in the 70s went a step further and made the claim that if a small fraction of the population were to meditate or pray simultaneously it would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life of the global population.

As a meditation & well-being community, we took that concept to heart last year and we launched weekly mass meditations, with measurable results on our individuated realities.

The Sapien Medicine community greatly evolved since, and with a group of like-minded people we have been guided to revive this and take it to the next level.

We worked on a list of suggestion & ideas for @Dreamweaver and a new field came to life mid-October 2022:

We took everything that worked from the former Mass Meditation field, and Dreamweaver (other nickname of Captain Nemo) made it exponentially better, with concepts such as:

Any time, you connect to this field, you raise your vibration and you are a part of installing this new template on Earth :earth_africa:

This sounds ridiculous?

We couldn’t agree more.

And we cordially invite you to experiment for yourself:

Set up some some time with the field (even 2-5min daily is enough), feel its effects in the moment and experience how this unfolds in your reality.

For boosted effect, as for all activities, concentration is key:

  • Sit in a comfortable space, where you should not be disturbed.
  • Consciously slow down your breathing: long inhale through the nose, long exhale through the mouth.
  • Let go of control, relax and enjoy :sparkles:

If you wish to take it a step further, and be connected to the field at all time, you can also become a Patreon subscriber to Sapien Medicine (from $1/month) and use this Mandala below.

All you need to do is to put it as a screensaver, or print it and wear it, and connect to it regularly so your subconscious mind allows its energy.

You can also meditate with it for a deeper connection.

Thank you so much for joining us in making our home a better place :earth_africa: :sparkling_heart::sparkles:


(3) What am I connecting to when I listen or meditate on this particular Mass Meditation field?

[Again, before reading this section, we highly recommend you to read section 1 and 2 above.]

Another way to describe what is the effect of meditating or listening to a morphic field is consciously connecting to a highly refined & powerful intent towards positive change on a chosen topic.

If we use the example of a Serotonin morphic field.

From a certain level of skills & consciousness, you should be able to tap into the field of information responsible for the production of serotonin in your body and produce serotonin on demand.

But what if… you could skip years/decades of practice and… do the same from your current level of consciousness, by simply listening to an audio or watching a mandala with that field of information / or request encoded.

(with of course, more or less effects depending on your subconscious beliefs and ego)

As if you would turn on a video game on your computer or a tv show on Netflix.

But instead of simply activating a system of your body, the intent would be highly pure & refined, so you are protected and you avoid overproducing serotonin, and get only what you need?

This is the magic that Captain Nemo / Dreamweaver is bringing to our reality :sparkles:

Many of us in the community have explored many energy field creators over the years, and the majority of this community is convinced that Dream is the best creator to date.

For the quality of his fields, the purity and power of his work, as well as his level of integrity.

Now… About the Mass Meditation field.

Please imagine that this same artist has been refining that skill for more than a decade, first with psychic communities, then with this Youtube channel and now with this forum and multiple platforms.

With morphic fields covering all aspects of life, such as:

Our community grew a lot in those last two years, and some of us felt the call to co-create a morphic field for the evolution of our planet and all of its inhabitants.

From this, was born this template:

When you meditate with this field, you connect with a pure & powerful intent to manifest that reality upon Earth.


(4) Does Sapien Medicine has other fields for my personal goals and challenges?

Over the years, Captain Nemo has created thousands of fields in all areas of life: physical (health & material), emotional, mental, spiritual, etc.

And lately, Sammy and Captain have even created a Marketplace so other creators can sell their work: ES Marketplace - Sapien Medicine

Whatever your goals, you should find what you want.

However, like any practices, this requires balance & wisdom.

An easy example: if you use fields to manifest money, you cannot expect to make a million bucks if you don’t get off your couch and work for it.

Likewise, if you wish to heal something, you should never neglect medical help and diagnostics.
The field will have its intended actions, but you should investigate anything that could block results (poor nutrition, movement, beliefs, etc.) or have unintended effects (wrong understanding of the actual issue, etc.)

Whatever your goals, please be reminded that actual action steps, is what will make the biggest difference, while the field will boost & facilitate any endeavor you undertake :muscle:

Sapien Medicine has many platforms.

Free fields on Youtube:

A Patreon, with a minimum $1 monthly subscription and exclusive bonuses : Patreon

Paid audio fields, apparels and NFTs:

Even a platform where NFTs are being re-sold & traded:

And a course: Energy Awakening Course

Have fun and happy level-ups :four_leaf_clover:


(5) Additional tips regarding this forum.

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  • Have fun :grinning:

Feel free to comment below if you have any question about the mass meditation and morphic field related topics.

And feel free to share your experiences here: Testimonials

See you around :sparkles: