Forum Policy Updated *Please Read*

Welcome to the Sapien Medicine forum! This forum was made as a place for Sapienmed listeners or curious observers to get together and discuss the audios, items and anything else on their minds. It was also made so that we can help each other grow. We all use Sapienmed because we want to improve ourselves. Our collective knowledge and experiences offer unlimited guidance on our journeys ahead. But best of all, it’s reassuring to not walk the path alone and have others supporting our goals.

For this kind of environment to exist, we have to be open and respectful to each other. Beyond all our different backgrounds, we all have unique personalities. Some of us confident and proud, some more shy or broken than others. So please, be mindful of what you say on the forum and treat others with the same love and care you would want to be treated with.

It is our goal to make this a loving community that users find sanctuary in so let’s work together to make it that way. Respect is all we ask of you. So to ensure that this community is built with these principles in mind, we do have to enforce some rules here.

The mods here are @Dr_Manhattan @Nice2knowU @Rosechalice


  • If users insult others or make disrespectful comments, the comments will be deleted and they’ll be let off with a warning. Especially use of nasty language. Done one or two more times can get them a ban.

  • If users start attacking personas, then it is reaching argument territory and should stop immediately. If users keep going for personal attacks, they will be given warning. If they continue, they will be banned. As mods, we’ll do what we can stop discussions escalating into
    full blown arguments.

  • No explicit material on this forum. Let’s keep it PG-13. There are kids who also listen to Sapienmed and lurk the forum.

  • No sharing purchased material on the website. That is unfair to the creators.

  • No multiple accounts (people do this to manipulate votes and conversations. It’s not accepted here). Your other accounts will be deleted when found.

  • After first ban, if you return and break rules again, you will be permanently banned from the forum.

  • Users that continually cause chaos and uproar in the forum will be permanently banned

Other basic rules (not for bans):

  • Try to stay on topic during threads. If a thread gets derailed by another topic, make it known to one of the mods so that we can split the replies into the off-topic thread (Social General).

  • Posts regarding outside creators of fields or energetic works should be kept to their respective thread but more preferably in the discussion for similiar channels on youtube thread. This isn’t because we dislike other channels or creators. It’s so that we can keep things more focused on sapienmed in the forum. Disputes and such have ensued because of this in the past so it’s best to keep it in those respective threads.

  • No sharing of private messages on the forum.

NFT Group Rules:

  • If you break a private group’s agreed upon rules (such as not sending NFT link to other people, buying 5 instead of the 3 you agreed upon, ext…), you can be suspended. This will be on case by case basis and will require evidence.
  • If you deliberately cheat someone in a trade or sale, you will be suspended. This will be on case by case basis and will require evidence.
  • If there is no moderator in a group and any problems arise, please notify all three mods in a single DM.