My Accountability Journal

Because why not? I figured it might prove useful for those looking for peoples experiences with certain fields plus it will be nice to look back on in the future!

Current Main Stacks
Started March 2024

Primers, Boosters, Distributors etc
Experimenting with the following:

  • Energy Aura Cleaning & Clearing (1-2x wkly)
  • Energy Blockage Removal
  • Ego Dissolution
  • The Malleable Ego
  • Subconscious Limits Removal 3.0
  • The Point of No Return
  • The Kinetic Quasi Crystal
  • The Mana Circuits
  • Speed Up Physical Changes (PU)
  • The Ultimate Integration Tool (PU)
  • The Acu-Automation
  • Grounding
  • Torsion
  • Plasma Beach

Current “Primer” Stack
Listened to first thing daily
The Kinetic Quasi Crystal
Ego Dissolution (Malleable Ego is so much shorter but i really enjoy this field!)
Grounding x2
The Torsion Field x3
The Acu-Automation x2
Energy Blockage Removal
Point of No Return

Current Stack Boosters Etc
The Malleable Ego
Subconscious Limits Removal
Speed Up Physical Changes
The Ultimate Integration Tool

Jaaj’s Self Love Stack
Alternating between playing during the day and overnight.

Beauty Stack
Heavy hitters include

  • The Deep Facial Remodeling
  • Plasma Glass Skin
  • Maxilla Masterwork
  • Microcurrent (not used daily)

Health Stack
Borrowed from another thread (Maoshan Wanderer designed this stack) and tweaked!

  • Diabetes I & II x2
  • Endocrine System Rejuvenation x2
  • Thyroid Healing x2
  • Automated Cardio x3
  • Automated Workout System x3
  • Core Strengthening x3
  • Stomach Shrinking x3
  • After Workout Muscle Recovery x3
  • Extreme Muscle Growth x2

After every meal

  • Super Metabolism Boost x1
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption x1
  • Enhanced Fat Metabolism x1

Feb/Mar Beauty Stack/Field Experiences

Anti Aging

  • Boosting collagen & elastin
  • Lifting, tightening & repairing skin, muscle, fascia etc. Removing excess skin.
  • Harmonizing fatty areas
  • Tighten skin around jawline

Bone Changes

  • Increasing forward and upward growth in the mid face and lower face via adjustments in the maxilla and mandible. Aim is to enhance and reposition cheekbones, add better support to the eyes and nose, lengthen and change the angle of the jawline to correct recessed chin and ultimately visually shorten the face. Also looking to expand my maxilla for better soft tissue support and so that my perfectly straight wisdom teeth can finally fully grow in. I’m tired of dentist telling me to pull them :sob:

Skin Changes

  • Just improving overall skin health. Looking for bright, clear and moisturized skin with an even tone and removal of dark spots.
  • Removing dark circles which most likely are currently exacerbated by potential health issues with the thyroid and iron levels.

The Stack (is way too long :rofl:)
SLR 3.0
Speed Up Physical Changes
Anti Aging
Collagen 2.0
The Torsion Field
The Deep Facial Remodelling
Negentropic Maxilla Masterwork
The Bone Strengthener
Facial Symmetry & Muscle Toning
Adipose Saturated Face & Neck
Double Chin Removal
The Smart Skin Tightener
The Bromelain and Papain Skin Treatment
Dark Circles Removal
Plasma Glass Skin
The Malleable Ego
SLR 3.0
The Ultimate Integration Tool

I’m sure my beauty stack is going to go through a ton of changes but I know the core heavy hitters mentioned in the main post will remain until goals are achieved!

2/25: Kicked off using The Deep Facial Remodeling as an overnight loop to see how I reacted to the field. I did this for a few days.

2/27: Looped The Deep Facial Remodeling during the day for the first time. Experienced vibrations and pain in my cheeks and chin.

2/28: Added The Ultimate Integration Tool

2/29: Added Plasma Glass Skin

3/11: Added Negentropic Maxilla Masterwork

3/12 Added Speed Up Physical Changes

3/14 Started using a few subliminals to complement the fields. I listen to them in their own stack usually when I have time. I’ve also listened to it from a separate device while listening to my fields but I do prefer to do it separately with it’s on dedicated time.

3/15: The last few days I’ve been looping The Deep Facial Remodeling, Plasma Glass Skin, and Maxilla Masterwork 3x each in the evenings alongside the rest of my beauty stack (2x each).

While I do experience some sensations during my stack sometimes, this week I’ve noticed that I’m starting to get tingles and pain in my face throughout the day.

3/16 Testing a shorter playlist ala Desiree’s recommendation here and doing more repetitions of The Deep Facial Remodeling and Negentropic Maxilla Masterwork :two_hearts:

Week 3: I’ve noticed over the past few days that my skin has been feeling really smooth! I still have some persistent acne/texture spots but overall my skin feels amazing. I also think it might be developing a bit of a healthy sheen but right now trying to distinguish between excess oil and glassy moisturized.

Week 4: Stubborn acne patch on left cheek is diminishing. It’s been there since late January I think? Tried babying it, tried actives, it persisted and worsened. There was this one core pimple that refused to budge and I noticed it was gone or at least shrunk pretty much overnight.

The sensations from my beauty stack have increased in intensity and frequency this week. Feeling it like crazy in my cheek area. Also somewhat along the jawline and chin. Still experiencing sensations while listening and throughout the day.

3/20 Ran some layering test with subliminals + started experimenting with DIY Biokinesis 2.0 and
Supernatural Good Lucks by Spirituality Zone. I won’t be using them for the time being as I want to use DFR as my main so I can evaluate its efficiency.

Chronic dry/chapped lips that I have been dealing with for YEARS look to be getting better! Im guessing this might be from a mixture of Plasma Glass Skin, Anti-Aging and the Bromelain & Papain Skin Treatment. Im not sure if Deep Facial Remodeling is playing a factor here but it is possible!

Fairly certain my cheekbones are popping out a bit more than usual and quite possibly moving up. In an effort not to overly scrutinize my appearance (a bad habit of mine) I am doing my best not to be obsessive over changes. I don’t want to create an unhealthy connection or feeling of dependency on the fields. I will say though I have been feeling prettier. Im just not focused enough to say exactly why as I dont spend enough time in the mirror looking. I will take a closer look in a few months though. Maybe the 3 or 6 month mark to evaluate!

Week 5: Decided to run The Microcurrent Facial Simulator randomly. First time feeling it! My face has little prickly sensations and my cheeks are sore! I’d say it took maybe 5 times running it thrice over the past few weeks before I actually began feeling it. I can’t say i much of a noticeable change yet. I’m going to try running this and lymphatic effusion at the start of my day and see how it fairs.

3/25 Added Fascia Shakeup Used it 3x and felt it immediately. Also added The Plasma Flaunt and GHK-CU

3/28 First time feeling Plasma Flaunt, mild brain fog/headache paired with lots of slightly painful sensations in my cheeks where I’m experiencing a lot of sudden skin laxity, presents like a connective tissue problem.


March Health & Fitness Stack Experience

Main Goals

  • Lose weight
  • Shrink waist
  • Build lean muscle
  • Focus on core strengthening
  • Balanced thyroid/hormones?
    Recent bloodwork showed my thyroid might be out of whack. Looking into this now!

Starting Body Composition 3/5

  • Weight: 157.2lbs
  • Fat: 36.1%
  • Muscle: 60.6%
  • Bone: 3.3%
  • BMI: 26.2
  • Waist: 32.75”
  • Hips: 42”

Goal Comp

  • Weight: 130-145lbs
  • Waist: 27-28”

Wide weight bracket because I’m more concerned with how my body looks vs the number on the scale!

Current Lifestyle Habits

  • Fitness Stack 3-4x a Week, Ideally every other day
  • 16:8 or 18:6 fast almost daily
  • Walking atleast 1hr 4x weekly
  • Planning to ease into low carb/keto diet
  • Planning to introduce longer fast times

The Stack

  • Diabetes I & II x2
  • Endocrine System Rejuvenation x2
  • Thyroid Healing x2
  • Automated Cardio x3
  • Automated Workout System x3
  • Core Strengthening x3
  • Stomach Shrinking x3
  • After Workout Muscle Recovery x3
  • Extreme Muscle Growth x2

After every meal

  • Super Metabolism Boost x1
  • Enhanced Nutrient Absorption x1
  • Enhanced Fat Metabolism x1


3/12: First listen
3/13: Minor soreness especially in back/arms
3/14: Second listen / Soreness increasing
3/15: Third listen / Still sore
3/16: Noticed my upper abs peeking through!
3/17: Weigh In!

  • Weight: 156.3lbs [v]
  • Fat: 36.2% [^]
  • Muscle: 60.5% [v]
  • Bone: 3.2% [v]
  • BMI: 26 [v]
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Really impressed with how detailed this report is, congratulations on the results too!


@Fender_Cad Thanks so much! I really enjoy organizing pretty much anything, it brings me joy :joy:

I can’t wait till a few months pass so I have more experience with the fields and more to report on!

I’m also very much open to suggestions since I’m a newbie so if you have had any experience with any fields that you think would help me along my journey I’d love to hear about them!


Your Energetic Being

Have you looked at this one ?

Would be a good addition to your collection

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@Rocket I have not! I’ll take a look!

Oh this looks cool! It would cut down on some of the prep work I do as well as essentially eliminate some of the spiritual stacks that I have! Not that I wouldn’t use them at all but this looks so helpful for growth!

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Spiritual + Mentality Journey

Kicking this off with Jaaj’s Self Love Stack. I’m using the original one, not the one that’s split into sections.

To be transparent I’ve struggled with self-esteem, self-love, and self-concept for a long time. I honestly can’t quite recall a time where I didn’t have these struggles. That being said it’s something that sort of ebbs and flows. I’m not down on myself and miserable all the time but there are chapters in my life where my lack of self love has led to rather intense depressive periods. It’s clear to me that focusing on cultivating a better relationship with myself is one of the best things I can be doing so I was thrilled when I stumbled across this stack!

Outside of fostering this aforementioned relationship as a means to heal past trauma, I also know it’s a key part of the journey when transitioning into a more spiritually driven lifestyle. Im excited to work more with my spirituality. I’ve dabbled, I have Reiki experience and I’ve had attunements in the past. I’ve witnessed amazing things, I’ve “channeled” beings/concepts/people, ive experienced past life regression, and I’ve traveled inside myself to sanctuaries i had no idea existed. That being said I have no active practice and I am terrible at meditating without guidance. :joy:

The Fields

Jaaj’s Self Love Stack Started 3/1

Listening to daily if possible. I think I’ve missed one day as of 3/17

I’m also experimenting with this stack. I call it Three Treasures +. I came across the idea of tapping into chi, shen and jing here. Current layout update by Sarumann33 :slight_smile:

  • Jindan
  • The Ojas x2
  • Pranic Swirls x2
  • Jing Restoration
  • Chi Compression into Dan Tien
  • Chi Compression into Bone Marrow
  • Jing Infusion
  • Chi infusion
  • Shen Energy

Imaginarium Divine
Tested this last night before bed (so like 3am). I fell asleep at some point during the field but only played it one time to feel it out. It was very relaxing and I eventually fell asleep during my attempt at an active meditation.

I woke up with my body on fire at around 6 or 7am. I was generating so much heat, mainly in my head, back and stomach. It wasn’t painful or anything but it was definitely not a typical overheating.

I was also told a word I couldn’t remember earlier in the day as soon as I opened my eyes so that was cool. The word was caulking though I know that’s not really relevant but it made me laugh since it came out on nowhere.

Dreams were also very vivid though I can’t remember them right now. I do remember thinking that they were important and I should try to commit them to memory. I still have vague images in my mind now but they aren’t clear enough to write down.


Thanks for sharing.

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Of course! I was excited to get this post down but I wish I remembered the dream so I could share it :sob:

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Placeholder for Overall Life Changes

Just had a really interesting experience but no idea what it means!

I was just walking home listening to fields (my beauty stack) and at some point it felt like I sort of entered into a fog. I didn’t really realize this at first. I was really focused on the sensations in my face because The Deep Facial Remodeling has gotten to the point where I pretty much feel it whenever I listen to it (yay)! Then all of a sudden my vision got super clear. It was like looking at the world in some semblance of HD. The lights were brighter than usual and everything around me sharpened up.

Then the field I was listening to slowed down, well at least that’s how it sounded. This persisted, in fact it still persist! All of a sudden I feel like im hearing details in the field I didn’t hear before. I triple checked VLC to make sure I hadn’t accidently adjusted the playback speed but it is still on 1.0. Now im sitting here confused. :sweat_smile:

Todays Listening

Before Bed: Imaginarium Divine

Overnight: Jaaj’s Self Love Stack

Woke Up To:
The Kinetic Quasi Crystal
The Torsion FIeld
The Acu-Automation
Energy Blockage Removal
Point of No Return

The Ojas
Pranic Swirls
Jing Restoration
Chi Compression into Dan Tien
Chi Compression into Bone Marrow
Jing Infusion
Chi Infusion
Shen Energy

Nothing for a few hours and then kicked off my beauty stack while I was headed home.

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sounds like something in you is waking up! congrats!

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@Sarumann33 Thank you!!! I was told it may have been a Satori moment which is super exciting! Definitely an unexpected but very much welcomed experience.

I feel as if the introduction of the three treasures + stack and imaginarium are to thank for this sudden turn of events. I’ve listened to the three treasures stack with no noticeable effects before but today was the first time I listened with your adjustments :)

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enjoy the ride, dear! take care!

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Health & Fitness Update

While I’m not experiencing as much notable soreness from this stack I’ve begun to feel the activation of my stomach muscles while I’m listening. A similar sensation to what a plank feels like along with the feeling of energy moving around. So it took about 5 listens for me to get to the point where I’m actively feeling the energy while its working vs just dealing with the aftermath!

Beauty Update

Speed Up Physical Changes is causing sensations in my face which is crazy! I listen to this in the beginning of my stack before any of the actual “goal” fields so Im surprised that I’m already feeling pain/tingles/sensations. So either its synchronizing with remaining energy from yesterdays listen OR my own subconscious is directing the field or both?

Subliminal 20-25 Min Test Runs!

Deep Facial Remodeling +

  • Kottie Feline Beauty = Lots of feeling in the jawline and under the chin. Towards the end I started to feel it moving up in the cheeks as well! A few sharp moments, but mostly a more bubbly feeling energy overall.

  • Moza Morph 4.0 Cutting Blade = Lots of pulsating in and under the chin and around the lower teeth, sensations moving down onto the neck. Then light vibrations in the cheeks with a focus starting at the ears and tracing along the cheekbones towards the front of the face. Extremely foreign sensation compared to what I’m used to!

  • Rainy Vibes Face Lifting = Immediate but subtle energetic shift to cheeks when I transitioned into this one and then things calmed down a bit. For the first two the sensations pretty much stayed along the same level of intensity without a noticable change. Tingles in my forehead and then a burn/pain/pop sensation in the cheeks that aligns a bit more with my experiences without the addition of subliminals.

General + Beauty Update

I think my subconscious knows where Im trying to focus some of my energy nowadays. When I reached Torsion Field in my primer stack I started to get sensations similar to the ones I was getting yesterday with Speed Up Physical Changes. I was on my way to work so I may be thinking of the wrong field here but Im also pretty sure Jindan had the same impact!

I know Torsion Field has the ability to provide energy. So my guess is that while the energy may typically stagnate for a bit until it’s ready to be used today it went straight to the area it knew I was working on. In this case it was sensations in my face, lots of tension in the cheekbones. It was working its way up in intensity to what I’ve experienced looping Deep Facial Remodeling for an hour.

Speed Up Physical Changes is also still generating its own sensations without conscious direction!

At some point today it felt like my cheekbones were pushing against my skin more or vice versa. And turning my head side to side generated a slight feeling of tension in the skin.

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Health & Fitness Update

It’s weigh in day!
I won’t be doing waist/hip measurements for now. Maybe after 2-3 months.

Starting March 5

  • Weight: 157.2lbs
  • Fat: 36.1%
  • Muscle: 60.6%
  • Bone: 3.3%
  • BMI: 26.2

Today March 24

  • Weight: 157.1lbs
  • Fat: 35.8%
  • Muscle: 60.9%
  • Bone: 3.3%
  • BMI: 26.1

This was my weigh on 3/17 so I’m definitely having some fluctuations. I definitely ate better that week. This past week I’ve had take out a few times + so many snacks :joy:

  • Weight: 156.3lbs
  • Fat: 36.2%
  • Muscle: 60.5%
  • Bone: 3.2%
  • BMI: 26

Been perusing the forum and been contemplating if I want to add any of these. I will be adding Automated Gluteal Workout!

The Acquisition of Abdominal Definition
What Fat?
20E Pepper

I know a portion of the abdominal one is in hardcore but my abs are my main concern followed by my glutes. There’s also the price difference to consider.


Health & Fitness Update
Thyroid + PCOS Concerns


T3 Free | Value 6.30 [H] | Range 2.5-3.9 pg/mL
T4 Free | Value 1.06 [N] | Range 0.61-1.12 ng/dL
TSH 3rd Gen | Value 2.648 [N] | Range 0.340-5.600 uIU/mL

I’ve also recently been diagnosed with a polycystic ovary which my GYN seems unbothered by, but it does worry me. It’s paired with newly irregular periods and my facial skin pretty much became extremely loose and lax overnight. Noted both these symptoms in January. The skin issue probably surfaced over the course of 2 weeks as I was sick and in bed during that time and noticed the change once I was up and moving again. Im not sure if the symptoms are related to reproductive hormones or thyroid issues are something else but hoping to get some answers soon.

Outside of the thyroid, endocrine, diabetes fields I’m wondering if there is anything else I should add


Female Reproductive System Regeneration (Patreon Premium) one time daily for life.

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