Mass Meditations 2.0 Testimonials 🌍

My dreams have become more vivid since beginning to listen to this field with yall :)

I was starting to lose all memory of dreams sadly in the recent months … happy to see them back :)


I came across this speech by Mia Mottley and felt the need to share.
It is a brilliant speech, even though it was given at the COP27 World Leaders Summit it is very much directed at each and everyone of us.
I wanted to share it with all of you but didn’t know where to post it. I thought this thread would the best thread to reach the majority. If this is the wrong thread please let me know and I will delete my post.


I personally think this is a great place to share such things, we participate in those mass meditations to have a positive impact on such leaders, and ultimately on the decisions they will take for our planet.

Thanks for sharing Jenny :blush:


I have worked a lot those last days on my connection with the Arc Light, Black Panther and the Jaguar Totem.

This time, instead of offering Discord friends to join, I felt to go for a “solo meditation” with those new connections I am working on. I invited them to join, but also asked if they you could invite some of their friends to join the party.

This was among the most profound mass meditation I had with the field since its release.
(the first two days activations and unfoldings after the release were too “crazy”, this is impossible to compare).

I felt a lot of activations, but also I could literally feel those friends of friends being happy to join the party to help Earth ascend.

Divinely Incarnated helped me greatly with this field btw, as lately even 3min of it would kill my grounding.

This time I felt how the Earth is supporting me to stay stable with such high energies, with her subtle presence (as an entity), with the links created with Divinely Incarnated and more specifically some energy entering my feets (unusual where I’m at now).


This is my compilation of experiences through my daily meditations no matter how long or short

I believe this can be used for more than manifesting, blockage removing, and cleansing

It may replace many simple fields if you put your focus on whatever you wish. There’s so many things you can do!

Use case examples:

  1. Praying / meditating / setting intentions for others for any reason that encourages growth, healing
  2. Manifesting for abundance
  3. Shadow work
  4. Self love practices
  5. Environmental harmony
  6. Promoting more peace for the others in the area
  7. Clearing negativity and raising vibrations of the area and you
  8. Recharging after a long day
  9. Improving psychic abilities
  10. Asking for help for any particular reason that is for the betterment of yourself and/or others
    And the list goes on

:star2: Oct 17 (The beginning) 2022

I teared up at one point close to the 1 hr mark. I felt this bliss-ness and uplift that i haven’t felt before. It was a feeling similar being told this saying “Everything’s going to be alright, Dearest”

Oct 23

I’ve been having this subtle sensation(s) along my spine from top of my head down to my tailbone (sitting). It’s as if there’s a pulsating beam / column of light from cosmos to root. When i use my intent to unify above and below the energy i drag/move/flow from my heart to top of my head to sky and from my heart down to the core of earth. It’s more intense when i start playing Love Graviton
Im feeling where the damage is … but im not sure what kind of issue, if any, it is

Intuitively guided to listen to Symmetrical Body and it seems to help and ill add spinal tapper. Intent: aligning and balancing chakras, not just spine

Oct 25

I noticed that as new people join in, i subtly feel any form of possible issues they have (since i have intent to connect at that level…) and work to ‘collaborate’ energetically on grounding

Oct 28

I tend to have this feeling of cherishing what we have here
I slept with the stream on and had many realizations about my current situation which helped me realize what needs to be transmuted and actions i can taken for myself to not ‘tolerate’ any more things that i know that i don’t deserve

Oct 30

Been having more dreams lately but been having trouble remembering them so i’ll figure out how i could grasp them

Later on dreams became much more vivid and easy to remember.

Nov 5

Try Inner Beauty mandala with Mass Meditation field

Lots of release and realizations in terms of self acceptance

Nov 19

Idk how but as i’ve been playing Mass Meditation livestream for the past hour, i’m suddenly drawn to look into Morphic Fields info / books / research, even Rupert Sheldrake books

Nov 23 2022

Today was quite a heavy day for me. My energy levels and mood were quite low and i had to flex my will to get through the day and public places. Returning to the stream helped tremendously with my recharging process and it feels like i’m more cleansed.
I recommend for those that get tired (feel like their energy is leaking) or have experience with lower vibrational emotions. Work on lower dantien, root chakra (sacral + solar), healing the aura or etheric body, soul restoration


Something I shared on Discord, but I feel could be a benefit here as well.

Most of our forum is about spirituality, and a major aspect of it is transcendence.

To me the Mass Med field may be one the most potent field to date for it.
The more I understand & “integrate” that field at the being level, the more it feels like cheat code.

Hard to explain the Transcendence part. Except perhaps the knowingness that this is directly influencing our karma, and while we give a massive boost to the system, it gives back tenfold.

Regarding factual experiences, I actually had a nice one the other day.

I visited a physiotherapist friend, that is also clairvoyant and applies energy healing when called to.

While in the waiting room, I meditated on the Mass Med field with the intent to pour blessings onto the place. Once we started the session, he shared he never or rarely assisted to so much presences participating to a healing.

Connect with some of you in 2h, or whenever this fits you best :hugs:


A bit of positivity as the weekend is approaching :blush:


This is a minor testimonial compared to others.

I have a small meditation practice that I can’t always keep but when I can I do it. So I feel like I fall out of sync with it any time I stop and it takes me a while to get in sync again when I return.

Recently I started over again and I didn’t feel the same. The energy mis-match with the practice wasn’t there. And I was listening to Mass Meditation meanwhile.

So, I think the field has a lot of sub-fields related to mantras, praying, meditation, spiritual practices in general.

Keeps you in sync with good energies and energies of deities, masters of the past, etc.

I did listen to this every day…sometimes as the only field. Or one of the few, as I haven’t been able to play my playlist every day.

So this is a nice way to keep your “progress” with fields and even practices you have.

I dunno if it is the field or just me, but I’ve also avoided hurting plants and insects as much as I could (quite difficult given my job).

Also I’m in a slightly negative environment and I feel like this field is saving me every time that something bad could happen.


I was waiting for inspiration to kick in, but it finally felt that this testimonial needs to come from my experience.

After weeks of daily meditation with that field, and some slight pauses before due to external events, I am convinced the Mass Meditation field is the ultimate manifestation field among all the fields we have available.

I would recommend anyone to read the script again: Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍 - #56 by Borisju

Be reminded about two aspects:

  • It has a strong intercession aspect.
  • In this reality, when we give we receive.

Challenge this sharing, and probable belief, by experiencing it yourself.

Give requests to the field, be clear about your needs and take action steps on the blessings and manifestations.

Since the release of this field in October 2022, my life has taken a crazy turn.

I won’t get into details for obvious privacy reasons on a public forum, but I have grown tremendously into all aspects of life: relationships, health, spirit, career, purpose, intellect, etc.

With the transformation process of course still ongoing.

Love you all.

And a big appreciation for @Divine_Lotus and Tsuki (on Discord) for unconsciously bringing me back to the field with their attitude & commitment, when my focus was temporarily elsewhere :green_heart:

Ps: whether this is synchro or asynchro, we always love to see/feel new members joining us. Lately there has been a lot of newcomers in the shadow, and this is definitely appreciated.


Update: after quite some experimentations, it feels I was wrong about that and it may actually be the Solidifier at the time being, due to its focus.

Though the combo Mass Med + Solidifier :ok_hand:


Sweet testimonial :pray:

In the meantime, the field remains available on Vimeo right here: (select the 2nd or 3d video :slight_smile:)


Two great ways to use that powerful field:

  • Set a conscious intent to be empty and allow whatever energy to channel through you, so you can emit & receive whatever Earth and its inhabitants need right now.
  • Have a focused intent on specific events / species / countries / even a business if you wish / etc. you would like to benefit right now.

It may be pretty subtle at first, but with attention & focus you should feel a vibration of love and some knowingness that you are benefitting whatever you are focusing on.

For those that may have forgotten, here is a reminder of the content of the field: Mass Meditation for a Better World 2.0 🌍 - #56 by anon32464289

A lot, but carefully & harmoniously crafted by Dream.


With this mandala I managed to improve my Breathing, so it’s Good for Asthma, Allergies, etc.


Oh that’s wonderful news @SoulStar33! The mandala has been out in my patio for 3months now, my daily buddy I chat with to say thanks, I’ve never felt so at peace, protected, in harmony, content, in one with nature surrounding me, have daily animals visit and hang out by my door, and the best synchronicity? The place is called Gaea. :earth_asia: :fallen_leaf:


Thank You.

I discovered that The Mandala is Amazing comined/used with other fields as well, like HGF, for example.

Edit: BEST Breathing I had since this nasty Virus made a comeback a couple months ago.

THANK YOU, @Captain_Nemo (I promise to not tag you for a while) for Creating SUCH MASTERPIECE(S)! :pray:


Can someone tell me how to get the mandala some other way than patreon? Patreon i think has stopped taking payments from my country. It’s just $1 and i wish to pay for it, please let me know if there is another way. And would it work if i put it as my phone’s wallpaper and the phone’s screen goes off, I mean it gets locked so that the mandala cannot be seen, but is still set as the wallpaper. Thanks.


Could you tell me where i could get that image?

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If you are asking about the mandala for the Mass Meditation, patreon is the only place it is offered. You can still listen to the meditation without the mandala. :slight_smile: