The Blueprint of Life

I looped the Zircon one two times, today I decided to listen to The Blueprint of Life for a hour.


Aight thanks man , so how isit been so far ?

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It’s been alright, so far I can’t really say what The Blueprint has done, I just feel sensations going thru my body when I listen. I think it’s doing repair on me, I just can’t pinpoint what right now.


So glad to hear bro , wishing all the benefits that this will bring you :+1:t5:. Looking forward for your upcoming reviews as well :blush:

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Thank you bro. Appreciate it, much love.

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Guys, you and @Hero-King and whoever else that cant pint point exactly what its doing. you can work with it also like this: (my suggestions not that its how it should be done)

1- make a list of things you have 1st priority to heal (physically, mentally, emotionally, etherically, lineage etc)

You can then choose one or 2 fields related to that thing you want to heal. For instance your brain. So choose one for the brain and play it x 2 after BoL and then one distributer (like the ones i mentioned here:
How to Create Great Stacks )

That way the healing will happen much faster and more harmoniously and in a negentropic/ reverse way to the perfect optimum state ever)

2- you dont know what you need or want to heal then:
Play BoL and then either one of these:

Elemental Alchemical Ability: New Release

The Reiki Smart Field

The Acu-Automaton (Acupuncture)

The Crucible of Stored Trauma: New Release

These fields can heal anything to a very deep level but being Smart fields they would know where to go heal first, they can do that on their own tho, but again combining them with BoL the healing is accelerated in a smart high way, and better yet expanding to other level.

For instance… one of the mentioned above starts healing the liver. Good. But then with BoL will heal all that being sick from the liver was affected as a consequence or reverse the root that eventually got the liver sick… lets say drugs… after or while healing the liver through elemental alchemy (to mention one) BoL will push further to heal other things drugs damaged, and then the emotional and mental situations that triggered you to consume drugs in the first place.

See why is so powerful?

On its own it achieves this… but it takes a while because it goes like scanning every single thing in you.

When you combine with other fields (specially smart ones) then becomes a bomb of goodness that blasts even faster and with specific targets first.

And then…

It keeps unfolding and expanding through the you that is beyond here or that was here ;)


Thank again for the tips!. I been thinking about the elemental alchemy one, I’m gonna try to purchase that one soon.


Thanks @anon51280824 ! That’s pretty awesome help , am gonna see and reshuffle my stack .


@anon51280824 Would that mean not to use plasma if your using Blueprint?


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Yes exactly. No need


I don’t know if this has been discussed yet but this field is, imo, crucial right now, because a lot of people have damaged DNA right now. This field is very important, don’t underestimate it. I will use it daily for a while


ya this with with DNA Repair, and dont forget the Astaxanthin Audio…built esp for risks of DNA damage…


After 1.5 months of washout, I started listening to field(s) again. This is the only one I am listening to in a meditative state for 3 loops.

It puts me in a very relaxed state. probably alpha in terms of brainwaves.


Any major difference between BOL and DNA repair system?

Anyone noticed anything? because it seems im not getting what i usually get with DNA repair system, they both deals with genetics right?

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To me its just that BoL covers and does many many other things, so you feel it working on DNA but at a speed of working on a lot and the rhythm along with all the other elements, while DNA alone feels stronger and faster working on repairing it because its the main focus.

Thats my experience.

How do i notice that?

I literally feel DNA field vibrating and working on my DNA alone

BoL feels like a vacuum sucking up all that doesnt work or spinning it in a reversing way. All in me at all levels at the same time.

If i combine it with specific targets then i feel like a pathway to first work on that but it still works secondarily in all other things.

If you are looking for an even faster or expanding that clearing/ healing/ changing through lineage or other planes, dimensions, lives… then combine them.

BoL first then DNA.

Its the most powerful combo.

If its something strong you want to change that you are well aware its there id would even throw in the mix, crucible of stored trauma and crucible of the past.

As far as i remember, it was said in the DNA thread it only works on the issues after being born. But BoL can go beyond anything.


I do this every single day.
We cross paths again.




thats cool. But how u feel ur DNA? Does ur blood like shake?

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Yeah, like ignited, lighted up then up and down vibrating, rising up, swirling.


Luna u know when u post them Gifs like this

I always thought that u didnt actually feel like and that u were over exaggerating but I was meditating with chorin and I felt like this lol. But it was black not all theres cool colours. Kinda of cool not going to lie.
(Had BOLife in the background)