Ascension tag

What’s your experience with ascension tag? did you need to eat more,to let certain stuff behind? what did you gain in the process? want to hear your experiences!


ahh… i wish XM was still around…
Mr. Greentea, Dreamweaver and I had a great thread talking about our early experiences.

If I remember correctly I believe DW and I were having cravings for ice cream and potatoes, remember that @Captain_Nemo?

Maybe @SammyG remembers more accurately.
I recall my testimonials convinced him to get the field.

But, alas, that was a long time ago.

Oh yeah! You have no idea.
All types of “ego” stuff will need to be let go off.
Especially the stuff one has refused to look at it one’s life. aka the most painful

Luckily (not luck at all), everyone now has Subconscious Limits and Ego Dissolution to ease that part of the path.

It’s probably better to just repost many of sammy’s “walls” as I believe he has already explained this better than I would.
So will add them as I find them…


Ah yes… @Maoshan_Wanderer did all the heavy lifting already… Thanks!


I’ve only been using mine for less than a month roughly 21 days I haven’t taken it really off except to shower I have noticed certain habits not seeming as appealing as they once did. During the covid time I was drinking over the weekends and cycle would hit every weekend where I wanted to drink now I feel a shedding of sorts of old patterns (what I believe to be true) as if everything has been thrown into the fire and if it is true it is (no longer need to hold on too beliefs as a bridge to understanding) and have noticed certain friends no longer call me and the desire to drink has eased up quite a bit.

I have also noticed 3x last one occurring this Tuesday morning where I had emails that I read and or txt messages or communicated with certain individuals and they no longer remember the conversation or the txt messages or emails no longer in my email box and the two individuals I have asked about them don’t recall sending anything of that matter (potential time dilation of sorts?) The journey continues…


I’ve had it since March. What I notice mainly is how much I cringe at things I’ve written before having it! The change is subtle, but huge, it’s like going back to the teenage years when your brain was developing and your consciousness/awareness expanding (but, you know, more development and more awareness)!

Another thing is I can better detach emotionally from circumstances that occur, see the long-term value of whatever negative is happening.

Oh, and not to mention manifestation has improved, especially together with the Abundance tag—my life has changed drastically for the better…


Uh oh…
Send me a PM if it starts getting out of hand or a little to stressful for one’s liking.


Same here

With love


Wonderful! With love!


This is started at a timestamp. If you watch for 70 seconds you will find out one more reason to wear the Vibrational Enhancement tag.


So he is basically saying Gamma protects from mind control?

As far as I am aware, most meditation practices increase Alpha and Theta and decrease Gamma (of course, depending on the practice—some Tibetan practices seem to increase Gamma). This, I say, from having been in communities where people meditate with EEG every day and share their findings. There’s a lot of debate about whether Gamma is beneficial or not. Some see it as the ultimate goal whereas others dislike it and view it as anti-meditation.


He does seem to mix those two ideas together. Brainwave frequency and Positive vibes. So maybe I don’t really know what he’s actually saying. He ends the whole thing focusing on being more positive. Maybe he didn’t think carefully enough about what he was saying about brainwaves and he meant a different kind of vibration. I said 60, but he wraps the whole idea up right about 70 seconds after that start point.


Interesting anyway! The Gamma debate never gets old! :laughing:


The default network signal of the brain tying everything together. I could swear that when I really try to interpret dream symbols my brain goes into ThetaGamma. Whatever that could mean. That is how it feels.


That’s very interesting.

I love discussing brainwaves…it used to be my largest interest.

It turns out that most of those who are deep, advanced meditators develop a waking pattern called the Awakened Mind Pattern. And then there’s an even more advanced one called the Evolved Mind Pattern…


Now I’m digging into the web on these two. Looks like something I may try. Would you like to share the difference you felt between these two patterns? And which one you felt was more useful for daily living?


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Listening to this as I type. Will seek out the other pattern as well.

Will adjust my Python Intention Repeater to go along with this goal.


This says it uses a combination of alpha theta and delta. This other site says it should include Gamma and Beta as well. Whatever the case, the tracks do something unique. It does bring clarity in a way different from when I’ve used any of those frequencies alone.


Thanks. Meditating under one of those Dolmens is now on my to-do list. :heart_eyes: I am kind of sad. I was going to buy the Ascension tag yesterday for the 20% off sale, but I didn’t give in to my OCD, because I felt I didn’t need it. I already have the audios. I was going to buy it just in case I don’t have time to listen to the audios in the future.


I wish I could help and just manifest Vibrational Enhancement tags. I’d put one on everyone. Maybe even @Samurai style. Sorry @_OM. Not trying to start that conversation up again.

But in the mean time for 3 dollars you can listen to that Awakened Mind audio. It’s 1 hour or 3 20 minute tracks. It works. Had a lot of clarity while listening. Then a little while after found myself spontaneously having really good 2-way communication with my subconscious. Really useful stuff. Just got to be willing to talk to yourself without feeling crazy is all.

Your latest pic had me watching Mad Tv earlier today. What a trip.