The ADHD Journey - Let's co-create together!

Hey guys,

I have been diagnosed with ADHD only two months ago, and I only found out recently about its ramifications (specifically the emotional dysregulation and rejection sensitive dysphoria), but also how well researched this is.

This is 6-8% of the population and it keeps on growing, but not to confuse with simple inattention issues that is also an epidemic.

For the newbies those are good starters to inform yourself:

Not to add a label on who you are, but rather if you feel you may have adhd, it will help you understand better how you function and how to take action steps to transform it into a superpower (I was lucky to be assisted on that process by a professional).

If I were to find that out earlier, like most of us finding out as an adult, my life would have been way different (and easier) but… this is what led me to be overly seeking in the first place, and discover Captain’s work.

Here is the fields that have been greatly helpful to me:


Brain & Nervous System:

Emotional & Spiritual

Mindset & Mental Health (a lot to pick from above as well):


Grounding (!!):
There is so much energy up there that you need to balance it out.

I know this is a lot of fields, but it gives you the opportunity to pick which ones are the most important to you at the moment.

Prioritizing those, instead of Spiritual fields, has allowed me to do a form of quantum jump in my well-being (but also manifestation as it goes together) over the last few weeks.

Some important stuff that tremendously helped:

  • Pacing my amount of field listening per day (!!): I figured only a couple of days ago that this was one of the main reasons of my burnouts and sustained hyperactivity (despite the gains over the last two months), now I’m making space without fields but also using Frequency Break from Quadible attuned to myself (sorry to redirect, but this has been tremendously helpful).
  • Practicing Mindfulness formally twice a day, then applying it all day, along with Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) practices.
  • Refining my nutrition: so much brain activity requires a lot of energy, I have been guided to eat much more fruits (glucooose) over the days, I’m now mainly vegan and I’ve cut off gluten & sugar. The shift can be tough for some, but is 200% worth it.
  • Exercising & Movement every single day: Yoga is so beneficial, but you need to shake that body through dancing, running, walking, etc. This is primordial to calm the monkey mind.
  • No screens 1-2 hours before sleep: the quality of our sleep has much more impact on our day than neurotypical people.
  • Constantly refining my process: what works and what doesn’t.
  • Questioning the thoughts: our frontal lobe being (temporary) less developed and the buttload of traumas due to that condition make our intuition often biased, and we are more prone to negativity. We need to build more discernment and question our repetitive negative thought patterns.

After two months working on this, I know now that ADHD can be perfectly managed and that it can even become an advantage over neurotypical brains.

There is so much more to share, but I’d love this thread & journey to be co-created.
Who’s in? :slight_smile:


Not to be too obvious, but isn’t there also an ADD ADHD field? :)


Thanks, just edited it :pray:

This field is amazing and a must-use for adhd-ier but barely scratch the surface of the problem.


Hm I wonder if I have adhd too. Cause I can’t concentrate


Definitely check the YouTube channel I shared above.

Then if you think you’ve got it, go get yourself diagnosed.
This is more serious than what most people think, but easily manage-able (and perhaps correct-able), once you’re fully aware of it.

[This applies to everyone reading this]

If not, the attention and focus field alone is great, along with practicing mindfulness :)


That sounds about right; thanks for making this thread.

My brain stack/ADHD consist of

Brain of youth
Alchemical mind
Superhuman genius
Multiple Sclerosis
Conceptual realization
Imaginarium divine

I’ve been using it first thing in the morning for close to a month now. Concentration has gotten a bit better, while doing some exercise it’s become somewhat easier to identify a feeling (this is so stressful!) But it’s progress.

I’ll need to add DNA repair into my daily stack somewhere.


Have you tried to dance/shake off with this field together? The Bushman Medicine - YouTube


Epic man :muscle:

Has Alchemical Mind been useful in your experience?

I have also integrated Conceptual Realization and Imaginarium Divine (since I got Skully haha), those two are huuuuge.

Regarding emotional dysregulation, what’s working for me at the moment is “part work”: to really sit with what’s present, welcome anything (also the stressed part), ask for their name and acknowledge them with love & compassion.

And ofc be patieeent af.
Sometimes when the system is stuck just having to let it be and accept it as it is.

I like the metaphor of being the caring Dad/Mum (or CEO if you prefer) at the table of your consciousness, your job is to take care of all of them and make sure all of your parts are accepted and integrated :pray:


Just for fun man.
But nope, too many field already and I’m lucky to own Shamanic Blend.

Better dance on real music :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any nice benefits on your side?


Oh yes i meditated it once on that which made me buy the shamanic blend.

Was surprised how energized it can be.


Before listening to adhd audio

After listening adhd audio


Def recommending that one in the morning stack or whenever your mind is just too much :crazy_face:

Had forgotten that it increases BNDF and prevents oxydative damage :ok_hand:
(along with the good stuff from Cap)


Pick what you prefer :deciduous_tree:


Hey guys,

I am blessed to be friend with an expert in the ADHD field and we had a deep talk about its roots, the current medications (dexetrine and vyvanse being good solutions in North America - unfortunately illegal
in most countries in Europe), morphic fields, etc.

Those medications are in the amphetamine category (Adderall is more well known), and boost dopamine and norepinephrine, which at a regulated dose (anxiety <-> peace will guide you through it) is a blessing for ADHDiers.

What came up from that conversation and my research after is that two fields have now become a must in the daily stack:

If you have the means, would recommend to supplement them with:

And ofc the classics:

Good healing!

Ps: until your adrenals and dopamine receptors are fixed, you can also use those Dopamine Redux - YouTube (or New Perspective) + Norepinephrine, instead of taking pharmaceuticals.

Exercising every day also helps out tremendously and naturally.


A light update

First of, the stack above has been very very beneficial and is highly recommended :pray::slight_smile:

I am now never missing a day without Shatachandi, she has become one of the most important field to me and maybe she will for you as well :grinning:
Unrelated to ADHD of course, but she’ll fix so much stuff in your internal & external reality for you, and always get you when you have a tough time.

Something that is not properly covered in that though is the emotional dysregulation, and other mental side-effects.

Along CBT, therapies and Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence.
What has been the most potent lately for me has been brainwave entrainment, which was recommended a few month ago from a wise being around here.

Alpha, Mid-Theta and Theta brainwave entrainment have been very powerful, though the one that is having the biggest impact on me so far is the Default Mode Network entrainment from Dr Jeffrey Thompson.

I really recommend it, along Captain’s field.
Make sure to only play it once a day though and end it with The Internal Alchemical Crucible, this can be very tiring for the mind at first.
For Alpha/Theta, you can do much more, as long as you stay balanced.

Finally, definitely recommending anyone to check The Journey To The Light (Part 1 of 3) as well.

Take care everyone, and feel free to DM :slight_smile:


Uhh don’t know what that DMN audio did but it feels insane wtf. I was so focused with my social circle last night and I didn’t realize till now



Make sure to read its role and the benefits of entraining it on the same page.

And please keep posted.
We can even make a separate thread in uncategorized, to not disrupt that one.

Hugely recommended: The Crucible of Mental Space: New Release (paid field)

If you’re short on money, I would even prioritize it over New Perspectives (you can always use The Outlook Retrainer + Dopamine Redux and/or Unstoppable Willpower)

Enjoy :slight_smile:


Beginner Daily Stack for ADHD - Christmas update :christmas_tree:

Brain :brain:

Please do not make the same mistake as me and try to replace ADHD & Brain hemisphere by Brain Growth, this does not replace those and mainly creates more brainpower (which we have largely enough).

Emotional dysregulation and hyper-sensitivity :heart:

Fixing what needs to be fixed :muscle:

Work & Creativity :fireworks:

Optional paid field or NFT boosts:

Additional pro-tips:

  • Exercice every single day, walking counts but you need a bit of cardio at least 3 times a week :running_man:
    (feel free to cheat sometimes though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)
  • Super healthy diet, and a buttload of glucose through fruits & vegetables :kiwi_fruit::banana: → we’ve got a superpower, which is hyperfocus, to sustain it our brain needs much more natural glucose than neurotypical brains.
    Have a fruit every two hours and let me know how’s your energy level doing :wink::wink:
  • Yoga upon waking up → a flexible body means a flexible (and more relaxed) mind.
  • High quality sleep !!! → no screens 1-2h before bed :sleeping:
  • Grounding and time in nature :deciduous_tree:

My experience if you’ve been diagnosed with it…
Focus on this first, then you’ll benefit 100x time from
other fields from Captain :raised_hands:

Make sure to keep me/us posted :blush:


What makes u say this just wondering?

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