Vibration of Creation

Very Interesting Audio! Also the most expensive one till date!

One of the most essential aspects of spiritual growth is raising your vibration. Through consistent meditation, clearing and growing the chakras and other such practices, your vibration may naturally begin to rise. But what keeps it from rising is all the negative baggage we carry that keeps our energy dense rather than light and free. What this audio does is get rid of all of this dense clutter that your body carries while at the same time raising your vibration on an unprecedented level.

This audio vibrates all your cells, even down to the mitochondria, with the vibration of creation. The source sound of the universe. The ‘Om.’ Vibrating every part of your body with this energy literally shakes up all the energetic clutter built up in your body (organs, chakras and entire energy system) and clears it away. By clearing all this energetic clutter and raising your vibration at the same time, you will begin going back to the essence of who you are.

The audios works on your consciousness in a larger level as even the parts of you that extend higher into different dimensions as well is effected. It provides a higher vibrational energy for the chakras to grow and evolve. It’s one of our most powerful spiritual audios thus far and is a gem for anyone on the spiritual path. I would most recommend this to people who have already had prior energy work on their bodies as this audio is rather advanced.

Sister Audio: Vibration of Divine Love

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Is there an emotional release one? I seem to have missed that one!!

Edit: Nvm, just saw this …


The description states that it is very well suited for the person who had prior energy works on their body. What does it mean? One who can sense energy? Or the one who has good experience with Dreamweaver’s fields?


I tried it… powerful stuff… felt it blasting every cell in my body with vibration and i most certainly cried quite a bit, which for me nowadays I welcome the trapped release cause trauma release wasn’t removing what was left inside of me when I returned to use it yesterday. Anyway I highly recommend this amazing track vibration of creation. Definitely blew my mind. And thank you for such a powerful cleansing. At the end now I feel so bubbly and floaty and just like free :sweat_smile::crazy_face: anyways that’s my experience so far.


Oh man, now I am tempted :D


I’m going to get it now. I’ll update :)


Tell me what the sound of audio is like

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@pranic_climber Let us know!!

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Tranquil. It’s a low frequency humming sound with some peaceful instrumental sounds.


How do you feel, energetically, after listening to it?


It’s a longer audio (21mins) After the first listen my body was buzzing like crazy… similar to the sensation you get when you hear a part in a song you really like. Feeling spacey and calm right now. This one feels really powerful. I can feel it in my brain as well. I imagine the effects will keep growing and become permanent. Going to listen a few more times. Good combo with the Emotional Release video!


this might be a dumb question, but does this audio essentially have the same result as having your DNA activated and/or awakening your Kundalini?


It seems like it would help achieve that. I’m going to combine the audio with my Chakra pendant. I imagine the combined effects to be great.


I just downloaded the MP3 version of this useful video for free at Sapien’s Gumroad site.
Thanks Dream.


Thank you, I did not realize it can be downloaded on Gumroad! I did too now …


Not so sure on that, my kundalini and dna activations didn’t have the same feel as the sound of creation audio but I don’t see why clearing your entire energy system and raising your vibration wouldn’t make the process easier.


I’ll try that too, since even the description of it states it helps the chakras grow and evolve.


If I may ask - how did you activate your Kundalini and DNA?


This one is really powerful i totally agree not regret buying it.


Is this audio the same as the Vibrational Enhancement (Acension) field? Or is it better?

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