Nerve Damage Help

Using physical therapy combined with a noninvasive method of stimulating nerve cells in the spinal cord, University of Washington researchers helped participants regain some hand and arm mobility. That increased mobility was quite long lasting (after treatment). In addition, some participants noticed other improvements, including a more normal heart rate and better regulation of body temperature and bladder function. This is a simulant, (energy created) that focuses on damaged areas to create a sort of ‘priming’ with 1 ms bursts of 10 kHz delivered at 30 Hz, in addition the whole nervous system is saturated with naturally produced antioxidants (catalase and ALA) and the creation of Extracellular vesicles to provide a scaffolding base for regeneration and to connect the signals with where severed. This is best used in conjunction with physical therapy in severe cases. 2-3 times a day
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Dreams thought process:

helps humanity. It shall be done.

Thank you :green_heart:


@SC448 :blush::orange_heart: yayy


Thank you so so so so so much! @Captain_Nemo My dad is going to be so happy.


Sees this instantly assuming it is for balancing and healing overloaded nervous system from fields,subs etc.
Now after reading description I dont think it is made for mentioned purpose.
Still the implications of this far surpass what I expected,based on descrption.


Omg!!! Dream thank you so so so so much!!! My happiness in this release is so high!






Would this potentially replace nerve damage healing on Patreon or even NGF?

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I think this is def better for peripheral neuropathy like my dad has. This seems to repair the severed connections and lack of signaling while the Patreon version removes scar tissue between the nerves. I think they are different but not a replacement. Not 100% sure. This also seems to be for nerves damaged from trauma too.


I just finished listening to this 3 times. The feeling I had part way thru the 1st listen and increased for the rest of the time is one I haven’t felt with any field!!

So for several months, I have very bad pain in my left leg. It started in my lower back but I got that about 85% fixed. My leg would get worse, to the point where any pressure on the back of my thigh would cause lots of shooting pain all the way down to my feet. The pressure point is between my glute and hamstring, so sitting in a wheelchair without the seat touching the pressure point… Yah right! Also, standing up to transfer in and out of my wheelchair has gotten painful. Can’t even put weight on my foot

Ok so with the audio, I literally felt like someone was gently pulling my leg and then I could feel a release in the nerves behind my thigh. I don’t want to overdo the audio so I stopped after 3rd time, but my leg feel very relaxed right now!

I won’t know the actual effect until I get out of my chair to go to bed. The morning will be the real test because getting out of bed and doing my morning routine is when I have to put a lot of weight on my leg and sitting on a different chair to have a shower

Of course I don’t expect to be completely fixed in one session. But I hope I’ll notice a big difference within a few days of using this audio


Wow I thought I healed most of my nerve damage using the nerve growth factor with stem cell and scar tissue removal but after using this a few times I can feel some spinal stimulation and my lower back pain is non existent and I didn’t realize the nerves in my feet were declined as I feel stimulation there too this is a wonderful release gonna use it some more and update you guys aswell


When is it expected to be on patreon?


Will this help migraines and the damage it causes to the nervous system?

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Yes for sure

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Small update: this morning was better, Instead of pain starting right away, my leg started feeling numb (like when your leg goes to sleep, you feel slight vibration and numbness). I was fine with that, better than pain lol but then shortly after it converted to pain, but less than usual and went away quicker!


That’s great! Can’t wait until I can give my dad’s testimony. So far he can’t tell.


I hope your dad gets better quickly!


Thank you so much. I wish you a very speedy recovery too! Very happy for you.


I have a slight headache and a pressure on my facial nerves.

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