New Release - The Microcurrent Face Simulant +

This carefully created audio is based on a host of products and procedures, ‘The microcurrent facial’ is a short and long term deep skincare treatment. There are 43 facial muscles and 26 muscles in your neck, over time through natural aging, they will lose their tone, firmness and freshness. ‘The Microcurrent facial therapy utilizes a low-grade electrical current to “train” all those muscles. It contours, tones, firms and lifts the muscles and the skin. The result is a healthier complexion that makes you look younger.’

This field also adds some negentropic concepts to the micro electrical fields and includes micro pulsations / vibrations to further the compound the effect.

Short term is a very fast tightening effect.

Use this 2 - 3 times then go look in the mirror. (and recommended use time)

This lasts a while from that point which will then return your normal look over some time.

But the effect on your muscle is compounded through each day of use, as in a training system for your muscles.

Which leads to sustained uplifting changes as the muscles themselves get stronger.

Works for all genders and a great fix before a public appearance which will also lead to long term results.


This is one of those audios that most people will probably see instant, visible results from. I tried it twice or thrice and could feel my face tingling all over, and tightening. To get an objective opinion, checked with my GF - who is a skincare nerd - and she swore that my cheekbones looked very prominent.

To get a sense of what a microcurrent device feels like, I tried her Foreo Bear, and then this audio again - felt equally strong, if not stronger, and more “spread out”.

Very impressed with just 2 or 3 rounds of this audio.

Defined Jawline, here I come … :star_struck:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma Bath
  • Glass Skin
  • Microcurrent Simulant +
  • Face Symmetry
  • Carboxytherapy

Forget your expensive face creams and devices!



Wot? I mean, i never intended to be a model but all these fields are kinda pushing me now :laughing::two_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Unbelievable lol my face looks different somehow

Facial beauty elixir :fire:dayum!:fire:


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Omg, something else to add to my ever-growing list of audios to buy!

Can i use the Easter promo with this one? there is no discount code


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Yes you can with a little trick, any free available audio field from Gumroad, enter $0
then add to your shopping basket this will unlock the Discount box to enter the code.

Why it works this way?


it is just listed
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is it available for any purchase? Also how do we get the code? I was on but couldn’t find where to get the Easter code …


12% off sale at Gumroad and Teespring until April 5th!


y it dont work for me :(, probably my wifi idk

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First run:

From the first play I could already feel a tightening of the muscles on my face. If any of you have used Jawcercize or Falim/Mastic gum to get mewing gains, this is a very similar feeling. The only negative of all those things I’ve mentioned above is that it may add on additional facial bloat in addition to muscle.

This morning my face was a droopy and very tired looking because I’m a bit under the weather + allergies and a few other things. After a few listens I feel like my face is a lot more tight! Not as defined as I expected it to because I was a mess from the severe allergies & not enough sleep the night before, but it restored me back to looking normal again. I’ll be sure to update when I’m in a better physical state.

So yeah it will work pretty good. If Dream ever releases a legendary weight loss + reduce water retention field then you can probably quit your job and start that modelling career


Well, sincere emotions and intentions always get rewarded :wink: No one can predict what Captain’s brain is thinking at the moment…but, he keeps reading the requests, and does not miss any of them…