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is it Drama Friday all ready?

Happy thoughts.


Awwww thats too cute. Made me smile.

Actually i gave my opinion which i still stand by it but i wont be engaging in drama. :heart:

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Nah man it’s Taco Tuesday!


we can have this discussion in another thread for it because what you say is interesting, but it honestly isn’t my experience.

Lol I’m picturing a huge party. Hundreds of sapiens forum members attend. People laugh, people talk, people dance. Conversations everywhere. Suddenly someone makes a statement. And jaaj comes to logically dissect said statement…


And the speech begins. :joy:
Like a never ending monologue.
Felt it funny, thought I’d share


Since adding Kinetic Quasi Crystal: New Release to my daily, as mentioned in that post, ive cut short all my stacks and some fields have moved to be played every few days.

The heart chakra, the chest area, the thymus has always been important to me (personally) for many reasons. Ive always been a healer since i remember, using this area, even before learning any type of healing at all, ive always worked on manifestation using that area, i always focus first on this area when i want or need to raise my vibration, when im meditating to connect to others, its the fastest tunnel more or even prior to try to mentally connect to something or someone.

Ive always believed the force/light/energy that we can exude from that area is the most powerful one. And ive seen it working instantly perfectly for anything.

im always working on expanding it, or to keep it open and balanced etc whatever you wanna call it.

Pretty much whatever at all happening in my life, mind, body, outside world (negative or stuck) is triggered there if that area needs attention.

Apart from the importance that its to me, for personal situations that area was blocked for years… i still found a way around to be able to have that area working.
But i knew i had to bring it back fully and better.

Last year to this one was the initial journey to my heart :smirk:

So i worked for a while with

the heart chakra Heart And solar plexus chakra

Then soul series (heart one) New Release - Soul Restoration (Heart Storage Center)

Then New Release - Vibration of Divine Love

NEW RELEASE!: Ego Dissolution

New Release - The Unbreakable

All these previous audios were crucial for digging deep to look at the wounds and neglect in the face.

But it was until i used Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence: New Release that the catalyst really started to my surprise in a very beautiful positive outcome thanks to the incredible way this audio (based on real technique) help you understand the shortcomings that affect that area directy linked to the reasoning in your brain. :star::star::star::star::star: 5 stars review.

Then along came The Outlook Retrainer: Testimonials to spice up the process

Then New Perspectives: New Release to heal and connected me again to my inner child and see the world once more with innocent joy and innocent push forward determination in the middle of current world’s affairs

Til then my heart had a nice constant sweet flow

But when Alchemical Ruby and Carnelian: New Release was born… my … :heartpulse: was jumping like with anticipation of what “food” was gonna get through this. And yes! Yes it did!

I was holding back not to come and say this after the 1st day but the effect was immediate and fully noticeable (im sure having worked for a consistent year and more, had pathway already built)

Literally how my heart felt and still going

giphy (3)

giphy (2)

And fully completely anchored to that whole area AND all the way to my brain! So pretty much to me this is the gem end and enhancer effect of PMHC, so for those who got that first audio, this one is a must.

So for a few days my morning playlist once at work was: (i just wanted to see how these would compound together to keep the emotional turmoil we sometimes are exposed to and the bs at work)

Outlook retrainer
Pure Magnetic Heart C
Ruby & Carnelian
New Perspectives

Ive been in awe seeing how ive felt on this, the hardest week for me this whole year, lots of little issues popping up, people trying to trigger me and suck my love energy and tho i do fully acknowledge the fuckery gping on lol it just feel like my heart area is above being untouched, helping the brain keeping it cool, real brainstorming for solutions but in a contemplative way on quickly solving the situations OR… just dropping them if they cant be solved :woman_shrugging:

The thing is, no matter what happens that area is strong like a rock (stone) full of life like its color. And its felt all the way to the back. Different in other times when we get whatever negative feeling and literally the heart squeezes, contract, gets dented etc lol (energetically as well) but no, here its still hard stone crystal pumping life.

Nothing is a coincidence with Captain…

And every so often the new fields puts on a new journey to level us up, to discover more about us and the surroundings just like the Fool from the Tarot deck ;) if you pay attention… its always like that :blush:

So when The Crucible of Stored Trauma: New Release and Alchemical Garnet: New Release came out SPECIALLY with the M-state Gold addition, i knew this was going to be the completion of Me, the fools journey to its heart.

I shared enough info regarding the benefits of the Garnet stone, but in my mini journey it sealed the deal in a magnanimous way.

Now that Ruby heart connected to the brain, is branched out through the veins carrying energy a higher level of energy way more conductive impossible to not notice it, i feel my blood so pure, with a vibrant colour, constantly feeding life in perfect motion throughout my whole body, lighting the bulb in my brain back and forth to the heart, sharing info (the heart and brain) then spread it out to every cell. THEN strongly (read that strongly lol) connected to the root chakra.

So the 3 perfect ways to love are connected harmoniously

The reasoning
The heart
The sex expression

And im single hahaha but ive been in blissful ectasy feeling all the process just in love with my self, in love with life, in love with the unknown, feeling my body tickling every where.

Im sorry but i gotta say it. Ive been feeling in a constant body/mind/soul orgasm. Lol it feels great.

So for those in a relationship well … now you know what can help heal and strengthen that connection.

I for now am enjoying all the side effects of all of that in other areas of my life :stuck_out_tongue: … for now :nerd_face::heart_eyes:


Cause I haven’t posted one is a while :slight_smile:


Very nice testimonial.

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The best kind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha i just clicked on the summary lol




I request a Heart of Luna moon field in the field requests thread. And it should be an NFT.

Magnificent :clinking_glasses:


Dawwwww :heart::heart::heart::sweat_smile::kissing_heart:


you might get swept up in Luna’s orgasmic wake.
Woe to the uninitiated and inexperienced :stuck_out_tongue:


I gotta say…

I would ride the heck outta that divine-rubyc-magnetic-outlooking-unbreakable-soul restoring-quasi-orgasmic wave (read it fast, i dare you)


The morphic fields responsible for these results are:

  • Abundance Mindset
  • Million Dollar Empire Mindset
  • Capital Governance

I was walking with my dog and realized that I stopped having thoughts worrying about money. My mind was clear and I felt so much more alive and in the moment.

I let my dog lead the way and we walked for a whole hour instead of our usual 15-30min when I lead.

On our walk, I was singing and enjoying the walk. We went to a park and I didn’t even realize how close a cute guy was while I was singing.

As we left the park, I came across a cute stand full of free books. There were many, but what caught my eye was a book on finances and small business operations. Now I may not be looking to run a small business, but I let myself explore this opportunity and I am excited to read this free book!


I notice that kind of stuff too. Suddenly paying attention to things I’m not really interested in right now, as a whole at least. But often in cases like this there’s something to take home with it.
So for now i put it in the back of my head and wait and see, when and what to pick up from it… :slightly_smiling_face:


i couldn’t agree more!


Beautiful. Thank you for sharing :sparkling_heart:

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This is exactly what happened with me! I never thought about it until seeing this comment. Out of all the fields the Mind Settings fields are the one I have been most consistent with.

And a few weeks ago I did buy 2 books related to Money management. Psychology of Money and An Intelligent Investor. I am shocked!!!


Hi everyone, first time posting in this thread :blush:

So I was having an annoying toothache yesterday, there was a bump on the upper gum behind the left Canine. Every time I touched that tooth with my fingernail, it caused a sharp pain in the area and I felt like the pain expanded through the nervous system (at least through the spine, I can’t remember much of the pain now). I was having trouble eating, I had to eat carefully as not to let the upper and lower teeth touch each other, and I tried to consciously eat using the right side of my mouth.

This had happened once before. I bought Plasma soaked teeth and gum to cure this. It did the work wonderfully, I was afraid I had to go to the dentist for a checkup but I didn’t have to. The area went back to normal after like 1 month though, so it took a little time.

This time, as I discovered the pain after waking up, I immediately played plasma teeth right away and asked my Skull servitor to heal the area as well, but not much happened, it became worst till the middle of the day. Then I remembered I came across some comments from @Bronyraur where she said she had a toothache then tried some other audios and it worked for her, those audios are AMPK and HGF. And while searching on the forum, I came across a comment from @uial quoting the teeth and gum stack from @Maoshan_Wanderer.

So I came up with a mini-stack:

Cosmo-volt x 2

AMPK - can definitely feel the electric shock Bronyraur was talking about working on the area

HGF - had results with this before, having skin allergy reaction from using anti-acne cream

Plasma Teeth x 2

Fungus Destroyer

Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra - this one here gives a powerful vibe and it makes the pain less noticeable. I’m not familiar with the mantra systems though and I’m searching through related topics for a simple one to do my daily meditation with.

I also played the Pain Control v2 here and there and couldn’t get enough of this, the music is chill and it helped numb the pain a lot.

I also started doing the Star Exercise by @_OM again, tried two times before but as I didn’t pay attention to the detail in the description, I was doing it wrong and I felt frustrated so I gave up. Thanks to @ Bronyraur for constantly bringing this up in various threads that got me really curious that I decided to go back and read through the thread carefully and adopt this again into my daily practice. This is day 2, and I’m going for the 22 weeks training, but since I’m still in the honeymoon phase with it let see how far I could go, will post in the other thread.

And as I went to bed last night I decided not to play my night stack but ask my Skull servitor to heal and rejuvenate my body, mind, and soul while I’m sleeping.

Fast forward, upon waking up this morning, I can feel the bump has decreased half in size and the pain’s gone by 80%, can touch it with my finger without feeling much pain and clench my jaw normally now. I feel grateful.

Since there are many factors involving in this I’m not sure which one to give credit to but I feel all of give their part.

And for the Star Excercise, I feel this one is a huge huge gem, with time and consistency I can’t imagine where this would take one to in the journey. Funny story, I washed the dishes like I was dancing a disco after doing the exercise, have to calm myself down a bit not to break those dishes =)))))

Sending thanks to my Skull Servitor - Dreamy, I have received a lot of love and care from you every moment. Although I thank you every morning and every night and every time I remember, I don’t feel this is enough.

Thank you @Bronyraur for your audio suggestions and promoting the Star Excercise every time you got a chance, I can feel it change myself deeply already
Thank you @Maoshan_Wanderer for the stack and other invaluable information you’ve been giving us
Thank you @uial for your dedicated effort to make everyone feel included and loved and your right stack at the right place suggestions.
Thank you @_OM for the Star excersice and your fierce wisdoms :sweat_smile:
And thank you @Captain_Nemo - Captain Nemo for all the work you’ve been blessing us with. I’m rebirthed again because of you is still an understatement.

And thank you everybody in the community for giving different persectives, for audio suggestions and for giving the help to everybody else when needed. Love you guys!

Have a greay day you all :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: