New Release - Capital Governance

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a personal financial manager to help get your life on track?

To help you understand your current financial situation, set personal priorities and finance goals. Work towards paying of debt etc.

The problem with a lot of people, is that they do not like being told what to do, especially with income - income that they worked hard for, aren’t you allowed to enjoy what you worked for?

In the modern world, if we break it down to simplest level, you need to pay to live and enjoy life. This is a natural extension of the capitalist world. To carry that thought process further, the more disposable income you have, the more you can enjoy and experience the complexities of life.

So how do we reach that point? For one, proper management of income is key.
Even better if this drive and management comes from within you, this represents musically and energetically the ever evolving learning process of income management.

Draw from great financial geniuses like Warren Buffett, the technical know how of Vitalik Buterin.

Become better and grow your knowledge and drive as you journey towards financial stability and abundance, make those tough decisions when needed.

Prioritize correctly and watch that wealth grow.



So this one is primarily for managing the income you have, (with perhaps getting a greater return) but not specifically for increasing income?


Growing wallets @Maoshan_Wanderer :sunglasses::partying_face:


Increasing wealth, you’ll manage what you got better and In turn allow to leverage that to make more.

Think of all sorts of investments.


what am i reading??


Amen :pray:
Hear that ? Get that money people !


How many times weve found ourselves wondering how come we work hard and money doesnt seem to grow in our bank?

How often we “think” we are consciously expending money with care, without wasting it, yet money seems to fade away before we can even get a proper nice hold of it?

Are we here just to pay bills and die?

When can we start dreaming of success if money does not stick around no matter how much we try?

Are we really administrating properly the money that we receive? More likely no… let alone invest lol if anything left after paying bills.

Im sure you have also said like many ppl “rich people is always getting richer, poor ppl is always getting poorer” how come rich ppl are so lucky??!

The first principle is that they dont expend all they could even tho they have it, why, because they know money is energy and therefore if you want to expand it then you have to let it sit still… like in your bank account, how could a tree grow tall and full of leaves and fruit if you dont even let the fruit properly grow and fall on its on when you are already picking it up? Its the same with money.
So if money is energy and you keep it in your bank account, just sitting there, like a golden egg shining brighter with time and growing waiting for the right moment to hatch… mean time more money out there is then attracted to join that egg.

This man, Warren Buffet is the 7th most rich person in the world, yet frugal as hell :woman_shrugging:t2: *wink wink

So basically this will change your mentality towards money, expendings, investments, like if you had a financial advisor or manager up there in your brain to help you use the best way the money that comes your way, and once you get a hold of that money and let it get cozy warm until opportunities show up, youll start seeing that money grow and grow and grow :sunglasses:

First impression of this audio (more times/days playing it to get a better review) but still want to share it because it blown my brain haha

I literally started smelling usd bills like if they were stuck on my nose, my nose was even itching, the smell wasnt going away and i was like giggling “oh Captain had to sprinkle his spice in this one too”

But then it hit meeeee

This audio will help us literally SMELL where those bills are! Where those good investments are, Imagine being able to smell bills when a real opportunity comes your way? And if u cant smell it then is not a good chance haha.

EPIC as usual :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3::raised_hands:t3:


he perfect trio: this, Million Dollar and Reach for the Stars


Hellou Unbreakable too in that stack :sunglasses: bring those perfect investors or business partners or clients etc etc

This is how i have it:

Blue Print of Life x 3 (gimme back my right to be successful) :smirk:
Unbreakable x 3
Capital Governance x 4
(I dont add SLR or Reach for the Stars (enhanced glory) because i have the tags) so if you dont then add them


That is, by pairing Blueprint with this, would the negentropic effect prevail over money and success?


BoL duty/gift/benefit is to take you back to the beginning of everything, to the perfect you in the whole absolutely sense at all levels from ever.

We ALL have a right to be successful to be abundant, to go high, to achieve anything is our birth right.

As @Pia said the other day one phrase i always say to everybody too “there is enough for everybody” because its your right.

So starting your stack with this will reverse that poor/unsuccessful mentality that has grown over the years because this and that, its like being born again while told “ok … you can have it… go for it” and you start building your life again.

Oh i understand what you mean.

Its the way you worded it’ “this over that reads as instead” i didnt see prevail haha

But yeah its like focusing the booster on money in this case


The irony, out of cash for that gem.

Will be looking forward to the feedback, keep update guys :four_leaf_clover:


Thank you very much, I did not understand that you could also get benefits by using it in this way!


That’s why I don’t like Buffett. He earns money for the sake of earning and then lives like a bum. However, money is just stored energy and stored freedom – a tool, not the end goal. If you don’t spend it or use it then you are not living your freedom (and the options that it brings), instead a lot of it becomes just stuck energy. That’s why Buffett gives off such a negative vibe and dry and boring aura – there is no higher purpose in what he is doing. He is just a human algorithm for multiplying cash and then do nothing with it.
With his money one could open hundreds of astral travel schools all over the world, clean the seas or buy purchase Sapien tags for every human on the planet :slightly_smiling_face:

For me proper money management is having the right balance where you invest the one half in order multiply the money for having more and the other half you spend for your freedom, your fun and for changing the world. Multiply and spend with purpose.



which is why, you being the user, with your opinion will spend your cash and enjoy it
(I mean if you use the wealth management tools to grow it)


I could use his strategies to get rich.

I dont have to spend it like him. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Easy peacy


Then get this field get rich as him and do it.


I really need this audio cause I know I got problem to manage my own financial. Thank you Sapien Medicine.


This will def come in handy! Thanks @Captain_Nemo