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Rumor has It there are different ways as well for Women to get in the best shape ever using all Captain’s tools


Frustrated of realizing that 90% + of members talking about muscles, strenght, gym stacks, extras etc in posts are Men and therefore you have no idea what to use? Which fields are appropriate for you? Afraid of trying something that is only for men? Shy to ask for guidance?

Well, get ready! This is about to change, right here right now, no matter what current body shape you have, age, experience, etc :smirk:


OK OK MEN CAN CHECK THIS OUT TOO AND GET SOME TIPS :blush: but its more focused on the difficulties for womens to lose weight and gain muscle

But you are welcome here

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So ladies!!

First of all, get up and go look at yourself in the mirror, fully completely from head to toes, turn around slowly and then, tell your body that you LOVE IT, yes. That you trully really deeply love it, even if you dont believe it, SAY IT. Tell it how thankful you are for carrying your dope amazing soul, how grateful you are for all the memories you have built with it, apologize for neglecting it at times, and then jump 3 times and tell it: I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOUUUU just the way you are, but we are gonna give you a make over, for your health, for fun, for a challenge, for that little black dress forgotten in the closet, and those jeans that dont fit anymore but you dont want to get rid of, and because WHY TF NOT?! :facepunch::woman_shrugging:t2::nail_care:

Or simply because you want to get that already fit body to a next level!!

Do that while playing this a couple of times :smirk:

And then…

Dress for the occasion… because the journey will begin…


LEVEL 1 shedding off just a few pounds (with minimal or none actual exercise)

theres always some fat we women want/need to burn before trying to grow muscles, perhaps some of you just want that, to lose weight. Thats ok. Whatever your case is. But this 1st part is for the ladies up to 25 years old, or older but that dont really have or know to have pre conditions like diabetes, slow metabolism, inherited overweight issues, thyroid/hormones imbalances etc. (If you dont know, just decide if you fit in this group if you have never really had a hard time losing weight or that you dont gain the day after a big dinner as if you had eaten the whole menu)

Every morning as soon as you wake up, get 2 or at least 1 big glass of water previously charged with the (Infrared Plasma Drink only on Patreon)

Wait 15 minutes and then listen to the Intestinal Cleanser x 2

If you have time follow these easy fast stretchings to wake up your digestive system (and whole body) (the 5 Tibetan Rites only on Dream Seeds )

You are ready to have a nice (and hopefully healthy or not so big breakfast) :sweat_smile:

After Bkf listen to this x 2 (Enhanced Fat Metabolism Sapien M Youtube/ Patreon)
(The Super Metabolism Boost Sapien M / Patreon)

And if you indulged in honey, maple syrup, sweet fruits, cupcakes, sweet cereal etc then play this x 2 (Glycolisis with UCP gene activation Sapien M / Patreon)

Mid morning (or like 1 hour after bkf have a big glass of water again charged with the Infrared Plasma Drink (or for practicality charge a big jar of water in the morning to drink throughout the day)

And while you drink it listen to this x 1 (Bone & Organ breathing Sapien M / Patreon)

yep… by this audio saturating your bones and organs with prana and oxygen it helps them absorb faster the nutrients from food win win situation because you nurture your bones and organs while helping metabolism to have to work only with the waste after distributing the nutrients. :relieved:

Repeat the same at lunch and dinner:

1 glass of water then
Either 1 time intestinal cleanser before food or the Super Metabolism Boost x 2 after food along with
Enhanced fat metabolism x 1 and
Glycolisis with UCP gene x 2

Some time in the afternoon if you have space play

drink water or green tea

Breathe of the belly x 2 (Sapien M / Patreon)

Automated Cardio x 3 (Sapien M / Patreon)

Automated Work out x 3 (Sapien M / Patreon)

Stomach Shrinking x 3 (Sapien M / Patreon)

Arm Fat x 2 or 3 (Sapien M / Patreon)

drink more water

Then play lymphatic effusion + (exclusive Patreon) x 2


The good ol’ Lymphatic System Blockage Removal with Enhanced drainage (which i still love) Sapien M / Patreon

If you dont have much fat to burn or too many pounds to lose (like 5 to 10) then thatd be enough.

If you want to lose from 10+ to 20 pounds then

Play these to sleep (considering youd focus like 3 weeks in losing that extra and getting leaner using the night only to play audios for this goal, if you do want to play other stuff to sleep then listen to them (the ones to lose weight) after the others in the afternoon) :

Fat burning x 3 (Sapien Medicine / Patreon)

Extreme fat burning x 3 (only Sapien Medicine)
Or Weight Loss Combo (exclusive Patreon)

Lympathic x 1


x 2 at the beginning of the afternoon stack you can reduce to " x 1 " each field from that list and the list at night. You might want to start with 1 loop for a few days then increase to 2, but you’d notice that after 2 weeks or so, 1 loop a day would be enough.


x 1 Hunger Inhibitor (Sapien M / Patreon)

and Food Charge and Enhancer x 1 (only if you are going to do fasting)

  • if you have alcohol throughout the week even just a glass of wine here and there or a beer, play after or at least the day after x 3 (Enhance Alcohol Processor Sapien M / Patreon)

  • if you just need to burn fast what you gained while on vacations, holidays, a period of indulging on food and alcohol but its not much then have this quick fix for like 4 days, in the mornings, it might be just what you need to lose the extra:


giphy (1)

Alcohol Processor x 2
Advance detox x 3 (Sapien M / Patreon)
Pancreas regeneration x 2
Induced Mots-C x 3

Extreme fat burning (Sapien Youtube) x 3 (or weight loss combo exclusive on Patreon)

Lympathic efussion + x 2

And the enhanced fat metabolism x 3 after each meal.


then by all means invest in this THE LEGENDARY :


The Swords Of Adipose Annihilation (Gumroad)

since all bodies are different and react different when it ocmes to burning fat etc, please read through the whole post and re read as many times as possible to understand what is the best way to use it for your advantage, and just as suggested by the very creator, try out first the free one mentioned in this post and if you feel they help and you see good results, then this here will take that to a far and beyond level in shorter time.

what women had said or adviced regarding this Field (which has 4 subfields)

All the ladies over 25, and or that have had kids, have slow metabolism, history of diabetes in the family, hormones imbalances known or unknown but that simply find it hard to lose weight, or gain very easily, regardless or how much the eat. Its time to reach your weight goal :blush:

giphy (2)

reasons why its been difficult to lose weight no matter what you try, are many and they can vary depending on several factors like : age, insulin resistance, slow metabolism, never having built working out a habit, or any type of movement while growing, particular physical conditions, even the ambience, emotional and mental state, unstable sleeping schedules, the quality of the water drank daily etc.

sometimes we know what might been causing that, but in case you dont know exactly, adding these fields in your daily stacks (with the fields above) would certainly help you getting through or at least push the process further and faster.

if your metabolism is slow (you eat something even small and feel full for hours) then not just drink water but hopefully incorporate green tea (decaff) to your day and charged the water of the tea with the infrared plasma drink, that speeds up the benefits of the green tea, which helps getting rid of toxing (fat = toxins), it boosts the digestion and focus on the stubborn fat. ie: belly, chin, arms.

add The Diabetes Treatment (Sapien M / Patreon ) x 2

The Meno unpause one x 2

HGH x 1 a day ( dont over do it)

then the rest of the fields

if you know or suspect having issues with the Thyroid then listen to it once in the morning and once before bed (Sapien M / Gumroad - free)

if you feel like you gain weight during your period, (and im not talking about feeling bloated or retaining liquids, no ) like you actually feel heavier once the period is over? then it means your production of Progesterone is lower or Estrogen is dominant.

so listen The Progesterone Boost (Sapien M / Patreon)
x2 daily 2 days before your period, during and 2 days after.

if you are over 40 and exercise little to nothing chances are the blood circulation is not the fastest clearest one, and the marrow also does not carries the nutrients to all the cells in the best manner. as well as the lympathic system ( which is covered in the earlier suggestions)

then you can also add (specially at night)

Enhanced Blood Circulation ( Sapien M / Patreon)
And Bone Marrow Enhancement (Sapien M / Patreon)


$ The Quintessence of Marrow (Gumroad)

DNA repair System (Sapien M / Patreon)

super important to add Transform Fat to Stem cells (Sapien M / Patreon)


Enhanced Cholesterol Reduction (Sapien M / Patreon) if you are over 40 and overweight

if you have actual digestive problems:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (exclusive Patreon)

again The Colon Cleanser $ (Gumroad)

The Iron Gullet $ (GastroIntestinal Inflammation Help) Gumroad

Stomach Healing and Regeneration (Sapien M / Patreon)

Intestine Healing and Regeneration (Sapien M / Patreon)

if you retain liquids, the lympathic system helps combined with the KIdney and Adrenal healing (Sapien M / Patreon)

If you are consistent and committed to doing this for like 2 months or 3 (unless you need to lose over 30 pounds then 2 more months and then you can start moving into Level 3 = working out)

LEVEL 3 Congratulations!!
youve lost some, a lot, or all the weight you wanted! now please dont start binging food again now that youve reached this level…

tenor (1)

nope! dont give me that look and keep going!! im rooting for you!!

R (1)

you are ready to shake that body!! but before… specially if youve been a couch potato the past months or years…


we gotta check the overall health body and get it ready for work out routines avoiding damages to muscles, bones, joints etc due to lack of regular movement.

here you can stop for a few days all the losing weight fields from above, but continue drinking water previously charged with infrared plasma drink and still listen to the vitamin c x 2 every 3 days super important.

in that 3-4 days break you would like to focus on:



Microkinesi Therapy $ Gumrod


Cold Laser Therapy $ Gumroad)

you dont have to get all the paid fields, just read through the posts and see which one or ones resonate with you, they each have additional benefits but the point is to unknot and relax the muscles, joints, nerves, bones etc like healing and giving a boost to your body to get it ready to work out, any one of the paid ones would be excellent to play at the end of work out stacks or after actually going to the gym as well.

listening to Jing, Chi, Pranic Swirls whether from youtube or even better the Negentropic ones from Gumroad, before the audios would keep you energized, and help you sustain the amount of fields you would be using.

so… lets start!

( this bout to get real) :nerd_face:





if you wanna start slow with the exercises, like simply walking, or a bit of cycling, yoga, treadmill, some calisthenics etc then add to the automated work out fields i mentioned for the afternoon stack:

Muscles Hungry for fat (Sapien M / Patreon)

Automated calves & feet (Sapien M / Patreon)

Automated Gluteal (Sapien M / Patreon)

Automated Upper Body (add Breat enlargement if you are afraid youd lose fat in the breast with this audio to counteract or skip this one then) both on Sapien M / Patreon

Automated Leg (Sapien M/ Patreon)

Core Strenghtening (Sapien M / Patreon)


-always drink a medium glass of water before with drops of lemon
-after a while, when your body has gotten accustomed to these automated workouts you can add Plasma Beach, or Mana Circuits at the beginning of the stack to give it a nice boost/punch


here is where probably majority of the ladies are afraid of trying some of the fields, free or payable ones in this category, because in the posts our dear men in this forum make it sound like if we women use them our bodies would turn into a super muscular mans looking one… ( no, they dont actually say that, i meant, by how thick and fast growth they share they are seeing)

the reality is, that a lot of women want defined muscles not necessarily huge, but even if we just want definition, it is really hard for a woman to get there, or we need a lot much more excercise routines etc


easiest safe way?
dont loop them more than once and just every other day (until you are comfortable with the results then increase to 2 loops but still every other day)

CREATINE SYNTHESIS (Sapien M / Patreon):
Creatine isnt just for men looking to build muscles, it also benefit women particularly to build lean muscle without the appearance of bulk. if you spend at least a couple of days a week exercising, adding creatine to your routine can help support your fitness goals. and if you are Vegetarian or Vegan…even better.

without getting into very technical explanations why (you can google to learn more and be clearer) Follistatin is actually great to fight insulin resistance, and hormone imbalances in women, so women that cant develope muscles easily might have one of the mentioned problems, by helping the Follistatin production, losing weight would be easier and then muscle definition be faster. :sunglasses:

YK 11 (Sapien M / Patreon)
IF you are a woman that wants bigger muscles than just lean and bigger heavier bones then you can add this as well,just again, a few loops per week, and know that it may cut shorter your period (unless @Captain_Nemo can confirm that is all good not that side efffect for us) this is mainly and most common used by men, but in fact in the real world using the real suplement, this can lower the production of testosterone, again, i am sure Captain took that into consideration, i a m just pointing out that because of the fear from women thinking theyd turn into macho man lol
benefits of adding this:

STENABOLIC (Sapien M / Patreon)
This was originally created for bodybuilders, weightlifters and Athletes, but its been proved to improve the overall health and quality of life of any one… so that includes uhm us women :wink:
benefits: fat loss :star_struck: SPECIALLY THE STUBBORN ONE TAH DAH! it facilitates weight loss in 3 ways ( Increases Glucose Metabolism, by glucose being absorbed in the skeletal muscle instead of being stored as fat; Increases Calorie Metabolism, more efficiency ensuring that no fat is stored in your body but also helps reduce the amount of fat that is already stored in your body; Improves Basal Metabolic Rate, by its ability to make our bodies respond as if it were in a state of constant exercise, increasing the basal metabolic rate, even without engaging in an y exercise, our metabolism remains high while using this.
Endurance, increases lean muscle mass, gives you stamina to whitstand intense workouts. Reduces inflammation and soreness after intense workouts, it can be used as treatment for Obesity, For Diabetes type 2 and for Cholesterol related conditions.

OSTARINE: (Sapien M / Patreon)
safe for women, just listen a few times a week only. benefits: endurance, stamina, lean muscles while promoting fat loss, and bonus benefits reduces symptoms of urinary incontinece, loss of bladder control. for age-related muscle loss.

20E PEPPER $ (Gumroad) :
totally safe for women. benefits: drastic increase in lean body mass, increases endurance, stimulates metabolism, improves nerve function, enhances the development of mature red blood cells, decreases blood sugar, reduces adipose tissue, improves almost every bodily function including brain and liver, prevents loss of muscle mass while promoting growth of muscle fibers, improves protein synthesis, perfect glycemic regulator, prevents high blood sugar levels and high insulin levels and thus halting fat production, pushes nutrients into muscle and organ tissue, potent cholesterol lowering effect, cell membrane stabilizing properties, anti-arrhythmia stabilizing properties, analgesic properties, potent antioxidative effect, anti inflammatory, , increases athletic performance, reduces fatigue, increases speed and strength.

i mean, we women would like to run faster too lol but also as per description : exercise adaptation, exercise recovery and PROTECTION FROM ECCENTRIC TRAINING-INDUCED MUCLE DAMAGE AND SPORT INJURY :tipping_hand_woman:

$ (Gumroad) :
no need further description lol

ok we can leave this for the men lol unless you want to grow massive muscles for competitions etc

$ (Gumroad)

Simply the best to grow muscles without side effects :slight_smile:


drink a lot of water
dont forget to listen to vitamin C and D

add Monoatomic Iron somewhere too lol
And all the other Mstate.

add stress relief

and become whole

if the over eating is just an emotional imbalance escape :)





:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: adding newest release

New Release: Hardcore


Aaammmaazing post, @anon46520955 !! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:. This is super helpful and an area that I struggle with.

What about getting a breast lift ? Field that will strengthen and lift the chest / breasts instead of sagging. I know there is Breast enhancement v2 but I’m not looking to getting bigger breasts. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Lol thats why mixing the automated upper body plus the breast one is good. Gain mucle without losing fat there, just getting them in perfect bubble shape :sunglasses::relaxed:


Even with the automated upper workout, wouldn’t BE v2 continue to make your breasts bigger? That’s one of the reasons why I’ve never used it. Not looking to go all Dolly Parton. :joy:

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Hahahah it switches a bit of the fat for muscle

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Ok, thanks for the tip! :purple_heart:

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Also massage them upwards with olive oil, just a little oil or else theyd end up like even more enhanced Dolly Parton :laughing:

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Ok, will try it.

/slathering myself in olive oil/ :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Hahahah i cant stop laughing at Dolly Parton cause i have used that reference before

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haha, this really is the best of the best, you have certainly been an author in your past lives


So informative and thorough! I will bookmark this. Thanks


//After like 1 hour of reading //

Thank you so much Luna for putting this together :)

There is one thing I would change/add (sorry)

Based on the description of the fields, this should rather just be the latter (metabolism boost) imo.

Enhanced fat metabolism helps reach you own fat storage for energy, not metabolise the fat you eat. This happens anyway when someone is on a diet or prolonged calorie deficit, however, it’s basically the last resort of the body because it’s easier to break down muscle.
This field helps the body break down your fat for fuel, however, if you burn 2000 kcal per day (after fields effect :D) and you eat 2000 kcal per day then your body doesn’t actually need the energy from storage.
So even if something is used from there, you won’t see much effect.
In my experience the best use of this field is before exercise because it helps you go longer with less food / helps you burn fat. And also a good field to use for fasting, or if you skip a meal or have just very little for breakfast or dinner.


great thread, gave me some ideas to complete a stack of mine :slightly_smiling_face:


I understand your point.

But it is prfect to break down the food and keep the metabolism moving. Regardless of how many calories you burn a day.

It might not be noticeable one time here and there but when you do it constantly you see the weight dropping.

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What a work! So grateful for this. I am still studying on it :) but I am finding the way. The metabolism is already working like crazy and I feel so many things going on in my body. I do have a question though; for most people ‘overeating’ or ‘indulging’ is a mental thing. It helps us a lot if our metabolism works faster, we work on shrinking th stomach, inhibiting hunger etc…but, in my case it’s more a selfsabotage thing. I am not hungry but need to be eating and snacking all the time after dinner. In my head (or subconsious) I have assumed this to be the ready why I cannot loose weight. It is a matter of changing this believe since many snack at night and are not overweight at all. I listen to willpower, subconscious believes, ego etc…but I was wondering what you think about that. Because for now nothing helps. It is such a deep urge, this voice in my head … I am not looking for advice on how to fill my evenings to distract it by the way:) I was just wondering what fields would you think would help to block this feeling. If there is one of course, or a combination. Thanks again for this great post.


Hi Leolanya, cool name btw :smiley:

Unnecessary snacking or eating tho we are full could be a sign of anxiety, nervousness or insecurity (specially financially and love wise)

You can try the Anxiety purpose one, Become whole, the basal and root chakra audio on gumroad, automated grounding on dream seeds, the tree experience or the Swords of Adipose has one audio that is exactly for that.(you dont have to listen all just check one by one for a couple of days and see which one you like)

If it doesnt help then the root of the habit is deeper so you can try and see and if not then work on the underlying real issue first.


Eating late at night is, to say the least, counterproductive. As a personal trainer and nutritionist I can tell you that you should be getting most of your calories early in the day, so that you can burn them off with activities. Eating before bed will mean you don’t have the opportunity to burn them off and the calories will more likely turn to fat. This is greatly simplified but as I shared the other day on Sammy’s webinar, Sumo wrestlers will purposely eat their last, large meal just before bed because they are intentionally trying to bulk up and this is an efficient and effective way to do so.


My other suggestions would be to use an app like My Fitness Pal and track your food. That means literally measuring out your food and being very honest about it. Best to have a small food scale and literally weigh your food in grams. We often lie to ourselves about how much we are eating and it really makes a difference. Literally input a day ahead of time what you plan to eat in the app. Depending on your goals, and your current weight, you should have a goal for your Macros. I can’t give you specific goals yet but for me as a 190lb male, my macros are 180 grams protein, 60 grams of fat and 190 grams of carbohydrates.


Dear LunaMoon you are so helpful. You know when I was reading your post it was in the evening where I live and I did feel a kind of anxiety. I always mistaked anxiety with stress and did not listen to those saying that I could be overeating due to stress since there is no stress in my life. How lucky for me to be able to write this!! But a kind of anxiety, yes I can feel that, especially after dinner…while relaxing on the couch. If I think back I guess since I was an overweight child, secretely snacking and eating candy behind my mothers eyes, is one of the causes. My father and grandmother are the same by the way. I remember as a child that my grandmother would secretely take me out to go and get an icecream. LOL even a pyschic told me that in a past life I was so poor that I needed to steal food at night and indulge to fill my stomach. I am an intelligent business woman but I have not managed to ‘controle’ this. I know that if I let go (which sometimes happens spontaniously) the weight flies off and snacking or thinking about food is not a case anymore. Then, again there is this voice that wants me to eat and fill up the emptied space. Forgive me for writing such a long story but it’s helping me like a therapy :)) The crazy thing is that if you see me you would not even mention my weight but it has been something that has been the biggest challenge in my life. Become whole, root chakra, grounding…exactly what I need. Abraham hicks says: You can’t get there from there. Meaning that if you stay stuck in what you do not want or like (your body as it is) you will only reinforce it. So loving yourself, appreciating your body and all what it does for you…and then focusing on a healthier and more trimmed body for example would be the right way. I am sure these fields will help me, thank you.

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That was so entertaining to read :smiley:.

Ahh family, generational unnecessary loyalties we keep dragging :)

Break free!!

Apart from all mentioned above and not just to finish with that habit, i strongly recommend you to get the Smart Cord Cutter you can read more about it here

The Smart Cord Cutter Field: New Release


The Crucible of the Past : New Release

They would change your life. And have you filling those “empty” spaces with good things, not food ;)

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