Soul Restoration II (Heart Storage Center)

This unique creation is dedicated to repairing and revitalizing your heart energy center, removing any energetic drainage cords and links that may be depleting your emotional and physical vitality.

The heart energy center, positioned at the core of your chest, is the hub of your emotions and a critical reservoir of your life force. It often suffers the most from energetic drainage and parasitic connections due to emotional pain, blockages, and being taken advantage of by others. These issues can manifest as various health problems and accelerate the aging process.

This creation works meticulously to seal energy leakages and eliminate external attachments that sap your energy. By fortifying your heart energy center, it promotes profound emotional healing, helping you to overcome past traumas and emotional blockages. This process enhances your connection to the original source of your energy—whether you call it God, the universe, or the source of life itself—widening and strengthening the flow of life force into your heart center.

Using this creation provides a wealth of benefits: it boosts your emotional resilience, fosters a deeper sense of love and compassion, and restores your overall vitality. You will notice an increase in emotional clarity, stability, and an enhanced ability to form healthy relationships. This powerful tool also enhances your physical health by ensuring that your heart energy center operates at its peak efficiency.

With continued use, the effects become even more pronounced, offering a permanent increase in your energy levels as your essence strengthens and your connection to the source deepens. However, the benefits can be felt from the very first session.

Reclaim your life force and experience the transformative power of a balanced and fortified heart energy center. Embrace the emotional and physical rejuvenation that comes from using this unique creation.




Right? I’m excited to try this one out :smiley:


@_OM what are your thoughts on the two Restoration audios? Thanks…

Edit: “Three” restoration audios :slight_smile: These correspond to the three Dantiens, so would be complementary to the Alchemy series?


Dream delivered as promised!


I am trying to place the core “spiritual” audios into a “big picture” or a sequence.

So we have:

  • Vibration Series
  • Chakra Series
  • Alchemy Series
  • Self-Realization Series
  • Soul Restoration Series
  • Higher Self (optional IMO)
  • Schumann Resonance (optional)

With these, probably energy blockage removal, etheric cord removal etc. are not needed…




I like the idea!

Is this already your chronolgical sequence or just a list?

I would say the same


This is currently my night time stack (ish), before the course started…


!!! So freaking excited right now. Seeing the 2 new releases for the first time.


Damn it’s so expensive but I want them :yum:


Probably I’ll try Soul Restoration Series as the first
Maybe something like this

  • Soul Restoration Series
  • Alchemy Series
  • Chakra Series
  • Vibration Series
  • Self-Realization Series

First Listen:
The most relaxed I’ve ever felt. Even more than Energy Body Clearing. Soothing, calming. I felt armored but if armor was something so comfortable people could wear it to bed. Like Plate Mail Pajamas. Felt like I could rest comfortably and safely in the middle of a war zone if need be.

After listening I noticed where I felt the “armor” covering me. I felt it about an inch above my skin. I could feel my energy where my body was not. I had physical sensation in places where I do not physically exist. I could feel my own energy surrounding my body, but my sensation was not “of” that energy, it was “in” it. I was halfway through the Mind Restoration at this point, but I think it was still the effect of Heart Restoration I was feeling. But just for full disclosure, letting you know that, not to accidentally mislead anyone.


maybe the MInd restoration was what helped you sense it

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@Maoshan_Wanderer Not sure what you’re asking here. And can’t pm you :unamused:

And i’m currently “quarantined” from tapping into these new soul fields due to taking the course :laughing:.

Maybe a bit before I can give you a full assessment.


How does the Soul Restoration series differ from the Chakra series?

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As far as I know Soul Restoration series works on the three Dantians, San Bao, not on the chakras


I see. So “storage center” = Dantian =/= chakras?


Wish I had read your post sooner. I am on the 2-day break yday and today, but totally forgot about it and heard all 3 Soul Restoration audios a few times. It felt very strengthening, for a lack of better analogy, like Tonic Herbs lol… And I did my regular Mantra practice for an hour and could see some Buddhas and past teachers of my lineage etc. in vivid 4k like clarity (usually they appear vaguely). But it made me sleep from 12 midnight to 9 am this morning - for someone that sleeps very less! And this morning, my senses seem unusually sharpened! Everything looks brighter, sharper, things smell better - I think the audio has something to do with it (or could be the course audios too)…


First listen, while casually doing other things,
“Whew, why is there hot air blowing on me?”
/Looks around for source of hot air/
hmm… few moments later…
“Oh! I guess that’s me generating waves of heat!..”

Still been ongoing for a little more than hour now