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Don’t forget Alchemical Revision of Wealth

Here is a collection for you guys after spending time experimenting and researching. Sharing real quick but may update later.

Study this yourself. Adjust and pick accordingly. Don’t overdo and be sure to allow yourself to reflect and heal any traumas (Alchemical revision series) that might surface and take action.

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Anyone having anxiety in regards to this, i suggest looking up fields relating to that by the name and ground. Focus on root chakra, ancestral healing, and DNA Repair + ego dissolution

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Thank You.


Updated with a vital field, “Tap into the Collective Consciousness” and something to compliment

Reference from Dream’s playlist: Feel Powerful, Focused, and 100% sure - YouTube


A reassurance / ‘permission’ that you don’t have to force yourself to do other stacks or fields before this one. Feel free to jump into it and let it all flow. Lot’s of love to ya

Give yourself permission :crescent_moon:


Here is a vision board i started for this topic for myself as inspiration (feel free to journal your own stuff like potential income ideas). Some of these don’t completely apply so it’s a good idea to create your own. Break through any limiting beliefs and remove any that don’t serve you

Vision Board ideas


Encouragement (outlook retrainer)

And some advice relating to this in Wealth Generation + + A premium only subscription field


A lot of those Pinterest quotes are limiting beliefs though… :thinking:

I mean like, they are not focussing on the end result in the first place.

A Vision Board should focus solely on the things that you want to manifest in my opinion.

Anything that includes words like “hard”, “risk” etc. is not a good message to the Subconscious Mind.


In my opinion, the Vision Board must be personal, therefore created by oneself, because it must excite every time you look at it. Ready-made ones may be fine, but they may not have the potential of one you create yourself. Furthermore, when you make it you must have fun, meaning the process of creation, and also some satisfaction in having created it.


Updated the order to prioritize a bit more on appreciation and love as we can at times take for granted or even forget the things we already have/are capable of/ourselves + quasi