The Book of Cards by Dreamweaver

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The back image with the hand photo is a field and item booster.
You can use it to grow and charge any item you own, even items without fields, it will grow the inherent field that makes the item what it is.
Items with fields can also be grown on it, once started, it will continue strengthening/growing it for for one hour.
Be careful with how much you boost/grow and item, because it can become un- use-able.
The word to activate it is “charge” or “begin charging”.



Lol! Tell me why, when I read “even items without fields, it will grow the inherent field that makes the item what it is.” the first thing my mind went to is a knife I own. I can make my knife more knife?!

Seriously though, I bet it’s great for crystals.

I want the hardback but I think I’ll end up getting both. There’s a servitor I want with me before I go to sleep again.


Energetic Support Servitor
This one is designed look like a vague tiny humanoid figure with a mixing band of multi-colors.

(Passive ability) The servitor has knowledge of energy structures and can manipulate your system, stimulate energy centers, modify the flow etc.
(Active Ability) It works on keeping your energy system clean and removing day to day junk you pick up generally from bad environments or even self created, (like alcohol/drug use etc).
(Passive Ability) Can help redistribute and balance the energies in your chakras and energy system.
(Active Ability) It can remove blockages and keep working on stubborn ones until it is finally remove
(Passive Ability) The servitor can send a directed stream of high frequency energy as a form of defensive attack to help actively protect you.
This can also clear the environment around you very quickly.
(Passive Ability) You can request the servitor to store energies for you, which you can access at a later point when you need it.
(Passive Ability) The servitor has the ability to channel earth energies/ley line energy on demand for your personal use.
(Passive Ability) There is a knowledge base of a wide variety of shielding types that you can request the servitor to create for you or whoever you direct it.

wow these abilities are great. imagine being able to be taught how to communicate with them and they’ll be like your coach-cheerleader in regards to your energy body.


Environmental Transformer
With this image, you can create an active energy transformer, it will constantly draw in, filter and clean the energy in the environment you place it.
Yes it is meant for the environment, not you.

Gonna buy it just for this, magnificent.


Yes and no.
it would be more of the metal


Fae Servitor
This is designed to look like a tiny fae with transparent butterfly wings
(It can become larger sized on demand, but the energy structure is less dense),

@Dreamweaver is it possible for the fae servitor to inhabit a physical fae mandala?


I don’t think that’s gonna come out too well. Or at least be efficient.

Get nice solid items.


Dream should we already decide which intercession tag to get or will there be more?

Like orion etc?


there is gonna be an orion video.
No tags.


Aight, hope arcturians receive me well then lol.


you can give it a few weeks man.
or 2 weeks.
you can get a proper feel from the videos before buying.
I should have two others up next week.


Nah, im not a special snowflake whos like “I belong theree”

A member here during alien intercession was told that I had something to do with Orion.

Good or bad dont know, so if there was gonna be a tag I could find out, video effects seem to quickly fade.

But if Arcturians are really the most advanced, heh, then I want to learn from them, 24/7.

I did some meditating on the pics and Arcturian energy is dope, we’ll see I guess lol


These are not in the eBook version, but you may get some of ‘the flow’ on the main page inside. These are in the printed version. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know bro, lol.


Dream wants you to buy a printed version. :joy:

Clever boy. :stuck_out_tongue: :goat:


Oh lord! :roll_eyes:


“Yo Dawg, I heard you like knives. So I added some blades to your blades”
lol @Dreamweaver going all meme’y on us.

Yes please.
/instantly worries about fae’s trickster nature/

:smiley: :+1:
Be prepared for some solid ego crushing.
But that’s who you need, an Arcturian.

ebook? ebook! I was promised cake…err… a tome.
An old dusty tome! or something …
ebook works too. :wink:


Take my :moneybag: :moneybag: :heart_eyes:

For printed version there Is a 10% discount for first orders code ORDER10 till 18th September


Print it black n white is fine right

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yes. black and white is fine.