Ego Dissolution Audio

Pausing the ego’s patterns can allow for moments of pure clarity and openness. In these moments of mental malleability, we can create new patterns that stay with us to overcome the negative patterns that dominate our lives. But best of all, its a break of all the weight that the patterns of the mind have on us and feel free for an extended period of time. The effect of this is called ‘ego dissolution’ and it is what this audio induces in you.
One thing to keep in mind is that, your ego may fight back against its dissolution. It may feel like ‘you are fading.’ You really aren’t. The ego has a snake grip on your consciousness and it hangs on to dear life when one rids itself of its grip. For the full experience, try to let go and mental freedom will be rewarded. And no, the effects are not permanent. You will regain your sense of self after some time. But you can certainly create new patterns in this state of openness that are otherwise very difficult to create.
This can definitely be a great help in your own spiritual growth and development,
You may feel resistance but this is probably the most gentle way to do this.
Other than the energetic effects, areas of high density of 5-HT2A receptors will have an increased glutamate level, there is also be some enhanced glucose absorption,(brain fuel) to compensate for the increased cell excitability which should take place in the frontal and temporal regions.

Edit: @SammyG @Captain_Nemo would it be possible to get a mandala of this just like “Higher self-connection?”

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The best part about this release, is what Sammy revealed in the chat. Everyone get excited, because…

Dream Seeds​ no this combined with another field will be the final field in the ‘vibration of’ series which should complete it

Kabir Das​ I’ll look out for it on Gumroad

Dream Seeds ​in a day or two Kabir

Later on…

Dream Seeds ​we planning to have another meditation event

Dream Seeds ​the last one, was so good

Dream Seeds ​but I need to find the right time for everyone


Listening to this can also increase your mind’s susceptibility to other fields and enhance their effects on you.

Sounds amazing!


Damn, this is awesome.


My experience so far. I listened to Ego Dissolution twice and am now listening to Subconscious Limits Dissolver. I cannot STOP yawning and tearing( a form of release). I feel a tightness in my chest loosing up a little. This is pretty amazing.

Thank you, @Captain_Nemo @SammyG!! :purple_heart: :purple_heart:


Seems like Ego Dissolution could be the ultimate subconscious limits dissolver ;) pretty powerful combo.


I would agree. If this field audio helps to dissolve the ego temporarily then you have room to listen to other field audios to create new patterns. Pretty powerful and effective indeed!


This is a very useful audio for psychic development and a powerful booster too. I never forgot that line ‘Silence your ego and your power will rise’ from Dr. Strange movie years ago. Thanks a lot Dream!


Do not skip this field for a day people, this is what the entity meant with “you’re all moldable apes”.

So mold yourselves into greatness, do not underrate this field!


Guys after listening to this also listen to higher self connection! I felt my higher self energy amplified and communication was so strong!!


This would be a super powerful combination…

Ego Dissolution to suspend the ego and then subconscious limits remover to dismantle negative beliefs more efficiently.

I would imagine this would work great for people that use Subliminals and affirmations.


And after those audios, listen to Energy blockage removal, and “Conquer the world!”


Can you please share the link to "Conquer the world’ field audio. I couldn’t find it on Patreon.



Here is my playlist for the next couple of months to jump-start releasing the old wounds and build the foundation to add other fields later.

What do you guys think of this list? Is it too much?

  • Ego Dissolution
  • Subconscious Limits Removal
  • Energy Blocker Removal
  • Emotional Release
  • Grief Loss & Loneliness
  • Forgiveness and Release
  • Gratitude and Abundance
  • Inner Beauty



That looks like a great playlist. It doesn’t seem like it’s too much at all. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you so much for the feedback, @uial !


Lol. Its not an audio(yet :thinking:). Its a saying : )


Ahh… hahah ok. Thanks!

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What are the symptoms of Ego resisting?


Ego is a bitch to control, but once you slaughter it and create a new one while fully controlling it, you shall roam the earth as a God.

I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self. -Aristotle