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Hey y’all. This is my first ever post on this site.
I wanted to know what you all think of the binaural/sub channel called “Ascension Archangel”.

His channel is very old and he has 52,000 subscribers, but he hasn’t received too many views/comments on his more recent videos.

I was wondering if anyone here has had prior experience with this channel, and could give their testimonials? Or, if you think it’s trustworthy enough to include in my stacks?

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I don’t know, I clicked on one of the videos once and it had this horrible distorted voice come on you know the machine that disguises your voice. Yeah that imagine hearing that on a video like this. It was quite disturbing, so I clicked off right away. Then idk why later I started listening to another video and it was okay I think it gave me some results I didn’t feel bad or anything but I was still on edge with his stuff. I was never consistent with it so… anyway I was scrolling through his page literally like a few days ago, and there’s an actual video that says change your eye color to demonic red, I’m like are you serious. In the description of all his videos states he doesn’t practice any kind of magic good or bad. Then why would you write a title of a video like that? I clicked off that page real fast.


STAY FAR AWAY FROM HIM… Sorry I’m going to tell a story but it’ll explain why.

This guy hurt me so much, though he was the one who got me interested in energy work. I found his channel in 2013. I had no idea about energy work, subliminals, etc and stumbling upon his videos intrigued me. I gave them a try and it was so powerful and he quickly made me believe. I then bought his way overpriced sigils and joined his forum. The stuff he was posting on the forum seemed very eery to me, he would go on about how he was the most powerful entity [God] and how he had the powers to change anything in all of the universe. He also had a personal connection to a time jumper who could travel from the beginning of time until the end, and as it turned out, the time jumper was himself in the future. I remember one time I told him about a person who was treating me badly, and he told me not to worry because when that person died, they would have to answer to him [Louie] and he would destroy all souls who had ever wronged him and his followers.

There was several other wtf moments but I looked past all that because I was desperate to heal my body. I trusted him to guide me and that’s when he hurt me. He put some spell on me and at night I would feel as if someone was watching me, I felt so much fear I couldn’t sleep until the sun came up. People around me would treat me badly and anything that could go wrong in my life was going wrong. This went on for a few months.

Then one day I received a message from someone who claimed to know Louie in real life. I wont share what they wrote, but I quickly put the pieces together and realized Louie was using dark magic. I stopped using his audios and sigils and have not signed back into the forum since.


What this person says aligns with what I have heard from others and also, that there are negative affirmations in his audios. Anything you need your can probably get from Sapien and Quadible. You should start listen to Dreamweaver’s Energy/Aura Clearing video first thing in the morning, at least before any other fields for a couple weeks.


Well, thank you all for warning me. But I have to say, this really sucks that he isn’t safe. Mainly because I was very interested in his tracks relating to Chromosomes/DNA, which I was going to use as part of a stack for regenerating/correcting my DNA.

I was wondering, are there any other Binaural Beats/subliminal Youtube channels who have made tracks similar to any of these, or are capable of providing them?

(I am mainly interested in the ones for activating DNA and removing genetic defects)


Yeah, I already listen to a 528 hz track as part of my nightly DNA playlist:

But that only heals DNA. what i’m additionally looking for, is something that will improve my DNA and make my genetic code stronger and more secure.

You could maybe post in the new field topic.

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Use this tool

And set it to this
285 on 528.PNG

I have not done this exact thing. But I have had success with this method, using other combinations of Solfeggio frequencies for other purposes.

The idea is, you take the “realm” or domain in which you want to work, and make that the carrier. Then set the brain wave to what you want to change that to. If I wanted to change my dna to make me physically stronger and healthier, I would do this.


Quadible integrity is also part of them. Spirilution is their group name. Frequency wizard is also part of it.

Dreamweaver and DrVirtual7 are the only ones that are actually intelligent and open minded, the rest of “spiritual” groups are mentally challenged and think they have this responsibility to “save the world with love”, meanwhile they have their own agenda, very similar to how Abrahamic religions think they have the absolute truth.


I thought Spirilution was just the name of Quadible’s website. Who else is a member of this group?


Subliminal warlock, subliminal affirmations booster (channel), and a few others I can’t remember atm.

Be very careful with them, do not allow yourself to be poisoned.


How did you find this out? My results with Quad haven’t been perfect but good enough that I still use sometimes.


Their uploading format, the similarity in the “energy” in their frequencies, meditate on their frequencies and you’ll see.

Divination can also be used. Dream has a new field called “Higher self connection”, if you don’t believe me, ask your higher self.


Well as far as I know QI’s stuff works, since I definitely notice improvement in the areas of whatever sub i’m listening to.
I practically gave my kidney for Quadibe to make me an ethereal attunement of the “Attract Beautiful Women” sub, since the already original worked so well and I wanted even more potent results.


Thank you. So far Quad is one of the few channels I still trust when it comes to “programmed intent”. But I will keep this in the back of my mind moving forward and see what I notice.


Yeah they work, but at what cost ?

Also attracting women is stupidly easy, just go on nofap, keep your testosterone high and add a lil androstenol. Literally impossible to not get laid at that point.


I’m listening to the one I recommended to you right now and it’s pretty good. I feel an energy of vitality to be sure. And I need to sleep… Using Isochronic tones with Solfeggio is a fun way to find some really cool and creative things you can do. There are 72 combinations. I’ve only used 3 of them. But I’ve always had very substantial results.

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Not sure, since i’m currently in Quarantine and I can’t really “test” to see if the sub is effective yet. So for the time being i’m just trying to make an effort to listen to it daily, along with the universally-attuned Male Golden Face Ratio track and THETA Magical Frequencies’ chisled body sub.

Farthest i’ve gotten on NoFap was day 5 before relapsing. I’ve never been able to experience the “spike” at day 7, so I still don’t quite know what the “hype” is about myself.

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If you are watching pornography, I highly recommend stopping. In my experience, eliminating all pornography greatly improved my ability to interact and naturally be more sexual with women. There is something about pornography that can mess with your psyche; knowing that you can have “sexual pleasure,” albeit virtual, at any moment can subconsciously reduce your desire to do what it takes to get with real women.

Overtime your sexual urges will start to be expressed in day to day living naturally without any conscious effort.