♦ Full List of ALL Crystal & Mineral Fields (Sapien Medicine & Psychic University)

Specific minerals focussed fields only.

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  1. Minerals, Crystals, Rocks & Stones: What’s The Difference?
  2. What is the Difference between Minerals, Crystals and Gem Stones?

The fields:

[SM] = field from Sapien Medicine
[PU] = field from Psychic University

Adamite [PU] (Skin Healing Alchemy)

Ajo Blue Calcite [PU] (Negativity Dissolver Crystal Alchemy)

Amazonite [PU] (The Smart Fat Burn Crystal Alchemy)

Amethyst [SM] (Plasmantropic Gems Album)
Amethyst [SM] (Crystal Kingdom Album)
Amethyst [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Ammolite [PU]

Andalusite [PU] (Karma Clearing Alchemy)
Andalusite [PU] (Manifest Perfect Job Opportunities (Crystal Alchemy))
Andalusite [PU] (Blood Quality Enhancer (Crystal Alchemy))

Antimony [SM] (Parad Energies (Self and Atmosphere))
Antimony [SM] (The Saviour of the world / The Savior of the world / Red Oil of Antimony, part of Premium Album)

Apophyllite [SM]
Apophyllite [PU] (The Smart Fat Burn Crystal Alchemy)

Aventurine [SM] (Crystal Kingdom 2 Album)

Azeztulite [PU] (Crystal Shield)
Azeztulite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Crown Chakra)
Azeztulite [PU] (Nervous System Health and Healing Alchemy)
Azeztulite [PU] ([Loℵg-⊂19 Recovery (Crystal Alchemy))

Azurite [SM] (Crystal Kingdom 2 Album)
Azurite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for Post-Viral Syndrome)

Barite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Crown Chakra)

Bastnasite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Heart Chakra)

Benitoite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Solar Plexus Chakra)

Beryl [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Beryllonite [PU] (The Supercharger Crystal Alchemy)

Basalt [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for Post-Viral Syndrome)

Black Jasper [PU] (The Smart Fat Burn Crystal Alchemy)

Black Opal [SM] (Crystal Kingdom 2 Album)

Black Tourmaline [PU] (The 11.11 Trillion Year Old Black Tourmaline)
Black Tourmaline [PU] (Crystal Pack)
Black Tourmaline [SM] (The Black Mirrored Stone Shield)

Blue Aragonite [PU] (Divine Beauty Alchemy)

Blue Celestite [SM] (Crystal Kingdom 2 Album)

Blue Flint [PU] (Divine Beauty Alchemy)

Boji Stone [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Throat Chakra)

Bronzite [PU] (Crystal Shield)

Calcite Isis [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for Sleep Quality)

Cape Amethyst [PU] (Divine Beauty Alchemy)

Carnelian [SM] (Plasmantropic Gems Album)
Carnelian [SM] (Alchemical Ruby and Carnelian)
Carnelian [SM] (The Sunburst Crystal Energy Cloak (Jen’s Blend))

Celestite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Solar Plexus Chakra)

Cerussite [PU] (Crystal Shield)

Chinese Red Quartz [PU]

Chromdiopside [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Chrysoprase [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Citrine [SM] (Plasmantropic Gems Album)
Citrine [SM] (Crystal Kingdom Album)
Citrine [SM] (The Sunburst Crystal Energy Cloak (Jen’s Blend))
Citrine [PU] (The Supercharger Crystal Alchemy)
Citrine [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Clinoptilolite [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Copper [SM] (Copper Oil Venus)
Copper [SM] (Copper Redefined)
Copper [SM] (Mstate Rhodium and Copper)
Copper [SM] (Mstate Copper, The Rose Potion)
Copper [SM] (Mstate, Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend)
Copper [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Coprolite [PU] (Brain Health and Improvement Crystal Alchemy)

Cryolite [PU] (Crystal Pack)
Cryolite [PU] (Muscle Building Alchemy)

Danburite [SM] (Alchemical Zircon and Danburite)

Diamond [SM] (Plasmantropic Gems Album)
Diamond [SM] (The Sunburst Crystal Energy Cloak (Jen’s Blend))

Dianite [PU] (Crystal Pack)

Diaspore [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Sacral Chakra)
Diaspore [PU] (Wound Healing (Crystal Alchemy))

Dragon’s Blood Jasper [PU] (Red Crystals Pack)

Emerald [SM] (Crystal Kingdom Album)
Emerald [PU] (Karma Clearing Alchemy)
Emerald [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Epidote [PU] (Thyroid Healing (Crystal Alchemy))

Fairy Quartz [PU] (Negativity Dissolver Crystal Alchemy)
Fairy Quartz [PU] (Nervous System Health and Healing Alchemy)

Fire Agate [PU] (Wound Healing (Crystal Alchemy))

Flint [PU] [Loℵg-⊂19 Recovery (Crystal Alchemy)

Fulgurite [PU] (Karma Clearing Alchemy)

Garnet [SM] (The Sunburst Crystal Energy Cloak (Jen’s Blend))
Garnet [SM] (Alchemical Garnet)
Garnet [PU] (Crystal Shield)

Goethite [PU] (Throat Infection and Allergy Alchemy)

Gold [SM] (Mstate Gold and Silver)
Gold [SM] (Gold Oil of The Sun)
Gold [SM] (Mstate, Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend)
Gold [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Green Apophyllite [PU] (Thyroid Healing (Crystal Alchemy))

Green Florite [SM] (Crystal Kingdom 2 Album)

Hackmanite [PU] (Skin Healing Alchemy)

Hematite [SM] (The Black Mirrored Stone Shield)

Hematoid Calcite [PU] (Mental Exhaustion Relief)
Hematoid Calcite [PU] (Sleep Deprivation Crystal Alchemy)

Herkimer Diamond [SM] (Crystal Kingdom 2 Album)

Himalayan Red Azeztulite [PU] (Red Crystals Pack)

Indium [SM] (Mstate Indium and Iridium)

Iridium [SM] (Mstate Indium and Iridium)
Iridium [SM] (Mstate, Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend)

Iron [SM] (Monoatomic Iron)
Iron [SM] (Iron Oil (Red) Mars)
Iron [SM] (Iron Oil (Black) of Mars)
Iron [SM] (The Iron Lion of Mars)
Iron [SM] (The Enigma of the Back Martian Jing)
Iron [SM] (Mstate, Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend)

Jade [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Jasper [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

K2 Stone [SM]

Kambaba Jasper [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Throat Chakra)

Lapis Lazuli [SM] (Plasmantropic Gems Album)

Larimar [PU] (Heal Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders (Crystal Alchemy))

Larvikite [SM] (Crystal Kingdom 2 Album)

Laser Quartz [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Root Chakra)

Lead [SM] (Lead Oil of Saturn)

Lepidocrocite [PU] (Manifest Perfect Job Opportunities (Crystal Alchemy))

Lepidolite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Sacral Chakra)
Lepidolite [PU] (Sleep Deprivation Crystal Alchemy)

Libyan Desert Glass [SM] (part of The Alien Songs of Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass)

Lithium Quartz [PU] (The Supercharger Crystal Alchemy)
Lithium Quartz [PU] (Muscle Building Alchemy)

Lolite [PU] (Blood Quality Enhancer (Crystal Alchemy))

Malachite [SM] (Crystal Kingdom Album)

Manganese [SM] (Mstate, Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend)

Mercury [SM] (Parad Energies (Self and Atmosphere)

Moldavite [SM]
Moldavite [SM] (part of The Alien Songs of Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass)
Moldavite [SM] (Moldavite Tag)

Moonstone [PU] (Crystal Pack)
Moonstone [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Morganite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Crown Chakra)

Nuummite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Heart Chakra)

Orange Calcite [SM] (The Sunburst Crystal Energy Cloak (Jen’s Blend))

Orange Kyanite [PU] (Crystal Shield)

Pietersite [SM]

Phantom Quartz [PU] (Throat Infection and Allergy Alchemy)

Phenakite on Red Feldspar [PU] (Hormones Balance Crystal Alchemy)

Philosopher’s Stone :diamonds: [SM] (Philosopher’s Stone NFT)

Pink Kyanite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Third Eye Chakra)

Platinum [SM] (Mstate Platinum)
Platinum [SM] (Mstate, Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend)

Prehnite [PU] (The Supercharger Crystal Alchemy)

Poppy Japser [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Third Eye Chakra)

Purple Amethyst [PU] (Sleep Deprivation Crystal Alchemy)

Pyrite [PU] (Crystal Shield)

Quartz [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Sacral Chakra)
Quartz [PU] (Crystal Shield)
Quartz [PU] (Heal Trauma and Stressor-Related Disorders (Crystal Alchemy))

Quasi Crystal From Khatyrka Meteorite [SM]

Red Beryl [PU] (Red Crystals Pack)

Red Feldspar [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for Sleep Quality)

Red Jasper [SM] (The Sunburst Crystal Energy Cloak (Jen’s Blend))
Red Jasper [PU] (Red Crystals Pack)

Rhodium [SM] (Mstate Rhodium and Copper)

Rhodonite [PU] (Red Crystals Pack)
Rhodonite [PU] (Brain Health and Improvement Crystal Alchemy)

Rock Crystal [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Rose Quartz [SM] (Plasmantropic Gems Album)
Rose Quartz [SM] (The Sunburst Crystal Energy Cloak (Jen’s Blend))
Rose Quartz [SM] (The Rose Potion)
Rose Quartz [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Ruby [SM] (Plasmantropic Gems Album)
Ruby [SM] (Alchemical Ruby and Carnelian)
Ruby [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Rutilated Quartz [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Root Chakra)

Shungite [SM]

Selenite [SM] (Crystal Kingdom 2 Album)

Silver [SM] (Mstate Gold and Silver)
Silver [SM] (Silver Oil of the Moon)
Silver [SM] (Wolf Silver Moon Oil)
Silver [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Smoky Quartz [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Snowflake Obsidian [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Root Chakra)

Sodalite [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Stilbite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Solar Plexus Chakra)

Sunstone [PU] (Mental Exhaustion Relief)

Taaffeite [SM]

Tektite [PU] (Crystal Alchemy for the Sacral Chakra)

Tiger Iron [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Tin [SM] (Tin Oil of Jupiter)

Tourmaline [SM] (Bioenergetic Crystal Essence)

Tremolite [PU] (Crystal Pack)

Tuaoi [SM] (Tuaoi Crystal NFT)

Uluru Amulet Stone [PU] (Crystal Pack)

White Onyx [PU] (Crystal Pack)

Yellow Jasper [PU] (Hormones Balance Crystal Alchemy)

Zinc [SM] (Mstate, Alchemical Mind Expansion Blend)

Zircon [SM] (Alchemical Zircon and Danburite)

Unknown/Secret Crystal Combinations:

Allergy Help (Crystal Alchemy)
Anti Aging (Crystal Alchemy)
Anxiety Relief Crystal Alchemy
Autoimmune Disorders Treatment (Crystal Alchemy)
Balanced Glucose Levels (Crystal Alchemy)
Beauty Enhancement
Burnout Dissolver (Crystal Alchemy)
Crystalline Mind and Brain
Fluid Intelligence Boost (Crystal Alchemy)
Forgiviness (Crystal Alchemy)
Healthy Teeth (Crystal Alchemy)
Inflammation Aid (Crystal Alchemy)
Reverse the Negative Effects of Anxiety (Physical and Mental)

:large_orange_diamond: :large_blue_diamond: Specials:

Crystal/Gemstone Charger and Restorer [SM]
Kinetic Quasi Crystal [SM]
The Crystal Cave [SM]


I have probably missed some, since there are so many.
Please let me know below if I missed some. Thanks.
There are probably many more hiding behind PU’s patreon fields.


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Crystal/Gemstone Charger and Restorer
Crystallization Attunement [SM] (Energy Awakening Course)

Ammolite [PU] (Patreon)
Chinese Red Quartz [PU] (Patreon)

A list of Crystal Alchemies (PU Patreon)

Allergy Help Crystal Alchemy 1
Allergy Help 2 Crystal Alchemy
Anti Aging Crystal Alchemy
Anti Cancer Crystal Alchemy
Anxiety Relief Crystal Alchemy
Auto Immune Disorders Crystal Alchemy
Balanced Glucose Levels Crystal Alchemy
Beauty Enhancement
Brain Health and Improvement Crystal Alchemy
Burnout Dissolver Crystal Alchemy
Cord Cutting Crystal Alchemy
Crystal Alchemy for Unblocking Results w/ Fields
Crystalline Mind and Brain
Divine Beauty Alchemy
Fluid Intelligence Boost
Fat Burn Crystal Alchemy
Forgiveness Crystal Alchemy
Heal Trauma and Stressor Related Disorders Crystal Alchemy
Healthy Teeth Crystal Alchemy
Hormones Balance Crystal Alchemy
Inflammation Aid Crystal Alchemy
Karma Clearing Crystal Alchemy
Mental Exhaustion Relief Crystal Alchemy
Muscle Building Crystal Alchemy
Negativity Dissolver Crystal Alchemy
Nervous System Health and Healing Crystal Alchemy
Skin Healing Alchemy
Sleep Deprivation Crystal Alchemy
Sleep Quality Crystal Alchemy
Stress Dissolver Crystal Alchemy
Throat Infection and Allergy Crystal Alchemy
Thyroid Healing Crystal Alchemy
Trapped Emotions Release


The Rose Potion has rose quartz too. And mstate copper.


This are the strongest crystals in the whole planet. They are not known by people and crystal shops due to the rarity however out of the 3000 thousand crystals, they are the most powerful crystals you could ever, have, and I say that with absolute certainty, the energy very very powerful. If you want to do understand why I say this are the most powerful in the planet you can look into the place I found all the information which has the most dense, and highest information of crystals, that I know from the internet.
Its about a guy who collected and tested the energy and frequency of almost every crystals in the planet known, making the list of the top 100 most powerful crystals. I will list the top 10, and I personally have seen this energy, be extremely, powerful that would make non crystals believers into believers.


This crystal just blows open the whole energetic system and has the highest frequencies of all crystals. It will lift your energetic frequency to the highest levels possible and it is also very powerful in doing so, so be ready for a shift when you get one.

From the Kola district, Russia These crystals are so strong and high in frequency that once you hold them in your hands you almost do not feel any other crystal anymore after this. Like Penfieldite, this crystal just blows up the whole energetic system. Most people sensitive to energies will feel nausea and can get headaches after holding one of these Amicites.


The first time I received this crystal I was blown away. What a unique and powerful crystal this is. It just cleanses like no other mineral does. Call this the ultimate cleansing crystal, destroying energetic layers in and around the body until everything is smooth and clear. Like Cahnite, the unique frequencies make this crystal so special, not so much the power or frequency range, but it’s combination. Wardite is the #1 crystal that feeds, cleans and develops all the energetic bodies, not just one or two. It does so very powerfully and never stops feeding and healing.


Again due to its unique crystal class it has some very unique frequencies and is very direct and sharp aimed directly at the ego to dissolve everything you think you are.
It will leave you with a more silent yet aware mind that also has more space. It is THE MOST powerful crown chakra opener - just unbelievable and also
insanely high frequencies.


Phenakite was already famous for its energy and power from the beginning. It became quite an expensive crystal because of it, however it is still a topper. It fills the body with clear light and clears the entire energetic body, and its the strongest third eye opener in the world. It is mainly focused on the upper chakra’s and higher frequency’s in the brain and above the head. Also connects you to the highest angelic energies.

This crystal has the most unique frequencies of all the crystals I have tested. It will lift you up into a warm ocean of emptiness and light. It is so unique in energies that I have placed it under number 3 as nothing comes close to Cahnite - maybe not the highest in frequencies and not the most powerful but certainly the most unique out of all the crystals in the world.


This crystal has the purest and clearest energy of all crystals. It is part of the large zeolite group such as Amicite, Chabazite, Clinoptilolite, Mazzite, Natrolite, Scolecite and Stellerite (all part of the top 100) and most of them are pure and clear. This pure white light basically fills the whole sushumna (spinal cord) and softens and dissolves blockages in it. It is not the strongest but the lightest and clearest of all the crystals in the world. Willhendersonite is the number one crystal for producing clearity of mind! Pristine pure observing, like a mind filled with garbage being filtered into pure mind. Just looking at these crystals will already produce some clearity.

This is the most powerful heart crystal. It will create tears in your heart. Only the crystals have this effect, not the white powdery versions of Ferrinatrite. It is so powerful that when wearing it for a prolonged time it will actually create a silent yet radiating joyous clear light bubble around the heart area


This is the most powerful crystal that is also affordable. If you do not feel cryolite you are dead - this crystal just makes non-believer into believers. It fills the body with radiant white light and makes all your cells vibrate.

Man do I love this crystal. It just makes you happy with a sharp clear mind. It basically blows away mental garbage and creates room for the empty
mind to connect to a silent heart. It has the tendency to stretch the heart space horizontally to infinite. It is the most powerful Vishuddha (throat) chakra opener.


Zincite activates and awakens the whole kundalini. It does that with quite some power like a shaktipath from bottom up. This is the only crystal that actually created a beep tone in our ears for days - that is how powerful it is.
If we could make this into fields, it would be life changing since this are the highest frequency crystals in the planet. It would make it much easier to benefit from this energies due to this crystals being extremely rare and hard to find.


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