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Last Updated: November 22, 2023

Added in November

Face Grooming - Gumroad
Inner Bliss Illuminator - Gumroad
The Malleable Ego - Gumroad
Alchemical Revision of Guilt - Patreon

Enlightened States

Elemental Mastery Collection

Elemental Pranayama: Breath of the 4 Elements
Water Mastery: Tides of Tranquility
Fire Mastery: Flames of Fortitude
Air Mastery: Winds of Wisdom
Earth Mastery: Roots of Resilience

Energetic Apparel
Advanced Fields
Sapienmed Audios


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Books / PDF (3)

Book of Cards (PDF Version) $50
Book of Cards (Hardcover Version) $140
Dragon Golem FREE

Audios (100)

A Key to Babel $310
Advantageous Brain Plan $300
Alchemical Blueprint of the Past $252.54
Alchemical Garnet $22.22
Alchemical Ruby and Carnelian $11.11
Alchemical Zircon and Danburite $45
Ashta Lakshmi Maha Yagna $44.41
Astral Primer FREE
Atmospheric Vibration Riser $5.50
Attract Good Luck and Good Fortune $7.99
Aura and Energy Body Repair $61
Automated Grounding $8
Automated Tibetan Rites $80
Black Mirrored Stone Shield $35
Booted Bhoots $44.41
Brain Game by Manhattan $210
Charisma & Glamour $20.25
Cold Water Treatment $80
Conceptual Realizations $222
Cone of Power $77.77
Copper Oil Venus $41.58
Copper Redefined $60.36
Crucible of Stored Trauma $111.22
Crystal/Gemstone Charger and Restorer $58
Cup of Coffee FREE
Curse / Spell Removal $105
De-Inhabiter Combo $125
Dolphin Totem $40.17
Drops of Memory $265
Emotional Release FREE
Empathic Shielding $25.05
Enigma of the Black Martian Jing $60.02
Essence of Three Kings $28.52
Exorcism Rite Version 2.0 $5.50
Face Grooming $250
Facia Shakeup Wakeup $140.34
Full Spectrum Light $55.04
Gold Oil of The Sun $42.82
Golden Glow $120
Goldilocks and the Three Bears FREE
Grief Loss Loneliness FREE
Hakuinā€™s Healing Egg Enhanced $110
Increased Psychic Functioning (Classic Version) $50
Inner Bliss Illuminator $153.95
Inner Smile Health $307.47
Internal Alchemy Series $5
Iron Lion of Mars $60.37
Iron Oil (Black) of Mars $41.58
Iron Oil (Red) of Mars $41.58
Kinesthetic Intelligence $120
Kinetic Quasi Crystal $45
Lead Oil of Saturn $41.58
Lightning In a Bottle $333.33
Literally Longer Lashes $77
Love Gravitation Wave $2.50
Maha Ganapati Yagna $44.41
Manhattan 8KRES $310
Manhattan Method $210
Manhattanā€™s Mathematical Madness $230
Manhattan Max Relief $210
Microkinesi-Therapist $144.40
Musically Yours $244
Mythic (3 audios) $333.33
Navagraha Homam $44.41
Navapashanam Energetic Elixir $140.26
Negentropic Full Body Yawning and Purring $77.77
Oil of Mercury $41.58
Order by 3 (Black Label Item Series) $303.59
Parad Energies (Self and Atmosphere) $27.24
Plasma Flaunt $240.62
Plasma Flower $77
Point of no Return $251.67
Positive Vibes Energy (For Yourself/Environment/Surroundings) $15.99
Precarious Pinoline $48.68
Pure Magnetic Heart Coherence $65.55
Reality Bubble (Ocean Room) $77
Reiki Massage $6
Reiki Smart Field $25
Schumann Resonance $3.99
Self Refresh $200
Self Respect $22
Shamanic Medicine Blend $233.33
Silver Oil of The Moon $43.24
Snapping Synapses $225
Soul Restoration (Brow/Forehead Storage Center) $115
Soul Restoration (Heart storage Center) $115
Soul/Core Energy Restoration $115
Speed Reading $244
Stress and Anxiety by Manhattan $80.03
Swords of Adipose Annihilation $291.44
The Brain Key $249
The Conceptual Conglomerate $410
The Cyber Brain $250
The Lucid Dreamer $188
The Malleable Ego $150
The Manly Man
The Test of Tetrachromacy $145
The Womanly Woman
Tin Oil of Jupiter $41.58
Torus Weaved Respect $65.22
Unstoppable Willpower $4.24
Vaastu Homam $11
Vibration of Creation $115
Vibration of Divine Love $115
Vibration of Transcendence $136.50
Water Charger of the Chalice Well $35
Water Charger of Amritsarovar $35
Water Charger of Ganges $35
Water Charger - Holy $35
Water Charger of Lourdes $35
Wealth Mantra (Captainā€™s link) $88.81
Welcomed $33.33
What Fat? $276.72
White Matter $120
Wholistic Thinking $255
Wolf Silver Moon Oil $57.05
Woven Worlds - Contentment $145.26
Woven Worlds - Millions $145.15
Woven Worlds - The Journey of the Chosen One $144.97
Your New and Improved Skin $245.97


Notes: To make them easier to find, I combined all of the portals and intercession audios beginning with ā€œTheā€. All blood audios are together, and all Experimental audios as well.

Smart Bacteria Slayer (FREE Field)

$22 USD Premium Tier (20)

3,3ā€²-Diindolylmethane for teeth
Attract and Radiate Quantum Love Album
Belly Burn
Best Path in Life
Circulatory Engineer
Financial Protector
Gastrointestinal Specialist
Hair Color Reviver
Heart Healer
Jaguar Totem
Kalalau Trail Hawaii (Haleakala volcano range)
Legendary Lungs
Liver Hardcore
Lucid Dreams 2.0
Reproductive System - Male
Reproductive System - Female
Spleen Blood Oxygenator
Spleen Cleaner and Regenerator
The Negentropic Pulsar
Wealth Generation++

$4.50 USD per month Tier

Sigils, Mandalas, Portals, & Apps (15)

Book of Long Life and Good Health.pdf
Confidence, Dominance, and Authority.pdf
Dragon Golem.pdf
Dreamweaverā€™s Card System.pdf
Energetic Addendum Est.pdf
Energy Storage Item.jpg
Environmental Transformer Servitor.png
Fame Sigil.jpg
Field Booster.pdf
Kyoto Garden.jpg
Light and Vibrational Guidance.jpg (Image only, no field)
Lothlrien Waterfalls.jpg
Sapien Medicine Live Radio App (Windows only)
Sedona Dynamic Portal.jpg
The Subconscious Speaker App

Audios (506)

3G, 4G, & 5G Protection (Elektrosmog Album)
4-Phenylbutyrate to Musculoskeletal Structure
A Life of Magical Abundance
Abdominal Wall Restoration
Acetylcholine Production
Acne Treatment
Advanced Detox + Healing Billary System
Advanced Detox of Liver, Gallbladder and Pancreas 2.0
After Workout Muscle Recovery (older version, see Muscle Recovery)
Alchemical Revision of Childhood
Alchemical Revision of Genius
Alchemical Revision of Innocence
Alchemical Revision of Guilt
All-Purpose Anxiety Removal
AMPK - The Energy Enzyme
Amygdala Healing (+Fear Release)
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
Amplify Positive Planetary and Astrological Effects
Ancestral Knowledge
Androstenol for Men
Angelic Vibration
Anger Management
Animal Empathy Telepathy
Animal Negentropic (Beautiful Beasties Album)
Animal Regeneration (newer version, Beautiful Beasties Album)
Animal Regeneration (older version)
Animal Regeneration (oldest version)
Animal Trauma Release (newer version, Beautiful Beasties Album)
Animal Trauma & Mental Health (old version)
Animal Virus & Parasite Disruptor (Beautiful Beasties Album)
Anti-Cancer (newer version)
Anti Cancer Treatment (older version)
Antioxidant Formula
Appendix Problems
Archetype of Parental Love
Arm Fat Removal
Astral Viber
Atmospheric Vibration Riser
Atopic to Nontopic Dermatitis
Attention & Focus (ADD ADHD)
Attract Love (newer version, Alchemy of Love Album)
Attract More Love Into Your Life (older version)
Attract Wealth, Prosperity and Abundance
Attract Your Soul Tribe
Auto Immune Reversal (Legendary Album)
Automated Calves and Feet Workout
Automated Cardio
Automated Gluteal Muscles Workout
Automated Grounding
Automated Hip Flexors
Automated Leg Day Workout
Automated Mewing (Plasma Brothers Album)
Automated Pranayama (newer version)
Automated Upper Body Workout
Automated Workout System
Bacteria Destroyer
BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor)
Beard Growth Enhanced and Plasmafied (newer version)
Beard Growth (older version)
Become a Kinder, More Patient Person in all Ways
Become Whole - Self Acceptance, Self Love, Dissolve Insecurities
Bedtime Stories - Searching for a Lost Sister
Bedtime Stories - The Butterfly Nest
Bedtime Stories - There Be Bees
Belly Full of Laughter
Blessings of Aphrodite
Blood Alchemical Jing Charged
Blood Brain Barrier Repair
Blood Clot Dissolver
Blood Enhanced Circulation
Blood Pressure Reducer
Body Nerve Healing
Bone and Organ Breathing
Bone Marrow Strengthening
Bone Strengthener (newer version of Osteoporosis, Frivolous Album)
Brain & Spine Antioxidant Complex (Legendary Album)
Brain Refresher (Lesser Diamonds Album)
Brain Regeneration
Brain Tumor Apoptosis
Breast Enhancement (newer version)
Breast Enlargement (older version)
Breathe of the Belly
Bromelain and Papain Skin Treatment
Bushman Medicine
Butt Enlargement
CBD Delta (newer version, Album One)
CBD (Cannabidiol) Energy(older version)
Chi Compression into Bone Marrow
Chi Compression into Lower Dan Tien
Childlike Wonder (Revamp Excitement in Life)
Cholesterol and Plaque Removal
Classical Orchestral The GOAT Scent
Clear All Negative Energy and Entity Removal
Cloaking Field
Collagen Booster (newer version)
Collagen Booster (older version)
Comfort and Security (with ASMR)
Comfort of Those Who Have Passed
Core Strengthening
Corona Virus Disruption
Corona Virus Disruption with UVC (Silent version)
Creatine Synthesis
Crystal Cave
Crystal - Moldavite
Crystal - Pietersite
Crystal - Quasi Crystal From Khatyrka Meteorite
Crystal - Taaffeite
Dark Circles Removal
Deep Brain Magnetic Stimulation (Cerebrum Album)
Deep Sleeper (newer version)
Deep Sleep Fast (older version)
Depression BeGone (newer version)
Depression Relief (older version, Mental Health Album)
Depression/Stress/Anxiety Relief (older version)
Depths of Your Soul (Album 4)
Detachment for Spiritual Growth
Devic Intercession
DHT Overwhelming Presence
Diabetes Type I and II Treatment
Diet on the Brain
Disconnect From Negative Energy in Your Life
Divine Love (Alchemy Of Love Album)
DMT (Album Two)
DNA Repair System
DNA Activator
Dopamine Neurotransmitter Overload
Double Chin Removal
Dutasterided Scalp
Ear Inflammation
Ear Wax Softener
Ego Dissolution
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Elbow Care
EMF Shielding (Elektrosmog Album)
Emotional Release
Endocrine System
Energetic Salt Cleanse
Energy Blockage Removal with Chakra Growth and Stimulation
Energy Body/Aura Deep Clearing Cleaning
Energy of a Jade Maneki-Neko (Legendary Album)
Enhanced Alcohol Processor
Enhanced Brain Hemisphere Connectivity
Enhanced Cellular Nutrient Absorbtion
Enhanced Cholesterol Reduction
Enhanced Fat Metabolism
Enhanced Nail Growth & Repair
Enhanced Visual Processing
Enpp6 Enzyme
Environmental Energy Accumulator
Erectile Dysfunction Treatment
Essence of Burnt Sage (Lesser Diamonds Album)
Essence of Faith and Prayer
Essence of Mantras
Estrogen Boost with Ovary Regeneration
Etheric Cord Cutter
Exorcism Rite
Experimental Arthritis for All Joints
Experimental Alzheimers Treatment
Experimental Autism Help
Experimental Down Syndrome and Cognitive Abnormalities
Experimental Cataract Treatment
Experimental Herpes Simplex 1 and 2
Experimental Imaginarium Divine
Experimental Keratosis Pilaris
Experimental Psoriasis Therapy
Experimental Scoliosis Treatment
Experimental Slow Down the Perception of Time
Experimental Speed Up the Perception of Time
Experimental Virus Disruption
Experimental Vitiligo Treatment
Extreme Muscle Growth
Extreme Self Confidence/Self Esteem Boost
Eye Regeneration (newer version)
Eye Regeneration (older version)
Fa Jin Gong Healing
Face Combination
Face Lift and Facial Toning
Facial Symmetry With Muscle Toning (newer version)
Facial Symmetry (older version)
Far Infrared (Album Two)
Far Infrared Light Therapy
(Far) UV - C Light as a Safer Germicide and Virus Destroyer
Fat Burning Genetic Advantage
Feet Rejuvenation
Five Elements Balanced (Mongolian Medicine)
Flower of Life
Food Charger
Force of Life
Forgiveness and Release (newer version, Mental Health Album)
Forgiveness and Release (older version)
Fortuna Smiles
Fungus Destroyer
Full Body Detox
Gallbladder Help
Gamma Brain Wave
Glutathione Super-Oxidant
Glycolysis (The Sugar Metabolizer)
Golden Elixir (Jindan)
GPLD1 Production
Grace of Angels and Saints
Grand Jealousy Shield
Gratitude & Abundance (Album One)
Gratitude for Blessings
Gregorian Chants
Grey Hair Restoration (newer version)
Grey Hair Restoration (older version)
Grief Loss & Loneliness
Grow Taller
Gum & Lips
Gum Regeneration
Hair Growth Booster
Hair Growth and Recovery Helps with Hair Loss
Hair Loss Treatment
Hair Removal - Legs
Hair Removal - Lower Belly & Back
Hair Removal - Upper Chest & Back
Hand of Glory
Hand Rejuvenation
Heal All Those Around You (Be the Healer)
Hearing Loss Recovery
Heart Inflammation Reduction and Healing
Heart Restoration (newer version)
Heart Strengthening and Repair (older version)
Hemorrhoids, Fissures, and Other Anal Matters
Hepatitis B and C Treatment
Higher Self Connection
Higher Being Experience
HIV Treatment
Honored Ancestors
Hope and Happiness
Hormone Regulation (Reduce Estrogen)
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) (newer version, Album Two)
Hum of the Universe
Human Growth Hormone Release (HGH) (older version)
Hunger Inhibitor (Biochemical Album)
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (Increase Oxygen)
Hyper State Sleep
Immune System Super-Charger
Improve Eyesight - Get 20/20 Vision (older version)
Induce Creativity
Induced and Enhanced Plasmalogen Production
Induced Follistatin to Muscle (Album 4)
Induced Hepatocyte Growth Factor Production (For Anti-Allergic and Anti-Inflammatory)
Induced Kisspeptin (Bits and Pieces Album)
Induced Mots - c Production
Induced Sestrins Proteins Production
Inner Beauty Reflected Outward
Inner Pillar of Power (The Substratum of Life Album)
Inner Self Critic to Inner Self Supporter
Internal Alchemical Crucible
Intestine Healing & Regeneration
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Jing Restoration
Joint Repair with Bone Spur Removal (Newer version)
Joint Regeneration (Older version)
Journey of Forgiveness (Guided Meditation)
Just the Knees
Just the Shoulders
Justice For All
Kanpu Masatsu
KCC2 Activation
Kidney and Bladder Specialist (Newer version)
Kidney and Adrenal Healing (older version)
Kidney Regeneration (older version)
Klotho Booster
Leptin Fat Resistance
LGD-3303 (Biochemical Album)
LGD-4033 (The Body Forbidden Album)
Lip Plumper
Litany Against Loneliness
Liver Cirrhosis Treatment (newer version)
Liver Cirrhosis Treatment (older version)
Liver Fat Reducer
Longevity (ISIRB and RBM3) (Exotic Matters Album)
Love Gratitude and Appreciation (newer version, Mental Health Album)
Love, Gratitude and Appreciation (older version)
Love Gravitational Wave
Love Graviton (Alchemy of Love Album)
Lower Your Blood Pressure
Luteinizing and Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
Lung Antioxidant and Inflammation Help
Lung Strengthening & Restoration with Scar Removal (newer version)
Lung Restoration and Strengthening (older version)
Lymphatic Effusion (newer version)
Lymphatic System Blockage Removal and Enhanced Drainage (older version)
Mana Circuits (Legendary Album)
Massage - Bones (Spa Days Album)
Massage - Muscles (Spa Days Album)
Massage - Organs (Spa Days Album)
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
Memories of Joy
Micro Cosmic Orbit
Mind Body Soul Graviton
Mindset of Abundance (Mind Settings Album)
Mindset of Million Dollar Empire (Mind Settings Album)
Mindset of Spiritual Growth State of Being (Mind Settings Album)
Mitochondrialā€Targeted Catalase (Longevity Series)
Mitoquinone Mesylate (Premium Album)
Mstate Gold and Silver (Exotic Matters Album)
Mstate Indium and Iridium
Mstate Iron (Album 4)
Mstate Platinum
Mstate Rhodium and Copper
Multiple Sclerosis Help (newer version)
Multiple Sclerosis Experimental Treatment (older version)
Muscle Recovery (newer version, Plasma Brothers Album)
Muscle Road
Muscles Hungry for Fat
Nad Precursor - NMN
Natural Male Enhancement
Near Infrared Therapy (Bits and Pieces Album)
Neck Hump Reversal and Reduction
Negative EMF Protection and Conversion
Negative Ion Generator (newer version, Elektrosmog Album)
Negative Ion Generator (old version)
Nerve Damage Help
Nerve Growth Factor (Targeted to Brain and Entire Nervous System)
Nerve Inflammation Help (Antioxidant targeted)
New Tooth Regeneration (older version)
Nitric Oxide Boost
Norepinephrine (Biochemical Album)
Nose Straightener (Frivolous Album)
Nullify Negative Planetary and Astrological Effects
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Help
Ojas Refined and Defined
Om Mani Padme Hum (With Vibration Energy and Intent)
Orgone Accumulator
Ostarine (The Body Forbidden Album)
Osteoporosis - Spine (old version, see Bone Strengthener)
Outlook Retrainer (Cerebrum Album)
Overcome Addictions - Dopamine Receptor Repair
Oxytocin + Neuropeptide Y
Pain Control 2.0 (newer version, experimental)
Pain Control (older version)
Pancreas Reloaded (Newer version)
Pancreas Regeneration (older version)
Parasite Destroyer (Exotic Matters Album)
Parkinsonā€™s Disease
Permanent Brain Enhancement
Plant Growth and Enhancement
Plasma Charged Mitochondria (Album 4)
Plasma Light and Infrasound Bioactive Beach
Plasma Light Drink Charger
Platelet Rich Hair
Platelet Rich PlasmaĀ² Bath
Positive Power Waves (Lesser Diamonds Album)
Posture with Atlas Adjustment
Power of the Blarney Stone (Cloch na Blarnan)
Powerful Good Luck Energy
Powerful Positive Vibe Energy (older version)
Poxvirdae Viral Family Disruptor
Pranayama Training (older version)
Pranic Swirls
Probability Alteration and Luck
Prostate Health 2.0
Prostate Health and Cancer Destroyer
Pure Estrogen Boost
Quintessance of Hyper Femininity
Quintessence of Hyper Masculinity
Quit Smoking Addiction
Radiate Positivity (Album One)
Radiation Protection & Removal (newer version, Elektrosmog Album)
Radiation Removal (older version)
Rain Drops
Raise Your Vibrational State
Rectovaginal Fistula
Regain Your Innocence
Regulate Hormones (Reduce Testosterone and DHT)
Reiki Massage
Repel Negative Energy
Reproductive Rejuvenation
Resilience - The Antifragile
Restoration from the Long Haul
Saviour of the World (Premium Album)
Schuman Resonance (Album One)
Self Love & Acceptance (newer version, Mental Health Album)
Self Healing and Acceptance (older version)
Self Realization 1 - Interconnection of Everything
Self Realization 2 - True Self of Others
Self Realization 3 - Timelessness
Self Realization 4 - Mindfulness
Senescent Cell Removal
Semax and Phenylpiracetam (Cerebrum Album)
Shen Energy
Shiny & Revitilized Hair (Frivolous Album)
Sinus, Throat and Upper Respiratory Help (Newer version)
Sinus Drainage (older version)
Sirt 3 and 6 Activation
Skeptic (Album One)
Skin Brightening and Glutathione Super Anti-Oxidant
Skin Regeneration
Skin Scarring & Piercing Repair
Skin Tags Begone (Bits and Pieces Album)
Skin Ulcers, Deep Gouges and General External Wound Healing
Smart Hulda Zapper (Bits and Pieces Album)
Smart Skin Tightener (Lesser Diamonds Album)
Smart Tap Tapper
Soleus Workout (Premium Album)
Soul of Japan (Language Series)
Soul of Mandarin and Cantonese (Language Series)
Spear of Destiny
Spinal Tapper
Stellate Ganglion Block
Stem Cells - General Adult (Album Two)
Stem Cells - Transform Fat to Stem Cells
Stem Cells & Scar Tissue Removal
Stem Cells for Face, Scalp, and Neck
Stem Cells Targeted to Heart, Liver, Lungs, and Pancreas
Stem Cells Targeted to Kidneys, Adrenals, Bladder, Urinary Tract
Stem Cells Targeted to Scalp for Hair Regeneration
Stenabolic (The Body Forbidden Album)
Stomach Healing & Regeneration
Stomach Shrinking & Toning
Stop Procrastinating
Stress Relief
Stretch Mark Removal
Stroke Prevention & Help
Subconscious Limited Beliefs Dissolver (No Music)
Sun Gazer
Sun Tanning (newer version, Plasma Brothers Album)
Sun Free Tanning (older version)
Super Human Mutant
Super Lung Trainer (Lesser Diamonds Album)
Super Metabolism Boost and Weight Loss with Cellulite Reduction
Superhuman Genius
Symmetrical Body
Tap into the Collective Consciousness
Taste of Vaikuntha Loka
Teeth Regeneration (newer version)
Teeth Regeneration (older version)
Teeth Whitener
Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction
Testosterone Boost (newer version)
Testosterone Boost (older version)
Testosterone Boost (oldest version)
The Alien Intercession
Theanine (Cerebrum Album)
The Angelic Intercession
The Avalon Experience
The Dragon Experience and Intercession
The Dreamtime
The Evening in Ireland Portal
The Flow
The Journey to Nibiru
The Majestic Pine Forest Portal
The Plant Kingdom
The Precambrian Era Time Portal
The Social Bonder
The Star Being Experience
The Stonehenge Portal
The Tree Experience
The Whale Experience
The Wolf Experience
Thigh Fat Burner (Bits and Pieces Album)
Three Ginsengs (Frivolous Album)
Three Purifiers
Throat and Chords
Thyroid Healing and Regeneration
Tibetan Sound Healing
Torsion Field
Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) & Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) (Album Two)
Transmutation of Lower and Basal Energy
Transneuronal Delivery of Hyper-Interleukin-6 Targeted to Spinal Cords
Trauma Release and Healing (newer version, Mental Health Album)
Trauma Release and Healing (older version)
Ulcerative Colitis/IBS Stomach Help
Unconditional Androstenol (Biochemical Album)
Unconditional Love
Unconditional You (Alchemy Of Love Album)
Underarm Care
Uplift Yourself - Mass Meditation
Uplift Yourself, People You Meet and the World
Unstoppable Willpower
Utter Relaxation and Muscle Massage
Vagus Nerve Stimulation (newer upload)
Vagus Nerve Stimulation (older upload)
Varicose and Spider Veins Removal
Virus Disruption
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vocal Strengthening and Range Increasing
Voice of Gamayun
Water Charger (newer version)
Water Charger (older version)
Water Oxygenator
Way of Integrity
Weight Gainer (new version, Exotic Matters Album)
Weight Gainer (old version)
Weight Loss Combination
Well of Creativity
White Light Waves
Wisdom of the Dying (The Substratum of Life Album)
Womb Healing
Xanthelasma Removal
YK11 (The Body Forbidden Album)
Youth Recapture

Patreon Shop

Attract and Radiate Quantum Love Album $5
Detached Resilience $45

Sexual Energy Alchemy $45
Your Energetic Being $275

Sapien Shop

Only NFTs released by Captain will be listed here

NFT (25)

Abundance (Candle Series) $15.54
Ascension-naut $345.11
Astrologically Inclined $60.11
Cloak of the Shadow $211
Cosmic Intercession $211.01
Coyote Totem $88
Divine Intervention $15.55
Dragon Bone Armor $214.11
Emblem of Change $133
Eternal $741
Fae Bones $35.55
Fae Soul $144
Flight to Fight $55.88
Lionā€™s Gate $108
Merry Maker $211
Nestling $200
Prestige and Grandeur $471
Shielding 3.0 $202.33
Silent Mind $60.11
Smart Slayer $145
Solidifier $310
Sword of Destiny $416
Unexpected $145.55
Universal OM $132
Vibrational Riser (Candle) $15.55

Soundweave (Currently Unavailable)

Only NFTs released by Captain will be listed here

The rest will be coming eventually

Crackin Kraken $35.55
Knight Errant Virus Slayer $60.11
Wave Rider $42


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Quantum Love Abstract Design (Tank) $21.99
Quantum Love Abstract Design (Tee) $24.99
Quantum Love Original Design $24.99
The Feline Force (Tee) $65
The Gorilla Tee $65

Mugs (Ceramic)

Abundance Luck and Divine Blessings
Courage and Dominance
Lucid Dreamer
Lucid Dreams Charger (Black)
Quantum Love Abstract Design
Quantum Love Original Design $15.99

Pint Glass

Lucid Dreams Charger $21.99
Quantum Love Tribal Design $21.99

**Stainless-Steel Tumblers ā€“ 20 oz. **

Revitalized Drink Charger $65
Synergistic Elements Charger $72
The Feline Force $65
Wolf Potion 11 $135

Water Bottles ā€“ 20 oz./32 oz.

Abundance Divine Luck and Blessings 32 oz. $156
Courage and Dominance 20 oz. $120
Gorilla Potion and Charger 32 oz. $65
Lucid Dreamer 32 oz. $180
Potion No. 33 - 20 oz/32 oz. $135
Wolf Potion No. 11 - 20 oz./32 oz. $135

Quantum Love Stickers: Original, Tribal, Abstract Designs

Audios (1)

Ojas Marrowed & Shaken not Stirred $112.12

My brown to blue eyes SM journey
Noob Question: How to listen to audios offline?
Generalized Adult Stem Cell Treatment removed from Youtube
Patreon is Slow
Where are the images on Patreon?
Results with Charisma and Glamour
Any good audios to use while sleeping?
Downloading mp3 from patreon
Confused and need clarification on Sapien audio's
Patreon .. I'm thinking of participating, what's inside?
How many fields can I listen to?
Vaccination thread reconsideration
All Abundance & Luck Audios
All anti-aging frequencies available. (anything relating to longevity or aesthetic part of anti-aging aspect)
Schumann resonance Gumroad vs the one on patreon/youtube (the newer one)
Devic Intercession
Attract love new audio?
Fields On YouTube Which Are Not On Patreon
List of All Audios
Can subs show results faster than fields?
Nerve damage
Is Patreon
Stomach & Intestinal Ulcers Healing To Patreon
How to build a nightly stack of downloaded audios
Name Of Downloaded Field
Kind Help unable to find in patreon platform
Let's compliment each other
Search Tool on gumroad missing
What are some fields one could benefit from while being sick with covid?
Patreon search for videos
List of All Audios
Lucky Horse Shoe and Clovers
Teespring Sapien audios
How are the stainless steel tumblers on teespring made? Do they check the field to see if the image is permanently embedded Into the stainless steel
Atmospheric Vibration Riser
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